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Dark Passions Round 6 Blogger Applications Now Open!

Dark Passions – Koffin Nails.

Image examples from current blog team members.
(Left) Round 6 Blogger Team Member – Reggie                    (Right) Elite Blogger Team Member:  BishyBaby

It’s January again, What does that mean?
It means it’s time for the great Dark Passions Rotating Blogger Team Search!  
Now until January 21st Round 6 of the rotating blogger team applications is officially open!

If you are a nail applier lover for slink, maitreya or omega and have a love for dark or unique fashion than this is the team for you. This round starts February 1st and ends June 1st. Lots of unique nail art and fun coming your way in the New Year!
So Apply & don’t miss out!

Yes, you may reapply for this round if you have blogged in a previous round or a past member of the elite team. Current elite team members need not need to reapply as the main team is invite only. Please remember per the rules when you fill out the app, we do not guarantee returning spots as we like to rotate out bloggers from time to time. This keeps it fair to everyone and brings in new blood. So if you don’t make it this time please don’t be offended. Instead plan to apply again next round!
I can’t wait to see what new and any returning bloggers create with the items for upcoming events! If you have additional blogger questions please contact my blogger manager Akira Voorhees as that’s what her pretty face is there for. 

Good Luck to all the round applicants!

Bcreative Wilde
– Owner of Dark Passions –

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The Darkness Monthly Event designer applications are open!!!

The Darkness Monthly Event’s Blog.

The Darkness Monthly Event designer applications are open

App: Darkness

The Darkness, is a monthly event, where you can find all kind of creations in their dark version, The theme for this event is always the same for every months, “Dark Style”. It’s not necessary that your items are Gothic, they can be inspired by other styles (Glam Rock, Rocker, Punk, Emo, Boho, Urban, Street, Hipster, Classic, etc…) but always respecting the essence of Dark Style.

● Open Round 5th of each month at 01:00 pm slt.

● Close Round each 30th or 31th (February 28th) of each month.

● 1st of each month we’ll return your items to your inventory.

● Set up start at 1th of each month at 01:00 pm slt .

● Set up end 5th of each month at 10:00 am slt.

● Your items must be new creations (dark style), and you’ll can not sell them while your round is open, after the event you can sell them in your store.

● 20 prims available for each designer and 1000L rate for each month (you can use your own decoration).

● 30 prims available for sponsors, (by Invite only) and a fee of 1800L.

● The payment can be made from day 15 to day 28 of each month in the rent box assigned for that. I understand all booths must be paid for in advance and set up completely. Event fees will not be refunded for late set up or failure to adhere to event rules.

● All designers that are late on payment or set up, will be excluided from the currently round, and we will check the waiting list .

● It’s obligatory to apply 1 time each 3 months, if you don’t apply for 3 months, you will be eject from this group

● You may to send your logo to TheDarknessME Resident.

● Please read all rules before to apply-

URL for pay rent box

Url for event

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Applications are now open for the Evil Bunny Hunt 7!

The Stupid Cupid Hunt 5.

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Blogger Applications For Winter’s Hollow Are Open!

Winter’s Hollow.

Sneak Peek of  Set-Up – Still plenty of finishing touches to do!

I’ve been asked by many when are the blogger apps opening or are you taking bloggers this round and the answer is yes and yes. Now you can apply!!

Hope you will join us in the wintery fun theme of Winter Fantasy with a dark twist.

Apply now until Nov. 30th

To The Blogger Application

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2016 Winter Showcase Applications are Now Available!

windlight featured – KULTIVATE MAGAZINE.

Originally posted on Team Diabetes of Second Life:
Thank you for your interest in our second holiday season event for Team Diabetes of Second Life! Team Diabetes of Second Life is an official and authorized team of The American Diabetes Association! The Winter Showcase will begin on December 8, 2016 and end on Sunday, December…

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Edition Exclusive – Fashion Event – Applications Designers and Bloggers

Style and Addict by Evenementia.

After Summer Time Fair, Saint Tropez Market …
L’ExoDe, fashion complex, offers a new major event 
The place to be for fashionistas will be “EDITION EXCLUSIVE”


This event is from October 10th to october 24th.


Everything related to your style ( clothes, accessories, hat, shape, skin….) and furniture too but your item must be sold ONLY for this event !! Not be sold after on your shop or marketplace.
You should create 1 exclusive item like a limited edition and you have to propose 1 gift too.


– Group : You will need a group to access the land, we will send this as late as we can for your convenience.
The group will be send only to two avatars (two per brand).
After payment, we will send the group. If you do not receive the group at 48 hours, please contact us.

– Exclusive items : Each designer will have to make 1 exclusive release for this event.
You need to have an open space to receive the group event.
You can do more than one exclusive item (don’t forget this item will be sold only on this event).

GIFT : you should put 1 gift (free) on your space too.

– Scripts :
Scripts not allowed: Group inviter, scripts to send message, floating text and group gift
You can using other script without abusing it to not cause too much lag.

– Decorations :
Decorations should be in your style. All stores are no modify. You can change the inside, using your prim.
You can also decorate your space respecting your neighbor.

– Payment
Once accepted the application, you will receive a notecard confirmation and payment must be made to exodeland (resident) IMMEDIATLY..
We reserve the right to refuse brand.
Upon payment, you will receive group.


L$ 1800 (with 40 prims) : sponsor – Only 10 slots
You will be placed near the landing point and you’ll be quoting our advertising media.
L$ 1000 (with 25 prims) : medium shop – Only 20 slots


All the advertisement and events are organized on the place by L’ExoDe and Evenementia group.
Event will be advertised by websites and blogs, and also on international advertising groups.
In addition, 30 bloggers will be active for this relay event.


September 12th

September 25th
Closing Applications and All stores fees must be paid.

October 4
Setup will begin
The land will open for designers.

October 6
Bloggers preview begins.
Designers may send their items to the event group

October 8
End of setup
All designers should be with their spaces ready to go.                  
October 10  – 1PM SLT

October 24  – 3PM SLT


Deadline: September 25
Please complete the form here
Designers Applications

Once accepted the application, you will receive a notecard confirmation and payment must be made IMMEDIATLY.
Upon payment, you will receive group.


Deadline: september 25          
You are bloggers and want to cover the event, fill out this form here :
Bloggers Applications

Once accepted the application, you will receive a notecard confirmation and you will receive group.


Tiphaine Auer
Elhan Resident

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Cosmopolitan Events.

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Blogger Applications

KiX – Virtual Worlds and Beyond.

Currently accepting applications. 
All applications considered but priority given to those with experience in covering adult furniture.
Please notecard Cindy Evanier inworld or via the contact form on the home page of this blog.

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Applications open for Boo! Bunny Hunt 5

The Boo! Bunny Hunt 5.

Click the events tab and find the poster!

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Whore Couture Fair 6 – Back to School Edition – Blogger Applications OPEN!


Flair for Eventspresents its 6th edition ofWhore Couture Fair, coming to you in September 2016, but this time there’s a TWIST! It’s the first ever Back to School Edition!
Sponsors for the event are:
CandyDoll, CerberusXing, Empire, Insanya, Phedora, RealEvil Industries, Runaway Hair and United Colors
Blogger applications are now openthrough July 31st and the event will run from September 10th to October 1st, 2016. Please read the rules before submitting your application.
Stay Connected with Whore Couture!
Group: secondlife:///app/group/3c26fe10-54b2-14d1-3398-44759567d0d8/about

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