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Adelle Stilettos by Felicity – Glitz Colors on Sale at the Main Store

News from Felicity.

*Felicity* Adelle Stilettos in Cabaret Pink Glitz, Marine Blue Glitz, and Orchid Purple Glitz!
Special colors are now on sale at the main store.

24 Sole Texture Colors.
24 Heel Colors.
Partial Mesh.
12 Preset Toenail Textures…these are tintable with the HUD.
8 Metal Choices
195L each pair until Sunday, July 13th.

Felicity Main Store: Felicity at Emerald Bay

Felicity Main Store: Felicity at Emerald Bay
Other Felicity Locations:
My small store with a limited selection: Felicity (Shoes) at Taeniatum
Felicity (Shoes) at Huineng


Felicity – Shoes and Stilettos Main Blog: http://felicityoverlord.blogspot.com/
Felicity – Shoes and Stilettos Instructions and Troubleshooting: http://www.felicityshoes.blogspot.com/

Felicity Main Store:
Felicity (Shoes and Stilettos) at Emerald Bay

List of items, shoes, stilettos, high heels, and ladies footwear at this location: http://world.secondlife.com/place/96d4ac5a-8047-eca2-bcae-1d6d12758c75


Thank you for shopping @ FIERCE DESIGNS…Please come and collect your FREE group gift to say THANK YOU! We are loving the great feedback on our NEW Mesh Designs!…they are selling like crazy…more to come soon! Thanks for shopping Fierce Designs group gift! fierce land description 2012 FIERCE DESIGNS 16 FREE GIFTS CLICK HERE TO GET TO THE FIERCE DESIGNS MAINSTORE CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FIERCE DESIGNS BLOG CLICK HERE TO VIEW FIERCE DESIGNS ON XSTREET JOIN ME ON PLURK

Opening today: 50% OFF @ New Fashion Store!

News from .:KosmO:..

The New Fashion Store event run by Elyna Carver opens its door today at 12PM SLT. This event has been running for a while and now Elyna renewed everything to bring it to an higher stage.
I´m so happy I have been invited to participate in the current round opening today!
This gave me the opportunity to release my new set of spring shoes: they have been ready for a long time getting dusty into my inventory. So, people, come down and grab my new release for an exclusive deal of 50% OFF!
As always best quality textures and fit for Slink High Feet. If you don´t own the feet, you might not be able to wear those shoes decently. Please remind that.
Shoes are 100% rigged mesh.

.:KosmO:. Cinderella Flowers are transparent shoes with delicate flowers patterns in four fashion colors, black and white, for a total of six shades. Each shade is available separately at the New Fashion Store. From left to right, the shades are:
* Lucite Green
* Custard
* Black
* White
* Pink
* Scuba Blue

Oh, boys, do not worry and do not start complaining. I did not forget you!
Since I have been late updating the marketplace listings for the SHOW OFF cargo pants, I decided to put them in the New Fashion Store for half price.
So, you get some selected colors for the 50% OFF deal: this means for just 75$ L!

In the case you forgot how these amazing pants look like, I have a picture for you.

They are HUD driven, you can make the underwear disappear or pick any of the textures included in the HUD. Just click on the pattern chosen, so simply.

Now everyone is aiming to teleport there, aren´t you? Please check that the female and male items are separated: there are two booths with .:KosmO:. items: one for boys and one for girls.
Landmark to the NEW FASHION STORE: SL New Fashion Store

A big thank you to my models:
Beccikie Jyraffe, Eterprising Kingmaker, Prince Daylight.

KIX Store in Second Life

News from KIX.

We are pleased to announce the opening of KIX inworld store.  Located at The Dolphin Dance Club & Mall on the Wolves Moon Sim.

Demo’s of most of our product range can be found here along with a great club for those who like to dance and listen to great DJ’s as they shop!

Just click this link to come and visit inworld!

KIX Store in Second Life