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[WellMade] Yuki Kimono Dress

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[WellMade] Yuki Kimono Dress



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Kimono sky dress

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Kimono sky dress

Fitmesh Designer Event
1th March – 21th March
★Fitmesh Designer Event Landmark:

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New: Akira Short Japanese Kimono with HUD

News | Chopard Couture.

Akira Short Japanese Kimono by Chopard Couture.

This package includes:

  • Akira Kimono – Mesh in 5 sizes: L, M, S, XS, XL
  • HUD with 6 Textures
  • Alpha Mask (Classic Avatars)

This product can also be used with Maitreya Mesh Body. Please use the DEMO.

Available now at the Chopard Couture main store on Fashion Island: and in the SL Marketplace:

Chopard Couture Akira Kimono Pic

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Kimono Release & Fantasy Faire Second Chance!

News from Anachron .

>.< One of these days I will establish a regular blogging schedule…

I have some kimono releases in the store, and also, a secont chance at the exclusives from Fantasy Faire (now with fixed mesh!) since I didn’t announce them properly while the faire was on… I was still trying to fix them.


Anachon-Poster-Wall-WomensKimono-Asagao Anachon-Poster-Wall-WomensKimono-Eda Anachon-Poster-Wall-WomensKimono-Hana Anachon-Poster-Wall-WomensKimono-Sakura

They are rigged mesh, come with both colors shown, two obi bow options, adjustable mon and a HUD to switch between the different options. Once you have bought one full version, you can then buy the HUD only version in other colors to mix and match! (You can, for example, wear the obi from one set with the kimono from another set). There’s a sign near the kimono that explains the HUD thing in a bit more detail, but basically the main procedure is this:

  1. Buy any full version color. It includes the mesh and the hud for that color.
  2. If you want another color after the first one, buy the HUD only version for that color. Any HUD with the same icon as the mesh (that little pink kimono in the bottom right, in this case) will work. I’m using the icons because I plan to release other meshes with the same system.

These two kimono are my Fantasy Faire exclusives, they work exactly the same and the HUD will work with them also (they don’t have icons because I hadn’t invented that idea when I released them, but they will still work!). All proceeds from the purchase of these two kimono will go to the American Cancer Society through Relay For Life.

Anachon-Poster-Wall-WomensKimono-Omikuji Anachon-Poster-Wall-WomensKimono-Ryuu

Those last two will only be out in the shop for the next few weeks, so if you like them, come grab them before they dissapear!

Here’s the SLURL to Anachron Mainstore!

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