Moroccan Sheer Elegance at its best!

News from B!Femme.

There is only one thing to say about this beautifully crafted garment – Sheer  Elegance! You want to look your best for a special gala event, the New semi-exclusive B!Femme Moroccan Sheer Elegance creation is just what you need. So very special material has been used and is available in three colours.
Imagine yourself with you hair all done, make-up perfect, fingernails manicured perfectly (Zoz of course), bathed in you favourite perfume and dressed in the B!Femme Morrocan Sheer Elegance outfit. All you need now is the Man (or woman) of your dreams besides you. What a life!
Best to pop down to B!Femme and try one on for size… so dreamy!
Oh! There are three other very smart and traditional colours available as well!

Garments by B!Femme – Shoes and Nails by ZOZ – All Hairstyles by CatWa – Jewels by  Zuri

Kind wishes,
Cuyler (CuteDaRand Resident)

B!Femme CEO