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TAG DEALS @ Sunset Mist Town Square

Sunset Mist Town Square .

Great news!

We are offering all shopaholics  a chance to save up to 50% or more on clothes, poses, furnitures, home decor and more for our  TAG DEALS (Every 10th and 25th of the month) event SALE this Saturday, February 25  from 6:00 a.m. to 12 midnight SLT.

Receive discounts from our quality designers. Don’t be left out! Mark your calendar now. This unique offer is available for one day only.

See you all there!

Teleport to Tag Deal Sunset Mist Mall

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Allie’s 10 year rez day celebration! 10-$10L specials and VIP gift!


Custom designed Skybox by Sass for Grumble VIP group members! Wear your tag and touch the display.


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New MESH Leather Outfit “Sylvie” @ .::PiNK CHERRY::.

PiNK CHERRY|Designer Circle.

Hello Cherrys,

A new Releases are waiting for you today & we hope you like it. Come on & check it yourself….

NEW RELEASE : .::PiNK CHERRY::. Leather Outfit “Sylvie” -MESH- in 16 Colors / Slink Physique & Hourglass/ Maitreya & Belleza Meshbody / also Classic Avatar compatible


We hope you´ll like it!

Taxi to .::PiNK CHERRY::. Mainstore:





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Kultivate Images of the Day: 2/17/17 to 2/21/17

windlight featured – KULTIVATE MAGAZINE.

Our images of the day from 2/17/17 to 2/2/17 are: Image by Cassandra Smith Join our Flickr group to have an image considered as our image of the day: under: art, artists, flickr, image of the day, Kultivate, photography, second life, second life art, secondlife, secondlife art, sl, windlight featured Tagged: art, artists, flickr, image … Continue reading Kultivate Images of the Day: 2/17/17 to 2/21/17

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Hello Tuesday -150- Store List for 21st February

Cosmopolitan Events.

Time for new Round of Hello Tuesday  50L$ & 50% Off Sale Deals!

Enjoy Your shopping and be fast this is ONE DAY Event ONLY !

• Blog • Facebook Group • Facebook Page • Flickr
 Or join the SUBSCRIBER (inside by the door) to stay informed! 
No group slot needed!

[ Store List & Direct SLurls ]

[Petite Maison] / 50% OFF
[Six O’clock] / 50% OFF
[Swallow] / 50% OFF
[A&D] / 50% OFF
[G&D] / 50L$

[QPoses] / 50% OFF

[BlackJack] / 50% OFF
[Tabou] / 50% OFF
[E U P H O R I C] / 50% OFF
[Zen Creations] / 50% OFF
[GOOSE] / 50% OFF
[Fe Style] / 50% OFF
[Meva] / 50% OFF
[BAMSE] / 50% OFF
[Vision] / in Blue 50% OFF

[no.match_] / Reds 50% OFF
[Kaithleen’s] / 50% OFF
[The Little Branch] / 50% OFF
[ZOZ] / 50% OFF
[Bee Designs] / 50% OFF
[RealEvil Industries] / 50% OFF
[E-Clipse] / in Black 50% OFF
[Culco] / 50% OFF

[Verocity] / 50% OFF
[hh] Hilly Haalan Fashions] / 50L$
[I N D Y R A   O R I G I N A L S ™] / 50% OFF
Enjoy Your Shopping!

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MISS SL 2017 – Results from the second live audition and all official candidates!

MISS SL Organization.

Yesterdays audition was the last step, after three months of application process, six castings and finally two auditions. While we were not sure how the castings would be received, we do acknowledge that our decision to change the picture selection from the previous years pageants into a process of application and castings, has allowed the judges to select aspirants for the auditions based on more facets, than a simple headshot would allow.

In result we did have two very interesting auditions with even more interesting aspirants, some fairly new to the virtual pageantry. We definitely have seen, that all aspirants were well motivated, which may also be a significant difference to the picture selections, where we have not been much in touch with a potential aspirant prior to an audition. Hence it is our pleasure to notice the success of the application process and will insist on the castings to replace the picture selection for future pageants too.

With deep regret and sorry we have been informed, that potential aspirants had to withdraw from our auditions, because they were forced to by another contest organization. While we understand, that every organization expects prior commitment to their own event from the participants, this particular contest happens to finish long before MISS SL 2017 actually gets into the full array of challenges. We are sorry for the ladies, who were forcefully and unreasonably taken off the chance to participate in MISS SL 2017, but sincerely hope that they will take the opportunity to participate in the following years.

MISS and MR SL candidates are ALWAYS allowed to enter other competitions, but we suggest to consider about and to commit to our event schedule, which is posted prior to the auditions, for everyone to see (incl other organization owners).

In yesterday`s audition we were amazed by the large audience, who have joined the event to cheer the aspirants for their encouragement and motivation. All aspirants, who have auditioned yesterday truly have performed at their best, to their best knowledge and given their possibilities. We want to thank all ladies, who have walked our runway yesterday, for their trust and patience with MISS SL Organization for their participation in the MISS SL 2017 competition.

We also would like to thank our estimated panel of judges, who have offered their knowledge and time to us yesterday, to select the aspirants, they think will be able to proceed and succeed in the upcoming pageant. The judges certainly did not have an easy task with their decision and we understand, that every judge may have different perspectives. The more we are grateful for the overwhelming response on our judges availability.

