6OL Deals @ Virtual Textures!

News from Virtual Textures.

You still have time to get the 60L deals at Virtual Textures! I Usually lleave the discounted price for a limited time, that’s from Friday to the next Wednesday and then they go back to their regular price. So hurry, and get this week deals and enjoy the savings! You can find them at our SL Marketplace, where you can also preview the contact sheets, or by visiting Virtual Textures main store where you can also search for a super cute gift from the Birthday Bash Hunt, to celebrate the anniversary of Fi’s Hunts. This gift will only be available until this Friday 27th. Here are the previews. Enjoy! :) XMAS ARGYLE KNIT FABRICS



Virtual Textures Advent Calendar & Cyber Monday Deals

News from Virtual Textures.

Great News! Virtual Textures Advent Calendar started to give out the first gift today! Come and visit Virtual Textures main store and join our VIP Group for free to get access to our daily Advent gifts from December 1 to December 24. The calendar is set to the current day gift only so be sure to visit daily so you don’t miss any of them. All the gifts in the calendar are high quality and include new exclusive items and a couple of past events favorites that are constantly requested and were upgraded for the Advent Calendar. If you are in our subscriber group (the one that we have been using until today) you will have to join our VIP Group (SL group) in order to have access to the calendar. As soon as you join our VIP Group and get today’s Advent gift, look below the group joiner and get our new members exclusive gift! Remember to always wear your group tag each day you visit to click the Advent Calendar.

While at the store check also our deals for the Cyber Monday Week. They are located near the Advent Calendar. The deals will only be available until this Wednesday December 3rd, after that they will go back to their regular price. So if you want to save in this holiday season get those items now by visiting Virtual Textures located at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sunspot/106/114/71 Enjoy the newness & Happy Holidays!

Virtual Textures Black Friday Weekend Sale!

News from Virtual Textures.

The Black Friday Sale Weekend at Virtual Textures continues! This is your chance to get some high quality textures sets at a low price. This is a limited time sale so hurry up and get those items before they all go back to their regular price. The sale started as an in-store only event for Black Friday. Now, to celebrate Cyber Monday you can get our deals also at Virtual Textures SL Marketplace! So what are you waiting for? Start saving this holiday season by shopping from Virtual Textures selection of deals for the Black Friday Weekend! Enjoy & Happy Building!

Here is a sample of some of the deals. These are part of our selection for The Cookie Jar Black Friday Sale event:

Virtual Textures Black Friday Sale!

News from Virtual Textures.

The Black Friday Sale has started at Virtual Textures! New and old favorite items with discounts from 50% to 75% off their regular price. Get these high quality deals before the sales ends on Sunday November 30th. This sale is in-store only so visit Virtual Textures today to get these items at a fantastic low price. Here some previews of all the deals that we have for this Black Friday sale:

Virtual Textures Advent Gifts & NEW Group!

News from Virtual Textures.

Remember to wear our VIP Group tag each time you visit!

EVENT: Virtual Textures Advent Calendar 2014

WHEN?: – From December 1-24 + Christmas Gift on Dec 25

WHERE?: – Virtual Textures, located at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sunspot/106/114/71

HOW MUCH YOU PAY?: – Nothing! Is free!

REQUIREMENT: – Join our new VIP Group. Is free! Wear group tag!


Many! We are in the process of improving our store, our products and our group system to give more to our valued customers. To join this group will help us serve you better, and will help you get more from your experience with us. The benefits to be part of our group include:

– You will get access to the gifts on our Advent calendar
– You get a new members gift (available now beside Advent Calendar)
– Access to upcoming group only discounts & gifts
– Group only announcements of secret sales
– Early announcements of events, products previews, sales & more.

DIFFERENCE FORM OUR SUBSCRIBER GROUP?: The new VIP Group is a SL group. The one we been using is a subscriber system but it doesn’t let us offer you those extras we want to give you. Stay or join as a subscriber if you only want to receive news about our new releases & events. But this group will not offer you access to VIP Group only gifts and discounts or to our Advent Calendar. Have that in mind.

We are really glad to see you joining us. Thank you for being our valued customers!