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.:Soul:. Relays at Fantasy Faire +


Just a quick note that after the break I get rather personal and my words may affect some more than others. It’s my personal story of how cancer has touched my life recently and in the past.


Fantasy Faire Releases (April 20-30th)

~ Ceredil – RFL Donation Sets – Complete Skin Sets 1299L

SE Opal (far right) are only available as an EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION of ONE to be auctioned off of each gender! They also include the tattoos from ALL of the other skin sets.

~ Ceredil – Gyouko – Complete Skin Sets – Sale 1299L

Includes System Skins + Appliers for: Omega (Body&Head) ~ Slink Physique ~ Maitreya ~ Belleza Catwa ~ LeLutka ~ Genesis Labs ~ Omega Tattoo Appliers + Sys. Layers BentBox Sylvan & Faun Ears ~ LOGO Ears ~ Uni Ears Mer & Standard Toned Tummy only + Full or Soft Breast & Brows or No Brow Options

~ Ceredil – Ginko – Complete Skin Sets – Sale 1299L

Includes System Skins + Appliers for: Omega (Body&Head) ~ Slink Physique ~ Signature ~ Adam (Body&Head) Catwa ~ Genesis Labs ~ Omega Tattoo Appliers + Sys. Layers BentBox Sylvan & Faun Ears ~ LOGO Ears ~ Uni Ears Mer & Standard Toned Body or Muscled Body & Brows or No Brow Options + Dick Dyes

Fantasy Faire is also having a Quest where you get an EXCLUSIVE tattoo as a reward from .:Soul:. along with a ton of other prizes! (Seriously, I saw how many there were!)

You can find .:Soul:. on Mudrana.

.:Soul:. V.I.P. Group is also FREE

To join during the Faire, so get your alts and friends in to get that 15% off all purchases in the main store, plus group gifts! To join, slap any of the joiner signs in the store or at the stall at Fantasy Faire. Regular joining will not work as you need a special tag!


Now for the personal stuff after the break.

Each year around February I start gearing up, gathering myself, and the planning begins for Fantasy Faire.
Usually by the end of March I am nearly done creating my works, but this year everything was interrupted. Not just my plans for the event, but my whole life.

On March 20th, I got my learner’s permit again since 2008. (Nope, I never got a license.) Having that yellow paper in my wallet was supposed to make that day amazing. Three hours later, the doctor called and suddenly my Dad has cancer.

“Cancer.” It’s a word you never want to hear, especially coupled with the words “incurable” and “inoperable”, but that was what was said and those words are what keeps banging around my head in the quiet times and in the dark.

One word. “Cancer” and everything stops. Your heart, your plans, life, even your breath is put on hold while you struggle to wrap your mind around what is going on, how this happened, where is it, how bad is it, what comes next, tests, testing the tests, phone calls, and more tests.

Has it spread?
Can it be treated at all?
Is there hope or is there only “keeping comfortable”?
How much time is left?
How do you tell a child that grandpa has cancer?
How do you accept it yourself?

I am not ready to lose him yet. Not now.
I’ll never be ready, and NEVER to cancer.

You’re angry.

Anger is normal, but for me I was pissed at Karma. We found out about the cancer just a few days into a charity event I was running for a friend whose own father had come down with a sudden illness. What part of my good karma from that is this? WTF, Karma? How dare you. I got mad at Karma the way others get mad at God.

Slowly, the answers start coming in. You learn a bit more each day, each week. My dad is lucky. They caught it early and it’s small, so they can manage it.
Manage but not cure. Still no cure. WHY IS THERE NO CURE?!


Slowly, life appears to resume. You start off on autopilot, doing the things you always did before that word was uttered.

Eventually, you start to learn to breathe again.
Breathe in… out…. And repeat.

….. and RELAY.

I have found so much support from the Faire and the community in the past when in 1998, we lost my grandmother to cancer. I wrote about her here in 2012.

Until now, I hadn’t told many people or been public at all about my father’s cancer diagnosis, mainly because I don’t want a charity for me or him. We don’t need money.

If you feel that you MUST donate, donate to one of the RFL Kiosks out front of my store, or better yet, go and buy the RFL SE Forest tone that represents liver cancer, the type my dad has.

I, and the millions of others caring for and battling cancer will thank you.

I know that with everyone’s help we can find a cure.

THIS is why I relay.


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-Nivaro- Harley (FFaire Edition) Skin Appliers – 01


-Nivaro- Harley (FFaire Edition) Skin Appliers - 03

-Nivaro- Harley (FFaire Edition) Skin Appliers - 02

-Nivaro- Harley (FFaire Edition) Skin Appliers - 01

Nivaro @ the Fantasy Fair 2017

This is quite possibly my favourite event of the year, if you’ve managed to live under a rock
for most of your existence and have never heard of FF all their wonderful info is here:
<a href=”; rel=”nofollow”></a>

Nivaro’s got three glorious fantasy skins on offer this time in an amazing orc themed outpost.
All proceeds of the RFL creations go to charity.

