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New Hearth & Home Fireplace Q for Fall – Second Life SL – StoraxTree

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New “UPSTREAM” Decor sets a-c – Second LIfe SL – StoraxTree

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New Burlap Ghosts – Second Life SL – StoraxTree

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New Monster High Inspired Lamp – Second Life SL – StoraxTree

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Watch StoraxTree group notices for this Monster High Inspired lamp. It will be available in the upcoming September Round of Outlet SL (September 7th @ Outlet SL) .

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New Hearth and Home Fireplace set R – Second Life SL – StoraxTree

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New “UPSTREAM” Lamp sets – Second LIfe SL – StoraxTree

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Happy Birthday, Second Life!


Lucky 13 years of joy and drama, kisses and tears, successes and epic fails – Tres Chic is proud to be a part of this creative community.


As official partner event in the celebrations, the designers at Tres Chic provide some gifts for this occasion, get a “piece of the cake” here Frederika (128,128,2001)

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The Shadow Over Second Life

Lilith’s Den – Runa, The Wild Elf.

During the summer of  2016–several members of the HPL Event Committee made a strange and secret investigation of certain conditions in an old english seaport. The public first learned of it due to some notices, Facebook and other social media when the dramatic announcement was made :

LoveFest 2016 is coming !
The 5th annual Lovecraft Festival in Second Life , celebrating the birthday of the author
H.P. Lovecraft is starting this weekend, August 13th.


This 9 days lasting event is dear to my heart. Being a fan of Lovecraft, as well as a fan of the Innsmouth sim in Second Life – where I do have a small shop in order to support the sim – maintained and kept alive alone from generous donations of the community.

The Festival, how ever, is the big big thing in the HPL community of Second Life. And here I yelled aloud to become one of the sponsors. And accidentally their webmaster.

What is to expect? Well firstly you can buy some amazing things I made !
There is 3 texture packs , 2 with Lovecraftian style vintage Wallpapers and 1 with matching Floor tiles . Exclusively and new at the Festival. If you want to see them you need to go there… I did not find the time and mood to make a vendor pic for them. Shame on me!

But of these I do have pics:

LD Cthulhh Standing Stone

LD Elder Standing Stones

Weathered Signs Gacha @ LoveFest 2016

LoveFaire Gacha @ LoveFest 2016

LD FishTankTable .animated

I made 2 more of these tables that are not animated. Go and see them at the event. They will be gone after.

And then I made some souvenirs , available at the souvenir cart and the souvenir shop near the huge huge ..did I mention huge? its HUGE ! Ship.

There is that ship, the Arkham Asylum that they call a Sanitarium (? the non english speaker me wonders..) , the Kingsport Library and the Gacha Shack ( pretty I can tell! and the items …*drools* )  and a graveyard and a lot of water and seaside promenade and not to forget about that extremely giant Ship. There will be events and there is rumors of an adventure taking place at the ship and there is balloons and candies and … oh man!  Its only that one sim, but its packed up with fun on several levels ..and an isle. And that Ship!

The Gacha Shack The Kingsport Library
So basically you are invited to a fun journey in old english darkish spooky crazy Lovecraft  seafarer style. And as I write this, its only 6 more hours to go. See you there !

LoveFest 2016

Welcome to LoveFest 2016! Shop in a New England coastal town area and enjoy entertainment aboard a 1920’s era cruise ship. Join Lovecraft-inspired adventures beginning Aug. 13 through 21. More info at

Visit in Second Life


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Modeling Academies Second Life

Style and Addict by Evenementia.

Today it is very common to find some modeling schools that offer us many topics. The question is what they offer, if necessary pursue a career as a model in SL, or simply are basic guidelines that eventually each model is perfected. It is difficult to become a good model SL, since for many things are and the requirements to be a model. For me, every model can have their own style, so it is unique and special. 
Modeling institutions SL should be given more opportunities, but especially with regard to prices , which can become intangibles, reaching this end only a few to have the certificate of title and there are many who really want to become models, but cannot because they have the money to pay tuition, except some that offer affordable prices, but as always the problem are they do not offer many quotas. As Model would want accessible to all courses.
Thank you so much

Erienn Bowenford

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SL Etiquette 101: How to Date in Second Life Part 1

windlight featured – Kultivate Magazine.

Kultivate Marketing and Social Media Coordinator Jessii Warrhol is back with another edition of SL Etiquette 101! This time she discusses how to date in Second Life, with a focus on communication: Most of us would love a partner or even a spouse in Second Life! Of course this may be just as hard to … Continue reading SL Etiquette 101: How to Date in Second Life Part 1

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