Rocking the way @ Ross Fair Men´s

News from .:KosmO:..

I am taking part in Ross Fair´s men department, with theme ROCK!
So, here an exclusive gacha with glam make ups for TMP mesh heads to rock the hallway!

10 single make ups to collect, common.
3 rare make ups.
1 ultra rare HUD containing them all.

Authentic Scottish Men’s Kilt from BRAVURA!

News from BRAVURA! Homme.

It is not often that authentic “clan” tartans are available for Scottish kilts! BRAVURA! The home of B!Homme has released a great kilt with HUD containing 31 tartans. This garment has been created at the request of many of B!Homme’s customers. Full Mesh and comes in XL-L-M-S-XS.
The clan tartans are Anderson, Buchanan, Campbell Black Watch, Campbell Hunting, Carnegie,Douglas, Ferguson, Forbes, Gordon, Hepburn,Home,MacArthur,MacDonald Clan Ranald, MacDonald Dress, MacGillivray, MacGregor, MacKenzie, MacKinnon Hunting, MacKintish, MacLachlan, MacLean, MacLeod, MacMillan, MacPherson, MacQueen, Menzies, Morrison, Royal Stewart, Urquhart, Wallace, Wemyss.
Pop down to BRAVURA! And try one on for size.
Best Wishes,

Marty Dalglish –  Blog – FB – Flickr – Marketplace – BRAVURA! Home of B!Homme

Emo Physique Goodness & Men’s Kristoff Goth Suit

News from {MOEKO}.

Oh there is so much to be excited about this week.  Not only is there an outfit for both the ladies and men, there is also a pair of Slink shoes for both genders too!

The ladies outfit is Barbed, an outfit consisting of a mesh skirt and legwarmers and a system blouse with an applier HUD for Slink Physique.  The skirt and legwarmers will work with your Slink Physique mesh body OR with your default avatar body (an alpha layer is provided for this).  In addition to this we have the really beautiful Carlotta Gothic Rose heels for Slink High feet.

The men’s outfit is Kristof, a luxurious gothic suit. You have the option of wearing the cravat as the same colour as the jacket, or a black cravat.  The jacket/shirt/cravat is complimented by a pair of matching black trousers.  To top it all off we have the new Barbed Winklepickers for Slink men’s feet.  These are stylish and a lot of fun.  Have a look at all the releases below and the links are provided for the different departments:


{MOEKO} Barbed Goth Outfit - Absynthe {MOEKO} Barbed Goth Outfit - Chartreuse {MOEKO} Barbed Goth Outfit - Cobalt {MOEKO} Barbed Goth Outfit - Fushcia {MOEKO} Barbed Goth Outfit - Grey {MOEKO} Barbed Goth Outfit - Purple {MOEKO} Barbed Goth Outfit - Raspberry {MOEKO} Barbed Goth Outfit - Scarlet {MOEKO} Barbed Goth Outfit - Turquoise

{MOEKO} Carlotta Gothic Rose - Absynthe {MOEKO} Carlotta Gothic Rose - Black {MOEKO} Carlotta Gothic Rose - Chartreuse {MOEKO} Carlotta Gothic Rose - Cobalt {MOEKO} Carlotta Gothic Rose - Fushcia {MOEKO} Carlotta Gothic Rose - Grey {MOEKO} Carlotta Gothic Rose - Purple {MOEKO} Carlotta Gothic Rose - Raspberry {MOEKO} Carlotta Gothic Rose - Red {MOEKO} Carlotta Gothic Rose - Turquoise {MOEKO} Carlotta Gothic Rose - White

{MOEKO} Barbed Winklepickers - Absynthe {MOEKO} Barbed Winklepickers - Black {MOEKO} Barbed Winklepickers - Chartreuse {MOEKO} Barbed Winklepickers - Cobalt {MOEKO} Barbed Winklepickers - Fushcia {MOEKO} Barbed Winklepickers - Purple {MOEKO} Barbed Winklepickers - