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Shoetopia 2017

Thalia Heckroth.

-Thalia Heckroth- for Shoetopia 2017


Thalia Heckroth will be participating in this year’s edition of Shoetopia.

Shoetopia opens this March 25th.

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3 exclusive models have been created for this wonderful event (Exclusively for Maitreya Lara).

Laurel heels are a distinctive and stylish sandal, ready for the spring season.

The combination of a metallic patent leather base and a standard leather, strapped stiletto heel create an attractive contrast.

Available in 10 colors.

Crafted from finest quality patent leather, the Allegra Peep Toes embody classic style, and will complement a wide range of outfits.

The chunky base tapers into a soft silhouette, culminating in a slender stiletto heel.

Available in 10 indulgent colors.

The Mattea Patent Leather heels are a timeless pair for the discerning woman’s shoe collection.

With a sleek silhouette, delicate heel and a refined pointed toe – these heels epitomize elegance.

Available in a range of luxurious colors.

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World Tour 2017 Hunt

Mirage Treasure Co..

As we normally do, Mirage heads the Africa path and offers something lovely for your humble abode. You might recognize our antique setee, reimagined with wooden base and a woven tribal covering. Same single sits as our full price version.

Click HERE for more info on the treasure hunt. All gifts are 2L each

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World Tour 2017 Gridwide Hunt

Kastle Rock Couture.

This year we thought we’d mix things up and, instead of heading up Antarctica, we went down under! What else does a classy Aussie girl need except a croc skin minidress?

Click HERE for the treasure hunt blog and all info pertaining to the hunt. Prizes are 2L each and worth it! (Check out the Mirage Treasure Co blog for our “home furnishings” prize)

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MISS SL 2017 – The Third Runway Challenge – Miranda is back!

MISS SL Organization.

Hello Ladies, official candidates in the MISS SL 2017 pageant,

in your fourth challenge we are paying tribute to the film The Devil wears Prada, which was greatly received by the fashion and modeling community in 2006.

Meryl Streep was celebrated and awarded for her role as Miranda Priestly, editor-in-chief of the Runway Magazine, in The Devil wears Prada. While the film mainly plots around Andy, an aspiring journalist, who has applied for a job as personal assistant to Miranda,  and puts up with Miranda`s excessively demanding and humiliating treatment, hoping it will be the addition in her curriculum vitae to open doors for better jobs at other media companies.

The role of Miranda Priestly is not only important but crucial throughout the entire film. While Andy gets an exclusive insight on the ‘private’ side of Miranda too, it`s especially that the film shows the tough and demanding work, that such a job position comes with, including the sacrifice it means for a woman`s private life. How can a business woman compensate better, but with top-notch of fashion. The Paste Magazine wrote:

Pretty much every ensemble Miranda Priestly dons is to die for. Who can forget her evil spin on such a classic sweet-girl move when she peers over the top of her sunglasses and spits, “Oh don’t be silly, Andrea. Everyone wants this. Everyone wants to be us.” Miranda’s knack for fur and neutral snakeskin, her over the top coat collection and sky-high heels all make this modern day Cruella de Vil all the more terrifying. Still, among the fur and stacked heels, her ice blue accents are a consistent addition to this ice queen’s look. These pieces play perfectly against her blue, chilled stare and ice-cold heart.

 And this is your challenge:

