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Shoenique and JW Jewelers Merge

NEW BLAZER with amazing HUD !! KALBACK


A new name in the fashion world for men , say no more ……

____K A L B A C K____

Check the first new designs !


– CASUAL BLAZER !! 13 tee models, 7 shirts model (any color you want), fitmesh!
3 wear options : blazer, blazer + tee, blazer+tee+ shirt

 The fatpack, 3 colors for the blazer and all options  999 L

 The black blazer and all options 429 L only
Come try a demo here :

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Uploads from [MUSE] & NSP Florals.

[MUSE] & NSP Florals posted a photo:


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Flickr Eyeshadows 2

Uploads from sachi_vixen.

sachi_vixen posted a photo:

Flickr Eyeshadows 2

New Eyeshadows for Catwa Mesh Heads

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After the night, before the day / Rendez-Vous outfit @ Penumbra FW AW 16

Petit Chat’s fine french couture.

I always thought there is a secret moment in a day : the one between night and day. When you stayed up all night long but it’s not yet morning…. Like a “no” moment. Daylights start slightly to emerge…. You keep all the excitation and tireness of the night (no matter what you made)… This moment is short. Soon lights will be too much obvious for your eyes and will remind you you need to sleep.
A moment for night birds…. for us only…
A moment I adore …

Rendez-Vous is a 2 pieces outfit for all your daily moments. Each piece is sold separately, thus you may mix and match and find your favorite combo.
The pants comes in standard sizes and a lot of mesh body compatible sizes.
The sweater comes in standard sizes + Maitreya and Slink compatible sizes.

There are 8 colors for each to choose from.

And you may find it at the Penumbra FashionWeek AW 16

Photo made at Petit Chat ArtGallery

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Say the Magic Words!

by Chiana Oh.

by-chiana-oh-candy-pumpin-lanterns-adOriginal Mesh | Try your luck!
Oct 24-Nov 4

Hocus Pocus is back for 2016!

Zip around some lovely stores and say the magic words – hocus pocus – for your chance to win free goodies!

If fortune does not smile on you straight away, fear not as you can try again once every 24hrs until the end of the event. Or, if you just can’t leave it to chace – you can grab each item for just 50L!

For my treat (no trick) I have made this pair of sweet candy lanterns.

Find them in front of my main store:


and don’t forget to check out the Hocus Pocus blog for all the other things available!


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!!! Karla Boutique !!! Marcela multi dress – fitmesh

Uploads from !!! Karla Boutique !!!.

!!! Karla Boutique !!! posted a photo:

!!! Karla Boutique !!! Marcela multi dress - fitmesh


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Cosmopolitan {Round 5/5} 24th October – 5th November

Cosmopolitan Events.


This round is available for only two weeks so make sure to pop over and explore what Cosmopolitan has to offer, before it is all gone for another exciting new round.

• Blog • Facebook Group • Facebook Page • Flickr
Or join the SUBSCRIBER (Inside by the door) to stay informed! 
No group slot needed!


[Asteria] / Dress 150L$ / Vest 199L$ / Necklace 100L$
[Panavia] / Bridge 350L$
[Vision] / 199L$
[Schultz] / 299L$ / 999L$ Slot Machine Fatpack

[Elegance] / Top 150L$ / Pants 150L$
[TLC] / Pheasant 125L$ / Deer Family 250L$

[E-Clipse] / 250L$
[United Colors] / 249L$ / Fapack 1199L$

[Aubrey] / 70L$ per Play

[Compulsion] / 450L$
[Swallow] / 350L$
[Ex Machina] / 367L$ (20% OFF Promo!)

[RealEvil Industries] / 349L$
[Cammino e Vivo Capovolto] / 1000L$
[Moon Rabbit] / 199L$ (Preview)

[Mulloy] / 250L$
[Di’s Opera] / 50L$ / 200L$ Pack

[Your Dreams] / 70L$ / 100L$ Fatpack
[Elysium] / 275L$ / Fatpack 1600L$
[Kaithleen’s] / 199L$

[fame femme] / Dress 260L$ / Scarf 180L$
[CCDesign] / Lamps 100L$ / Fireplace 200L$

[BAMSE] / 50L$ per Play
[Pichi] / 70L$
[Gutchi] / 325L$
[Milk Tea] / 150L$
[Newchurch] / Chair 325L$ / Table 175L$

[Agapee] / 220L$ / 880L$ Fatpack
[Ama.] / 99L$
[Krescendo] / 99L$
[G&D] / Fatpack Only (18 Colors) 399L$
[Meva] / 240L$
[Sources] / Multi Pillow Seat 450L$ / Comfy Chair 300L$ / Hamaco 300L$
[ThirdEye] / 150L$ (40% OFF Promo) / Fatpack 750L$ ( 50% OFF)
[Kunglers] / 190L$ / 550L$ Fatpack
[Petite Maison] / 50-295L$
[no_match] / 150L$
[Secrets] / 275L$
[Phedora] / 245L$
[QPoses] / 90L$ / 1400L$ Fatpack
[Move!] / MALE (UNISEX) DANCES “KIM 300L$ / Fatpack 2999L$
[Aurica Store] / 200L$
[Indyra] / 195L$
[ChicChica] / 159L$ Necklace / 149L$ Earrings
[Remy&Rowe] / 125L$ / 600L$ Fatpack

[Vista] / Drinking Dances 150L$ / Fatpack 799L$ (Preview)
[Ricielli] / 225L$ / 550L$ Fatpack
[Nivaro] / 900L$ / Fatpack 2800
[Birth] / 500L$
[Amacci]  / 250L$ / Variants 350L$ / Fatpack 975L$
[Emotions] / 180L$
[Hilly Haalan] / 125L$
[Avaway] / 250L$
[Modern Couture] / 250L$
[Petroff] / 250L$
[Letituier] / 250L$
[Glamrus] / 125L$
[A&D] / 199L$ / Fatpack 1299L$

[ZOZ] / Polish 98L$

[Italiano] / 390L$ Fatpack (50% OFF Promo!)
[Bee Design] / 199L$ PG / 299L$ Adult
[M.Law] / 199L$
[LAKSHMI] / 380L$
[Eternal Dream] / 130L$

[ChiC Buildings] / 150L$
[The Annex] / 99L$
[irrie’s Dollhouse] /50L$ per Play
Enjoy Your Shopping!

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CDC Female Charm

Uploads from CDC Creations.

CDC Creations posted a photo:

CDC Female Charm

coming soon

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DC Versus Marvel In Second Life

Style and Addict by Evenementia.

The two great companies of comics in the world are vying for nearly 80 years the favor of the public. Both universes have countless characters which almost every day we see embodied in Second Life, around which our daily environment moves in our wonderful virtual world. These characters have always found the television, film and now in ourselves.
Let’s make a timeline on these wonderful characters and their creators, SL Since always be the best start to be the hero we want and we want to be.

1937 First issue of Detective Comics.

1938 In scene  Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in Action Comics.

1939 Batman, Bob Kane and Bill Finger, and is presented in Detective Comics # 27 First, Number of Marvel, Timely Comics in Torch Human, Namor and the Angel.

1940 In all Star Comics, DC, appear superheroes First Team: Dr. Fate, Hourman, The Spectre, Sandman, Atom, Flash, Green Lantern and Hawkman.

1941 presents to Timely Comics Captain America of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby and DC Wonder Woman, William Moultan Marstain.

We will continue with this our line soon.

Erienn Bowenford

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Uploads from [MUSE] & NSP Florals.

[MUSE] & NSP Florals posted a photo:


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