Updates and specials around Jewels Isle Premier Shopping District

Today we have updates at Kastle Rock/ Mirage, Ever An’ Angel and Sascha’s Designs.

First let’s head to Sascha’s Designs as the store is bursting with lots of new items.

Sascha’s Designs

Sybil gown

SAS - Sybil Pink Mist SAS - Sybil Snow White

SAS - Sybil Blanched Almond SAS - Sybil Butter Mint

SAS - Sybil Lipstick Red


SAS - Nadine No. 1 HUD SAS - Nadine No. 2 HUD

Jungle boots

SAS - Jungle SnakeSAS - Jungle Wild Dog

SAS - Jungle Leopard SAS - Jungle Brown Croco

SAS - Jungle Black CrocoSAS - Jungle Spotted Hyena

SAS - Jungle Black Snake


SAS - Marchesa Black SAS - Marchesa Gold SAS - Marchesa WhiteSAS - Marchesa Latte

SAS - Marchesa Aqua SAS - Marchesa Blush


SAS - Printemps Lavender SAS - Printemps YellowHaze

SAS - Printemps Pink SAS - Printemps Bluebell

Ever An’ Angel

I put on my treasure top from my paint nautical nostalgia outfit and slipped on my skinnies from the let’s walk collection – found a nice collection while treasure hunting!

Mini's Complete Corner August 2015

Mini’s Complete Corner- 200 L,  includes:

Paint 2015 – Nautical Nostalgia – Top – Treasure
Let’s Walk Skinnies – For Coffee
Gauze & Effects Sandals – Berkley
Tone – Mixed Message – 13

Kastle Rock/ Mirage

60L offers

DISPLAY-Vixen-Black DISPLAY-SteelMagnolias-Lights-Tealight

DISPLAY-Flutterby-Crystal DISPLAY-MarjaniTop-Pink

B!Femme goes shopping in Paris.

News from B!Femme.

For a Glamorous and Stylish affair, this is a garment is perfect.. The New B!Femme Parisienne Silk with Clutch Bag is different, stylish and fits like a glove. Created with the best French Silk braided in Gold, it comes with a colour coordinated clutch bag and is available in the standard mesh sizes L-M-S-XS-XXS.  You WILL stand out in a crowded room. This beautiful garment is available in 5 colours and a Full Pack.

As we do not refund at all, please ensure you try the DEMO first. All our B!Femme demos are exact replicas of the original. They however are “Demo Rezz” and will “vanish” forever off your body, after about 3 minutes. If you need to try on again, you will have to “Buy” another DEMO copy. Just watch you local chat in-world for instructions.
Best wishes,

Cuyler DaRand (CuteDaRand Resident)
BRAVURA! Home of B!Femme

TASHI @ FABULOUS! Your shopping experience

News from TASHI.

Hi All!!!!

Today will begin the first round at FABULOUS! Your shopping experience organized by MISS SL Organization.

For this event we are releasing 2 new items

1.- TASHI Jeanne is a mesh dress that comes in 3 colors that can be changed by HUD􀀅

TASHI Jeanne

2.- TASHI Elastic Heart is a nail polish set to complement the dress because has the same colors and is compatible with Slink, Omega and Belleza􀀄

TASHI Elastic Heart

This event is from July 15th until August 5th and the landmark to go is 􀀃http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Disco%20Italy/170/130/176

Happy shopping
Shinya Tandino

Main Store 􀀉http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/DreamsLand/167/71/1525

Marketplace store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/DreamsLand/167/71/1525

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tashistore/

Flickr group: https://www.flickr.com/groups/tashigroup/

Website: https://tashisl.wordpress.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/tashisl

Group: https://my.secondlife.com/groups/0ed5a4fe-271d-a9ca-336e-ad1f16104c1b?

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TashiSL

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/tashistore/

Rue Shopping Village

News from .

Are you a new designer searching for a nice venue to showcase your items?
Are you already known but you want to enlarge/change your audience benefiting of a location that offers several events, mainstores and artistic studios?
We are here to help you!
Rue shopping village has 5 stores openfor rent, affordable price and a nice environment home of Lybra, SlackGirl and Hmaem.
Do you want your store close to us and the chance of having your content featured in our brand new site?

Name a notecard Rue Shopping [your brand name] and fill it with the following informations :

Your Name
Brand Name
Flickr/Mp/Blog links of your product
Time when you prefer to be contacted

And Drop it in the Rue mail box at this location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sun%20Dream/127/60/22
See you there


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Visit http://www.slackgirl.com/rue-shopping-village/ for original post date.

Wedding Month specials at Jewels Isle Premier Shopping District

First up a special Father’s Day item at Zuris Jewelry, although available only this weekend it is a special message to treasure all year round.

These  are gem-changing and are available at a special price of L$ 399, of course if you are wearing your group tag at time of purchase you will get the 25% group refund too!

Dad Gemchanging Bracelet- Sterling Love You Dad Gemchanging Bracelet- Sterling

Love You Dad Gemchanging Bracelet- Gold_Sterling Chains Love You Dad Gemchanging Bracelet- Gold

As promised it is now time to bring you a selection of photos from some more of the stores participating in our month long celebration of weddings.

Styles by Danielle

DANIELLE Amora Gold DANIELLE Roelle Maid Azure


Marianela’s Art in Fashion


maria juana white SLINK

Sascha’s Designs

SAS - Acacia Wedding V1 SAS - I'm Yours Wedding

SAS - Sybil Snow White SAS - Daiseze Wedding Gown

Blacklace Lingerie

each set priced at L$ 99, some include appliers.

Pippa-White-Bridal-750 Symphany White 750

Rose-White-Bridal-750 Briony-White-Bridal-750