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E. Vary Yuli skin Gifts

Uploads from E. Vary.

E. Vary posted a photo:

E. Vary Yuli skin Gifts

Mesh Head LOGO Alex
Hair eXxEsS Hair : Coco A

Appliers Mesh Head
▬Omega Head

E. Vary Yuli Skin Morena / Gifts HUD Applier

E. Vary Yuli Skin Ruby / Gifts HUD Applier

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Event exclusive skin Roux

Deluxe Body Factory by Lutricias Luxuries in Second Life.

Originally published on Deluxe Body Factory by Lutricias Luxuries in Second Life by Lutricia Roux.


Event exclusive skin Roux! This skin is designed exclusively to be available only for TWE12VE monthly event. Roux skin comes with appliers for Omega and Catwa mesh head plus a classic avatar skin to either use as body base or just wear as is. The Omega appliers works for all Omega friendly mesh heads, body parts and bodies, you can see some examples of different mesh heads using Omega appliers in the photos below.

This is the very first event in a serie of themed events and it will be open for you at noon SLT on the 12th September through the end of the month! Each round is themed with a word, this month – enhancement.

Below is some general event information in regards to TWE12VE:
Flickr event group: https:[email protected]
Teleport to the event:
Visit the organizers webpage:


Event exclusive skin Roux, above shown on Akeruka mesh head Julia. Akeruka is Omega compatible, you only need to use the Omega relay HUD (link to Akeruka Omega relay).


Event exclusive skin Roux, above shown on Catwa mesh head Jessica. Catwa is also Omega compatible (link to Catwa Omega relay) but some of the heads need some smaller adjustment in the skin texture which is why we offer a special Catwa head applier as well.


Last but not least, event exclusive skin Roux, above shown on Logo mesh head Alex! As the other heads, Logo is Omega compatible and you don’t need a separate Omega relay to use our appliers, the head comes with a special Omega version with the scripts already built in.

To ensure your head works with our appliers, we include demos for both Omega head and body appliers plus Catwa appliers. A regular skin for classic avatar is also included as well as a demo for this version. Make sure you grab this event exclusive skin offered to a special discount.


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[email protected] 75% Off Griffin Skin



★(`’·.¸(`’·.¸ Men Only Sale .·’´)¸.·’´)★
For this round of Men’s Only Sale we have quite possibly our favourite skin at Nivaro reduced to 75% off. Check the big MOS signs by the vendor for this discount.

Tp to <a href=”; rel=”nofollow”>Nivaro</a>[email protected] 75% Off Griffin Skin

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-Labyrinth- Clifford Skin (SaltnPepper TLC Exclusive)



Teleport to

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-Labyrinth- Jack Skin Advert



New men’s skin –

– J A C K –

Another dapper, chiselled heartbreaker down at Labyrinth skins. Loaded with a crap load
of beards to flaunt your manly chops off. It’s also another one that people seem to
mistake for a mesh head because of it’s photorealism.

6 Skin Tones (try demos)
Bald & Hairbase
3 Types of Bodyhair (none, trail, full hair)
20 Different Face Styles

Teleport to <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>LABYRINTH</a>

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-Labyrinth- Ben Omega Skin Applier – Now at Mainstore!



‘B E N’ Logo Applier Now available at mainstore.

TP to Labyrinth’s stall:
We’ve brought you another doozy for the Logo mesh head.
Handsome with youthful charm, I have to say if you set him on full
smile with Logo’s great animations, he’s a real cheeky chap.
Ben Skin Huds Includes:
♦ 4 eyebrows (Black, brown, blonde, read).
♦ 6 tintable beards (can make them any colour).
♦ Available in 6 skin tones. (Fatbacks)
♦ System skins included.

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[SR] Ladia Skin

Uploads from Raine Drop.

Raine Drop posted a photo:

[SR] Ladia Skin

Yabusaka Petite Skin ^.^
Set Promo @ $ 99L till sunday

Marketplace @

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