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#0316 I wanna V SuperHero

Deviled Egg Presents Comic Con @ Tamagosenbei.

I wanna V a SuperHero!! Better Quality @Flickr

OUTFIT: Tamagosenbei – Tamazinger Outfit @ Comic Con((NEW)) Open on 1st of sept.
Tamazinger Suit – Slink (Rigged Female & Male Version)
Tamazinger Cape
Tamazinger Boot Left/Right
Tamazinger Small Glove Left
Tamazinger Glove
Tamazinger Helmet
Tamazinger V Chest Plate
MOVING PARTICLES: **CC** – Dorothy @ Enchantment ((NEW))

Our GP.jpg Better Quality @Flickr

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Froth Sneak Peek

Uploads from Graffitiwear.

Graffitiwear posted a photo:

Froth Sneak Peek

Graffitiwear – New lace fitmesh dress TBR 8/31. Shown on the Maitreya Lara mesh body.

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FREE GIFTS for “Maitreya Gifts, Sales & News” Group

Uploads from !!! Karla Boutique !!!.

!!! Karla Boutique !!! posted a photo:

FREE GIFTS for "Maitreya Gifts, Sales & News" Group

FREE GIFTS for "Maitreya Gifts, Sales & News" Group


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Monday Blues & Gifts @ Ley-Ly’s

Ley-Ly Fantasies.


We’re revamped a Ley-Ly’s favorite, Rivka, in aqua, and our new color in  blue with shear beaded chiffon fabric with flowing trained skirt, and  appliers for   Slink Physique, Maitreya, Omega System,  and Belleza with optional glitter skirt layer.


Rivka-Aqua is offered as this month’s group gift for Ley-Ly’s, (M&M Group, Inc)…small join fee but with lots of benefits, including access to older group gifts! MAIN STORE ONLY!!!




Model Jayma


Wow Skins

Contacts – “ColorGlow Eyes (Bereth)” by Ibanez Eyes

Eyeshadow – “Jaded” by Glamorize  

Lipstick –  “Sticky Kiss Glosses” by Beauty Killer

Mascara – “Moviestar Mesh Lash” by Oceane

Coiffeur – “Keisha” by Emo-tions

 Shoes – “Diamond Platform” by C&S

On the Grid:

Ley-Ly’s New Main Store-Software

Hidden Seduction Mall

Mandalay Square

Ley-Ly’s @ Vision Art Galllery

Ley-Ly’s On Marketplace




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.Echo. Saint –

Uploads from Raine Drop.

Raine Drop posted a photo:

.Echo. Saint -

Inworld @

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Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery.

San Guerlain Cameo Set _ Euridice Qork

The San Guerlain Cameo set, comes with a multi-level texture change, 5 mixed cameo, pearl & gesmtone ; Choker & Necklaces, 2 Bracelets, Earrings & Cameo Brooch.

San Guerlain Cameo & Texture Change Set

This amazing set can be find only at the Designer Showcase, which will end in 2 days (31.08.2016), after that I am not sure if you can find it on the store anymore, so don’t forget to grab it before it’s over, also you get 50% discount on the set, so don’t miss it out.

Location: Designer Showcase

Mainstore: Chop Zuey

Flickr: Chop Zuey

Facebook: Chop Zuey

Don’t forget to follow Chop Zuey on social media, to be updated with everything that is new.


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DD Hollyhocks & Dasies Pathway Flowers Vendor

Uploads from venoramagic.

venoramagic posted a photo:

DD Hollyhocks & Dasies Pathway Flowers Vendor

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[PP Casuals] Ginny’s Beach Dress

Uploads from DeAnn Dufaux.

DeAnn Dufaux posted a photo:

[PP Casuals] Ginny's Beach Dress

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Secret Invasion – SL Comic Con starts SOON!

Deviled Egg Presents Comic Con @ Tamagosenbei.

The Anti Girly Girl Blog

Secret Invasion - SL Comic Con starts SOON!

Pose: Curvosity(Synful Ghost) Bring the STORM Pose 03 (9/1 @ Comic Con)

Hello Everyone🙂

I have never been to Comic Con but it is definitely on my bucket list. I think it would be the most amazing experience and just a total blast. Plus there is thousands of people there that geek out about all the same stuff you do and how could you go wrong with that. lol

On September 1st Second Life will be having their very first Comic Con and to get things started I wanted to do a extra special pic for my first post. Hope you like my first ever comic book cover.

Now on to the details!

Tamagosenbei is releasing Tamazinger, a unisex suit that will protect you in the harshest conditions and against your enemies.


Tamagosenbei(Mika Semyorka & mizugomo Resident) Deviled Egg Tamazinger (9/1 @ Comic Con)


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Violetility Fitting Room Lavender

Uploads from Violetility.

Violetility posted a photo:

Violetility Fitting Room Lavender

Original mesh fashion decor is coming to the anniversary round of Cosmopolitan and is available in 5 different colors. Perfect for personal or public use, these Fitting Room Sets include a small catwalk, ottoman with poses, and a dressing booth.


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