Très Chic Outfit, My Newest French Inspired Release.

News from PiZazz Couture.

My initial inspiration for this outfit was the halter top and skirt combination. When I put them together it really reminded me of French fashion. I added a beret to it and some Slink High shoes, but knew it needed just something more. I thought it really needs a ring to pull this off, one of those large pendant rings. I instantly thought about one of my favorite symbols the Fleur de Lis, which was a very influencial symbol in French history, as well as other ancient civilizations. I have always been a history buff, from the youngest I can remember I always wanted to be an archeologist. One thing that has always drawn my interest was symbolism and ancient civilizations. I had read several years ago about the Fleur de Lis and it’s rich and long history when I was working on a first life creation (A Fleur de Lis beadwoven necklace).

I started to do some research yesterday to see if I could put a small amount of information in my listing, to give a quick history of this symbol, however I got swept away yet again, with all of the information, and never even got the outfit  Needless to say, there is far to much information to put here in regards to this famous symbol, other than some links for you to read if you are also interested in learning some of it’s rich and powerful history.

So after reading about it’s history and being re-inspired by this truly beautiful symbol, which to me represents the feminine principle, the goddess, mother nature, women and strength and beauty and life, I decided to incorporate it a bit more than just the ring and did a belt with the emblem as well as put the symbol on the shoes. I hope you like this outfit as much as I do. I will wear this outfit proudly, and feel empowered in my feminity and inner goddess.

Tres Chic Main Pic 2 Tres Chic Main Pic

LOD 2 – “The 24” – Very Smart Casual Outfit – Vest and Pants Outfit with HUD

News from B!Homme.

This is an outfit that any man could have in his wardrobe for many years to come. BRAVURA! Home of B!Homme has created this sÉxclusive garment for release at “The 24”, the  Men’s Smart Casual Outfit [XL-L-M-S-XS] with HUD. The “Classic” HUD comes with the actual mesh models.

The Casual HUD that comes with the Outfit
 Once in your wardrobe with the classic HUD, there are Four additional and  separate “Add on HUD’s” that one can buy, covering many themed colours, The Blacks, The Reds, The Blues and The Browns.

ADD ON – HUD Black’s

ADD ON – HUD Red’s

ADD ON – HUD Blue’s

ADD ON – HUD Brown’s
Available from TODAY, only at BRAVURA! Home of B!Homme @ “The 24”
Best wishes,
Marty Dalglish
BRAVURA! Home of B!Homme

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New *Kimi* Outfit for The Chapter Four – September!

New *Kimi* Outfit for The Chapter Four – September! Les Petits Dètails.

A new round of The Chapter Four event is now starting!

It’s September and autumn it’s just around the corner but…

we’re still having long and sunny days here!

So I designed a new (probably the last) summer outfit for the event:

*Kimi* Top and Skirt

The new *Kimi* Outfit it’s composed by a long skirt and a top,

it’s available in four colors:

Brown, White, Sand and Sage!

(*LpD* Original Mesh)


The new Outfit is now out

at The Chapter Four event!

Buy one, get two Room! 

New *Kimi* Outfit for The Chapter Four – September! Les Petits Dètails.

New outfit at RAPTURE™ main store

News from .


N E W:
RAPTURE™’s new release – The immortal – set consisting of a sexy, draped halter top to wear beneath the loose fitting summer jacket with capri pants to match. Four soft, summer colors.

RAPTURE™ Main store

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*LpD* new *Dana* Outfit

*LpD* new *Dana* Outfit Les Petits Dètails.

*LpD* new summer Outfit!

*Dana* (Mesh)

This new outfit is composed by an asymmetric Skirt and a top,

every pack contains two versions of both the top and the skirt!

*Dana* Outfit is available in three colors/fabrics:

Optical (Black and White)

Natural (Bronz and White)

Flowers (Pink and Flowers)

(*LpD* Original Mesh)


Out now at

 *LpD* Mainstore


Hair By Besom

Pose By Vestige

Shoes By [Gos]

*LpD* new *Dana* Outfit Les Petits Dètails.