You can teleport to Nivaro’s stand here: Ro/53/228/46

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Did You Miss Dark Passions @ The Black Fair?

Dark Passions – Koffin Nails.

Don’t fret you can still get the blackness at Dark Passions main shop! OMG yes I put it up right away!

It’s that time of year again dark souls! The Black Fair (formerly known as Black Fashion Fair) by WeDo SL Events came and went! My black soul rejoiced as I brought you some styles in your the best color (or lack there of) ever! As it was the Black Fair I always felt as a lover of the dark that I really needed to bring it, so this round I had 3 new nail items for you.

So just incase you missed it as I’ve been so busy and didn’t get a chance to blog this earlier, go to the main store or MP. There I have some edgy star nails called “Black Star” which are black with 3 tones of natural nails peeking throuh as well as silver and gold and a few other colors that I know you will love. “Black Rain” Has a rain like texture over colors and natural nails I even did the an inversed rain texture so it looks like the black is being washed away. Finally I have “Elegant Twist” which is a mostly black gloss nail with swirly designs and colors at the cuticle area.

I hope you enjoy! I enjoy the challenge of working in mostly black every year I’ve been invited to the Black Fair! So run get the newness and I hope to see you again at Black Fair next year too!

To The Mainstore
Get Them On Market Place:
      – Black Star On MP
      – Black Rain On MP
      – Elegant Twist On MP

The Black Fair extended their closing by one week! So you still have time to get these items there and all other items you might have wanted to get there!

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Uploads from Yukio_Ida.

Yukio_Ida posted a photo:


Out at the Fantasy Faire!

Selos Dae and I have teamed up again and she awesomely re-made the Mythic ears :] There’s no piercings or spikes, but that will come later 😀 Either way, these ears have 14 different overlay designs and a snazzy HUD for tinting, glow, and control of shine and shadows, and they look amazing!

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.:Soul:. Kissers Update


2017 Kisseers Update Sign

ALL Kissers have had a script update to make them more compatible with Omega appliers.

To get your update, either wear the Kissers, or stop by the store and slap the Redelivery Terminal Sign!



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Lovely Disarray @ The Kawaii Project

Lovely Disarray.

The Kawaii Project
April 20th – May 15th
Theme: Spring School

These translucent glasses are a new take on your classic reading specs. This set includes two different sizes of glasses (male & female size) as well as a HUD which includes 10 color options to choose from. They’re un-rigged so they can be easily modified to for your avatar as you like. Put them over your head, or use them to read a good book~

Unisex | Un-rigged Mesh Accessory

Purchase Includes:
One (1) – Original Mesh Pair of Glasses (Un-Rigged)
One (1) – HUD to control the color of the frames
Includes ten (10) color options~

These glasses are un-rigged, so you can easily modify them to fit your face. You can use the re-sizer that comes included in the item, or do it manually if you like.

Its permissions are: COPY, MOD, NO TRANSFER.

The Kawaii Project

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Deesses Boutique will become The Face!

Uploads from Deesses Boutique.

Deesses Boutique posted a photo:

Deesses Boutique will become The Face!


Deesses Boutique will transform into The Face. The change of brand name will start from 1st of May, starting at Powder Pack event!

In the same day we will come with 2 surprise gifts for Catwa, new products and discounts that will last 3 days ONLY at the mainstore.

The skin-body will come with new changes and for the ones that already own the body or parts of the body, you can come and get a redelivery of your body product AFTER 1st of May. For those that will get the redelivery products, the name of the product will remain the same as before and will NOT change into The Face product. Keep that in mind, so there won’t be any confusion.

New skin-tones may also come in the future!

We are waiting you to celebrate the new begninng on 1st of May at The Face!

If there are ANY questions, please write them bellow!

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Uploads from Ele Brandi ::Modish::.

Ele Brandi ::Modish:: posted a photo:


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Current Events at 7 Deadly s{K}ins


♥ your limo to The Cosmetic Fair ♥

♥♥  your LIMO to the Black Fair  ♥♥

Available April 7

♥♥ —>  BUY NOW:



********** Sneak Peak FANTASY FAIR *********

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Rotten Egg Hunt – Last Day!

Dark Passions – Koffin Nails.

Image by Clover Jinx – Nails Featured: Zombunny

Get hopping before it’s gone!
The great Rotten Egg Hunt is here and this is the very last day. Find eggs from approx 30 designers all over the sim.  Egg prices very between 1-5L. Don’t miss out on all the fun!

To The Rotten Egg Hunt Start Location

Here’s what you will find in Dark Passions 5L eggs:

Egg #1;

Egg #2;

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