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DD Spring Flower Wagon Vendor

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DD Spring Flower Wagon Vendor

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Kultivate Magazine – Spring 2017 Video

windlight featured – KULTIVATE MAGAZINE.

We are preparing for Spring here at Kultivate and in honor of the upcoming season, we have created a new video! The video features the images of Sandi Benelli, Lead Kultivate Artist in Residence:Filed under: art, artists, Kultivate, second life, second life art, secondlife, secondlife art, sl, windlight featured Tagged: art, artists, kultivate magazine, second … Continue reading Kultivate Magazine – Spring 2017 Video

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Here comes Spring!

G H E E.

There’s a new group gift for Ghee VIPs at the main store now. We’re just about done with the cold weather and we’re looking forward to Spring with this sexy hotpants set in one of our favourite seasonal shades – paradise blue.

Keep up to date with Ghee news, and enjoy the perks of VIP Group membership. VIP members receive exclusive gifts, advance information about sales and special offers, and other rewards.
There are 14 exclusive group gifts out at the store!
Ghee VIP Group membership costs 500L (not refundable)
Copy and paste this link into local chat to join the group.

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NEW Color for Isabel Stilettos by Felicity (Blackhearts Mall Spring Cart Sale)


Blackhearts Cafe Spring Cart Sale – March 13, 2017 to March 27, 2017
NEW color for *Felicity* Isabel Stiletto Sandals: Lime Green for Slink High Feet.

Slink High Feet (or equivalent) are required, NOT included.
Only available here:  Felicity at Blackhearts Cart Sale
95L until March 27th.
Felicity Main Store: Felicity at Emerald Bay
Other Felicity Location:
My small store with a limited selection: Felicity (Shoes) at Taeniatum

Felicity – Shoes and Stilettos Main Blog:

Felicity – Shoes and Stilettos Instructions and Troubleshooting:

Felicity Main Store:
Felicity (Shoes and Stilettos) at Emerald Bay

List of items, shoes, stilettos, high heels, and ladies footwear at this location:

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!BBN! Spring Jeans have arrived!

!BBN! Bravura Boite Noir.

The !BBN! Spring Jeans have arrived! Perfect fit for AESTHETIC, ADAM, SLINK,TMP,GIANNI, STANDARD AVATARS. 6 Individual Colours, Full Pack and HUD Version.

Visit !BBN! BoiteNoir Boutique and try one on for size!
Best Wishes,

Marty Dalglish

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Spring into Khargo!

Khargo: Furniture and Design.

Spring has sprung!  At Khargo we are working hard getting ready for Spring with a new store and a new release!

Khargo has moved to a new space at Yellowstone Falls and to celebrate this we are releasing our Khargo greenhouse for My 60L Secret this weekend.

An ideal addition to your garden as a growing space or as a summer house to relax among the flowers in.

This item is made with the best mesh and textures SL has to offer and consists of 1 item:
1 khargo greenhouse
– copy, modify
– mesh
– LI 31

Find it on the Marketplace or at our new Main Store in world this weekend for the special price of 60L – normal price 145L.

See you soon!

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On9 March !!! Spring ^^

On9 Second Life.

Please join our new round of On9 on February 9th, 6am slt through 31st. Spring is coming !!! Spring is full of colour and harmony!!! We will be featuring newest and exclusive gorgeous items from over 40 hottest designers who will also offer you one colour/item at a discounted price. Be sure to join the On9 fan club and On9 Subscriber in world, you don’t want to miss out on the special gift.

Please like us on Facebook and Flickr PagesBe the first one to see our upcoming new releases, and never miss out special events and gifts.

[ Aleutia ] • [White Widow] • |[BDKX]| • AGATA mode • alme. • AnaMarkova Designs • Aphrodite Shop • ArisAris/B&W • Avaway • Baubles! by Phe • Bee Designs • ChiC buildings • chocolate atelier • Decor Junction •  EMO-tions • Entice • ERSCH • FOXCITY • Gizza • KUNGLERS • La Gazza Ladra • LAKSHMI • Les Sucreries de Fairy • Letituier • Mad’ – La Boucherie • MODA • Me Sew Sexy • Nailed It • Nanika • NEWCHURCH • PetroFF • Pose It • PurpleMoon Creations • Q Poses • Quasi • Ricielli • Shanghai • Shutter Field • SlackGirl • •Supernatural • TUKINOWAGUMA • Wicca’s Wardrobe • Yokai

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MISS SL 2017 – The Second Runway Challenge – Spring is in the Air!

MISS SL Organization.

Saved from

Hello Ladies, official candidates in the MISS SL 2017 pageant,

First of all, it is my honor and pleasure to congratulate you all again for performing a beautiful and fabulous show with the first runway challenge “Women of the World”. Not only have you shown very interesting minimal chic styling ideas, but we also had the opportunity to learn about the situation that women live and work in and your thoughts on, what can or needs to change, or what has been achieved already. I want to thank you, for sharing this important messages with us and our audience in our event.