  • Please create a business chic styling, based on the S/S 2017 trends seen at the fashion weeks around the globe. Style like you will style in a position as CEO of a fashion company, modeling agency… or Editor in Chief for a fashion-related media giant.
  • Using Meryl Streep`s Miranda Priestly as an inspiration, do add the extravagance and luxury touch, that lets a woman in a power position appear bold and visible. This would be done with accessories, high qualitative and rare fabrics, edgy clothing elements etc …by not loosing the classy and chic appearance, that a boss needs to have.
  • In this styling challenge, you must use two colors and your are limited to two colors only also. Black, gray, white, jewelry, hairs, nails, shoes and hand held accessory do not count for your color choice.
  • Please prepare a walk, a default post and a pose set of 40 seconds, that work best for your styling. Please have a reverse pose prepared also, just in case…
  • Please submit your styling description until Friday, March 24, 12:00 PM SLT at the web form like in the previous challenges too.
  • In your styling description include your favorite quote by Miranda Priestly in The Devil wears Prada. The quote does not have to be in context with your other styling description and does not add to your word count limitation. However, choose a quote that is limited to 30 – 40 words at the most – we do not require a lengthy statement about cerulean sweaters or belts in all its length.

 Rehearsals for the Third Runway Challenge are scheduled for Friday, March 24 10:00 AM and 05:00 PM SLT. As always, you are required to attend at least one of the rehearsals to be eligible to walk this challenge. The walk order and instructions notecard will be sent to you inworld during Thursday, March 23.

The Third Runway Challenge is scheduled for Saturday, March 25, 10:00 AM SLT and open for audience.

Please do take this challenge with the right approach. We do not wish to see, that you are copying a Miranda Priestly style from the film, we do not wish to see you as Meryl Streep and god beware, we also don´t want to see Anna Wintour clones on the runway, you will go to hell if you dare that. The idea is, to take this figures as example indeed, but to create your own styling, as if you are the the boss of a leading fashion or media company.

That´s all!

Marcus Lefevre

MISS SL Organization
Owner | Founder | Chairman

For more informations about MISS SL Organization, follow us!

© March 2017 – a MISS SL Organization Press Release


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Skin Fair 2017

乙øмβıє ﻜuıÇıdє.

1st Item @ skin fair 2017
Zombie Suicide @ Skin Fair 2017
March 10 – 26
6 colors included
Omega and Catwa appliers
system layers included

#2 Item @ Skin Fair 2017
Zombie Suicide @ Skin Fair 2017
March 10 – 26
4 options included
Omega and Catwa appliers
system layers included

3rd Item @ skin fair 2017
Zombie Suicide @ Skin Fair 2017
March 10 – 26
Kawaii Blush
Wear all together, just the blush, blush w/ dots, blush w/hearts
Omega and Catwa appliers
system layers included

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Opale Hair . Elly @ Tres Chic March 2017

Uploads from montony & Opale Hair.

montony & Opale Hair posted a photo:

Opale Hair . Elly @ Tres Chic March 2017

9 Colors pack:
Light Blond color pack
Dark Blond color pack
Light Brown color pack
Dark Brown color pack
Red color pack
Black color pack
Pastels color pack
Silver pack
Ombre pack
And have dark roots.

Details: Ec.cloth – Pixie Earrings
Tres Chic Event

Open March, 17


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Vengeful [email protected] Skin Fair 2017

Vengeful Threads.

Exclusive Releases for the Skin Fair 2017

Your Ride

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Kultivate Magazine – Spring 2017 Video

windlight featured – KULTIVATE MAGAZINE.

We are preparing for Spring here at Kultivate and in honor of the upcoming season, we have created a new video! The video features the images of Sandi Benelli, Lead Kultivate Artist in Residence:Filed under: art, artists, Kultivate, second life, second life art, secondlife, secondlife art, sl, windlight featured Tagged: art, artists, kultivate magazine, second … Continue reading Kultivate Magazine – Spring 2017 Video

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Rock Your Rack 2017!

Rock Your Rack.

Rock Your Rack 2017 will be held September 30 – October 14, 2017.  Save the dates!  Registration will open early this year in order to give everyone plenty of time to plan for the event.  New packages and levels of participation will make it even better than previous years!  So watch this space!

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2017 – something scary or magic is going on!

Kryptonia Paperdoll.

I don’t know what’s going on…. I am turning 11 this coming March 17 in SL. I met alot people, worked with other, hanged out and also… Read more “2017 – something scary or magic is going on!”

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