Finally, the judges have voted for following aspirants from yesterday`s audition, to be eligible to enter the MISS SL 2017 competition, as always in no particular order but alphabetical:

Maile Michinaga
Melinda Bayn
Sakura Zimberman
Skie Summers

We congratulate all the ladies above, as they are offical candidates in the MISS SL 2017 competition now and wish them the best of luck within the upcoming challenges! Please contact Marcus Lefevre, in order to receive the MISS SL Pageant group, which is required for the participation. Please make sure to be available on Saturday March 25, 10:00 a.m. SLT for the general meeting, which is mandatory for all candidates to attend. On this day we will process the country selection for the official candidates to MISS SL 2017 also.

For the ladies, who have not made it as official candidate in this round, we may offer our deepest respect for their participation in yesterdays audition. We encourage you to keep trying, practicing and evolving please. All members, instructors and models in MISS SL Organization are to your disposal to receive feedback and guidance.

We want to thank the team members, who have directed yesterdays audition and made it a fluent and perfect experience for the aspirants, judges and the audience. We also thank our sponsors for the MISS SL 2017 competition – your all support is most appreciated and understood as our warrant for success.

The MISS SL 2017 competition is now finally about to start, in March we will have the first challenges. The complete list of official candidates from both auditions, who will enter the pageant, reads now as follows:

Elita Wardell
Jaily Bailey
Lilyan Arcana
Maile Michinaga
Melinda Bayn
Roberta Aulder
Sahra Freschi
Sakura Zimberman
Skie Summers
Sydney420 Ashbourne

We do look forward to work with all this ladies in our event and to see them proceed and grow until the Grand Finale. The MISS SL 2017 Grand Finale is scheduled for May 27, 10:00 a.m. SLT. Until then we would like to invite our followers and friends to come and enjoy the official candidates, as they compete in our runway challenges. The invitations can be received through the social networks, MISS SL Magazine and our public inworld group.

Congrats again to the official candidates to MISS SL 2017!


MISS SL Organization
Marcus Lefevre

MISS SL Academy

MISS SL Agency
Ivyana Szondi

For more informations about MISS SL Organization, follow us!

© February 2017 – a MISS SL Organization Press Release

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.:: Designer Circle ::. 148th Round – Halftime!

PiNK CHERRY|Designer Circle.

Dear Fashion Friends,

It´s Halftime in the .::Designer Circle::. . The 148th round is available from 12 February – 25 February 2017.  We offer in our saleroom Fashion, Accessories & decorative items etc. to discounted Prices between 50 and 200 L.

Your .:: Designer Circle ::. Team


Participating Designer Stores:

The .:: Designer Circle ::. is divided into 3 areas:

Designers Area A:

[email protected] – MISSNOISE – Santino Design – PB Designs – Slipper Originals – Cremosas Store – Persefona – GeMyles Couture – NYNE – * TentatioN * – WellMade – Graffitiwear – IT! (Indulge Temptation!) – StormCrow Designs – Queen oF Ink – Perch – {U.R.} Fashion Designs – smesh – PELLE – Supernatural – Black Cats poses

Designers Area B:

[ICEWERK] – Soley Inc – Prism Designs – StoraxTree – Apple Heart Inc. – alme – 1 Hundred – Chic Princess – Eyelure – Slackgirl – {POSH PIXELS} – Pin Up – Tattoo & Style – MOoH! – CNZ – .::PiNK CHERRY::. – Joplino – :{Pretty Things}: – Coco Sands Shapes / Hot Coco Clothing – Finale Couture – BASTA! – 7 Deadly s[K]ins

Designers Area C:

DE. BOUTIQUE – AsHmOoT – Wow Skins

designer-circle-148-1 designer-circle-148-2 designer-circle-148-3 designer-circle-148-4 designer-circle-148-5

Look at the pictures of our bloggers in our:

facebook group:

facebook page:



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35L Sunday List – Fev, 19th

35L Events & News.

35L Sunday List – Fev, 19th
Participating merchants guarantee these items will be available at the special price of 35L between 12:00 am and 11:59 pm on Sunday (SLT)
Subscribe the List and Join the VIP Group
at 35L VIP Lounge:
Lacrime dell’anima
.:Partners In Crime:.
Tasty Pudding
Kitty Creations
PeKaS Gorean & Urban Designs
Simply Shelby
DMC – Dream of Medieval Crafts
[ EvelineInTheBox ]
Del-ka Aedilis
Timeless Textures
LadyMagnum’s Galla of Artistic Creations
LMagnum Clothier
United InshCon
An Lema
Velvet Whip
C&N Designs
Fantasy China
Brandy’s Boutique
7th Anniversary Fair 
30L Saturday Sales
 Feb. 9th – Midday (Thursday)
30L Sales and 50% OFF
30L Gachas
And of course MANY GIFTS!

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Weekend #2 of The Kultivate Spring 17 Fashion Event!

windlight featured – KULTIVATE MAGAZINE.

  Today is the second weekend of The Kultivate Spring 17 Fashion Event! Today’s fashion show schedule is: February 18, 2017 – 10 am slt – Zibska, Alpha Tribe, & Zuri Jewelry February 18, 2017 – 4 pm slt – Flowerdreams, Snowpaws, & Sascha’s Designs slurl: **The Rose Hunt, Fashion Question, & shopping is open … Continue reading Weekend #2 of The Kultivate Spring 17 Fashion Event!

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Happy 7th Anniversary 30L Saturday! Let’s celebrate with a great event and GIFTS!

35L Events & News.

Happy 7th Anniversary… 30L Saturday!
We are happy to celebrate this date!
A big friend group that always make great events and of course the fabulous 30L Saturday List that all love!
And have a party event! 🙂
30L Sales, 50% Off, Gachas and GIFTs!
17th – 19th February 2017

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