RAPTURE new original mesh

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A young, fun, party outfit, with a silk chiffon top richly embellished exposing the midriff. The skirt, rides low on the hips, it gathers on the side with twists and turns of its beautiful raw silk fabric. Beautiful, elegant, edgy and sexy are the words to describe it and just how you will feel when wearing it!

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Slashed dress NEW original mesh by RAPTURE™

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The Slashed Red Dress is a demure yet daring piece, embedded with a seemingly infinite amount of colored pearls that are wavy on the diagonal.  This dress is lady like on top and super daring down the hips.  The ample ¨M¨ patterned hem is cut deep up to the hips in the front with a smaller echo to it up the slits and down the back in the form of tablets. The base fabric is dark so as to better reflect the passionate color of the pearl beads. A concoction of unrelenting elegance.  Available in three colors: Amsterdam Red, Amsterdam Night and Silodam.

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