New Stuff and Free Stuff!


New in the Store:
~SongBird~ Supermassive (uti applier) ~SongBird~ Polished (uti applier)
2 more eye sets converted to Utilizator appliers. these will only work for Utilizator heads like m3, or kemono heads.

~SongBird~ Guyliner ~SongBird~ Shock Rocker Updated!
2 more makeups updated for mesh heads! these were made with men in mind but will certainly work for women as well!

Current Events:
XOXO has started!
~SongBird~ Lovesick
come to the store and try to win this prize by saying xoxo in local chat. you can try once a day until the end of the hunt! if you get sick of trying, you can purchase the item for 50L until the end of the event.

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