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Kabuki Autumn SALES – Everything at 50% OFF ! Everything !

Kabuki Pose Animations & Full Perm.

Kabuki Logo 2016 Oct Autumn Sales.jpg

Missing out on some previous releases ? Making a new bed set ? Filling up a new couch ?  Now is right the time ! cause everything is at 50% off ….That’s right everything !

So come over this weekend and enjoy Kabuki Autumn sales.  Dont miss it ! *Limited time.

  * Autumn Sales of 50% Off  starts from  28 to 30 Oct (Fri – Sun)

Store :

FB :

For assistant ims : Naku Nishi


*** Please note that the price on the vendors are BEFORE discount,  just pay in full and it will AUTO REBET back to you.  For direct payments please send Naku Nishi a notecard. Thank you


















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Sale 50% Off And MM Board For Halloween

Styles by Danielle.

Many Halloween related vendors are set to 50% off. No group needed.
Dresses, accessories, appliers.
MM Board has Halloween Slink nailpolish set to 20.
Come, visit the store. The offer is only for few days

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Haus of Swag

乙øмβıє ﻜuıÇıdє.

**Zombie suicide @ Haus of Swag**
Dates: 10-21/11-4
I made this skirt for you guys
It comes in 5 standard sizes but i am wearing it on maitreya body in the photo, Try demo..
Comes with 8 color options

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Zombie Daisy for the Flawless Spook Light Special

More Than Ever.

 in clean and blood stained versions in sizes for Maitreya, Slink, Hourglass, Belleza Freya, Isis & Venus. on sale for $ 90L until midnight October 30th with more items on sale across the sim waiting for you to find them Zombie Daisy @ More Than Ever

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~ASH~ Gacha Yardsale Reselling Policy

::A Master’s Eye::.

I have had to ban two people this week.
I have put this out before.  If I find you are buying gacha items from my yardsale, and then reselling them, especially at an insanely marked up rate, I will ban you from the gacha store parcel and my vendors.
I sell off my extras so other people can enjoy the items I cannot use.  I don’t go to other folks’ in world locations or Marketplace stores and buy items that I can pass on to others for a profit, and don’t feel it is fair for someone else to do that to me.
I sell all of my Commons at or below pull price because I think it is fair.  Yes, like most other folks, I do charge extra for Rares, but I don’t think my prices on those are completely unreasonable given what I see other folks charging.
If you cannot respect this simple rule, then you will simply have to find another place to shop for your pre-purchased/pre-won/pre-pulled gacha goodies.

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Dead Bride and Groom ~ Halloween Costumes



Click to view slideshow.

Marketplace bride:

Marketplace groom:

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Uploads from santinosoraya76.

santinosoraya76 posted a photo:


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That time of the week again

Designing SL Sweet E’s .

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Lusifiera Skin Fantasy / Appliers Catwa, AKERUKA, Omega

Uploads from E. Vary.

E. Vary posted a photo:

Lusifiera Skin Fantasy / Appliers Catwa, AKERUKA, Omega

@Vogue Fair

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:cherry_blossom: :cherry_blossom: LA PERLA – NEW★RELEASE★ :cherry_blossom:  :cherry_blossom: CALINA BODYSUIT

Uploads from perla326.

perla326 posted a photo:

:cherry_blossom: :cherry_blossom: LA PERLA - NEW★RELEASE★ :cherry_blossom:  :cherry_blossom: CALINA BODYSUIT

:cherry_blossom:Applique Events

★★ 12 HUD textures

★★ Included Appliers for:

★ Maitreya
★ Belleza
★ Omega
♥♥ ★★visit our booth★★
♥♥ Land:

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