[Gauze] & [][]Trap[][] Fuzz Gloves _new_
4 March 2017 | 2:07 am

Yukio_Ida posted a photo:

[Gauze]  & [][]Trap[][] Fuzz Gloves _new_

I've been MIA due to RL reasons but as promised, not dead lol. Sadly I forgot to post this notice >.<
So here it is!

NEW Fuzz Gloves created in collaboration with textures by [Gauze], and mesh/textures by [][]Trap[][] ! are out in the store now! So if you missed, didn't know, or weren't able to get them at We <3 Role-Play last month, you can grab them now at either Gauze or Trap Main stores :D


These have nearly endless amounts of options for you to customize a unique look for everyone with 18 tintable glow layers, 18 base tintable base colors, 2 fluff tintable options, and 4 sizes designed to fit across many sizes with just a bit of personal adjustment.

(Notecard included on sizes PLEASE read, don't just look at the labels, some sizes cross over to different bodies :)!)

The RIGHT and LEFT glove can be changed individually via the HUD (no need to detach to change them uniquely)
-Top three tabs are LEFT side
-Bottom three tabs are RIGHT side

(in case you can't see the text on a tiny monitor <3)

All the usual HUD customization included such as;

Texture change
Color Change

You can turn any layers off with the transparency option in the 'More' tab if you prefer to have no highlights or patterns.

We hope you'll enjoy n_n!

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