Shoes, Jeans, old stuff in a new package and a hunt gift..

News from Luziefee.

A new week and new outfits.


boots, shoes? Half boot, half shoe?

pics where taken here:

Alba – Group Gift for May :
When seeing this shoes – who does remember the Bay City Rollers? LOL

They are really retro!

Ok, what next… Oh, yes, Jeans! Jeans are always good! This time they come with a floral pattern. 
Ready for mix and match, really cool, boho and ready for summer!

And that´s the name..

Longing for summer

Pics where taken here:

Kittsy Fatpack

I´ve decided to put Kittsy bathsuits in a fatpack. Now you got 7 bathsuits to choose from :) Glamorous, wild or “polka-dot-retro” :)

Some shirts to wear them under a jacket, with jeans, with a skirt?

Here are the


Luziefee takes part in the Fashionista Hunt, which begins tomorrow.

The hunt object, so they say in their blog, a female sign. Actually it´s a male sign in pink! Well, so looks my hunt object, lol.

My hint is: Play gacha!
The Gacha Addiction event for may “Lillies of the valley” is still on!

Click on the pic for pics… uhm
Gacha Addiction Taxi:
Taxi to Luziefee Mainstore:

Gents Elegance Outfit including Slink Shoes from BRAVURA! Homme

News from BRAVURA! Homme.

BRAVURA! Homme’s Gents ELEGANCE Outfit including Slink Shoes – A simplistic “take” on ultra elegance. Easy to dress up of down depending on accessories chosen. The colours of spring/summer are “Top of Mind” in this range. Now available at the BRAVURA! Homme Main Shop.




Best wishes,
Marty Dalglish –  Blog – FB – Flickr – Marketplace – BRAVURA! Homme Main Shop

.:KosmO:. Nadia shoes

News from .:KosmO:..

Flickr and Facebook has been hitted by me a lot during the past week. I showed off some work I am very proud of and would really like you to appreciate it too.
It is the shoes I called .:KosmO:. Nadia shoes. Why Nadia?
Nadia is the name of a great friend of mine, probably my best friend, of the time I went to university. I can’t really say when I exactly met her, I knew her for a while already when we both signed up for the master course. And since then we spent almost every minute we spent at university, together. Our major were different, but we managed to sign up for all possible courses together. And even applied for a special program that made us visit the other major’s courses, so that we could go to class together. And help each other, of course.
She is a lady that really stands up. Not only because she probably is the tallest and most beautyful lady in the neighbourhood, but especially because she loves to pay attention to what she is wearing, picking up her clothes with lots of effort and enjoying to spend a lot of time in the changing room of stores. No detail can be ignored by her.
Nadia is also a lady who enjoys parties and going to the disco more than once a week.

I think you have the picture, now. These shoes are made for those like her, who enjoy high class items, are fashionable, spend time picking their clothes… and like to party!

.:KosmO:. Nadia shoes.
Made of leather, available in 6 colors. Each color is available in 3 versions: color sole, white sole, black sole.
In each color pack are all sole versions included. The fatpack includes all colors with all sole versions.
Check them on MP.
They have to be worn with SLINK high feet.

NEW Admiral Shoes

News from CandyDoll.

Im really lazy in updating this blog with Candydoll New Stuff
but ohh well here i am showing you my new shoes
The shoes are made for Slink Enhancement, you have to wear the Enhancement sistem (the new update of the feets)
100% Mesh shoes 
Hud with 3 style colours 
smart resize menu
Feet *NOT* included
P.S i edit it the feets but NOT the shoes, what  you see is what you get 😀 … also no templates were use in this product!