It is now time, to move forward with the second challenge, which is scheduled for coming Saturday, and I really hope, you like this challenge too. In the second runway challenge I would like to see an explosion of colors, a call for the upcoming spring, the happiness and joy that the raising temperatures and blossoming flowers and trees cause in us.

Christian Dior, Fall 2010 Couture
Saved from

Short to the point, here are the specific details:

  • Please style an outfit, which resembles anything, which commonly is associated with the spring season. This can be literally anything, but as example, it can be a styling associating a flower, a tree, an animal…
  • You may use single parts of flowers or trees, in order to enhance your styling, i.e. petals, leaves.
  • The fabrics used in your styling may have floral pattern. The pattern only may enhance your styling, but should not be the main element.
  • Jewelry in your styling should not be the main element, to achieve a spring associating styling, either.
  • While you may use this elements, they, and accessory, only should enhance your styling. What matters is your creativity to make clothes express the emotion of spring.
  • I may suggest you, to use bold and fresh colors. For your guidance I have added the Pantone Spring 2017 color chat to this post, but you are not limited to those colors.
  • Please prepare a walk, a default pose and a pose set of at least 40 seconds for your styling. Please also have a reverse- (curtain-, back-, 180°-) pose prepared, just in case.
  • Please write a single sentence about spring. What does spring mean to you, what emotions do you have for spring. Limit your sentence to 20 words maximal please.

This is your challenge, ladies, and I do hope that it will trigger your creative skills a little and that we will see again some beautiful styling ideas in the coming challenge.

The second runway challenge is scheduled for Saturday, March 11, 10:00 a.m. SLT. As always, we will have rehearsals on the Friday before, at 10:00 a.m. and 05:00 p.m. SLT. It is mandatory to attend at least one of the rehearsals, to be eligible to participate the challenge. Detailed informations you require for the rehearsals and the challenge, will be sent to you in a notecard on Thursday night.


Jean Louis Sabaji Haute Couture S/S 2014
Saved from


  • Nieves Álvarez in Ch
  • Christian Dior
  • John Galliano for Ch
  • f-yeahfashion:    Ch
  • Dior 2010
  • Christian Dior Fall
  • John Galliano for Ch
  • Christian Dior Coutu
  • Christian Dior
  • Christian Dior Fall
  • John Galliano for Ch
  • Christian Dior at Co
  • Christian Dior at Co
  • Christian Dior at Co
  • Christian Dior
  • Christian Dior ~ Fal
  • Mario Sierra
  • "Haute Couture" ~ Ni
  • "Haute Couture" by M
  • ana_lee: Haute Coutu
  • angry bird Nieves Ál
  • Nieves Álvarez in Ch
  • Nieves Álvarez in Ch
  • Make up - Christian
  • dior

I am very excited to see, what you will do with this challenge. While the Pinterest Board above shows the Autumn Collection 2010 from Dior, it very much reflects, what the challenge intends.  Do not cover yourself all over with flowers, BE the flower. May you blossom on our runway in this challenge, that is my sincere hope.

Kind Regards

Marcus Lefevre

MISS SL Organization
Owner | Founder | Chairman

For more informations about MISS SL Organization, follow us!

© March 2017 – a MISS SL Organization Press Release

PANTONE Fashion Color Report Spring 2017

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{amiable}Girly Tulle Spring GACHA@ the Chapter Four March Round.

{amiable} | Second life woman clothing store – 100%Original Mesh Contents-.

{amiable}Girly Tulle Spring GACHA@ the Chapter Four March Round.
{amiable}Girly Tulle Spring GACHA@ the Chapter Four March Round.
The Chapter Four is a monthly shopping event. Open every 4th day of the month for 2 weeks long.
 We provide four rooms with four different sale theme/system and various stores such as Gacha, 
Under 100ls, Half Price, and Buy 1 for 2. What are you willing for?
There is more info.
This is {amiable} new GACHA at the Chapter Four March round.
{There are 24Commons and 2RARE.}
Jacket and skirt are included only 1 size.

The Jacket has three parts like “Jacket”, “T-shirt”, and “Tulle”.
You can wear only Jacket or everything!!  It’s up to you.
RARE has “T-shirt Texture Change HUD”. You can change the color from 8 kinds.
Please try on DEMO before buying!!  I hope you like it.

[Event DATE : 4th to 20th of April].

{amiable}Girly Tulle Spring GACHA@ the Chapter Four March Round.
{amiable}Girly Tulle Spring GACHA@ the Chapter Four March Round.

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Spring is coming


Did you notice..
in the snow, 
a glimpse of green.

Spring is coming again
softly, almost hesitantly
but then
overwhelming and powerful

And we got the outfits for it ! 


pics were taken here:
Please respect the privacy. Don’t run into rented houses 🙂


I was in London

pics were taken here:

the left pictures

and here:

One of them claims to be the original, but you can tp over there and find out which one.


A nice cloak for roleplay, a winterscene or some foggy London – moments….

pics were taken here:

At the moment they are doing some remodeling or

I really was happy, that I got my little goat out of there…..phew..
But when it is safe again, you should visit this place!
All will be ok again.. I mean, it’s not Silent Hill!
I guess…

And there is also a new group gift!

Taxi to 

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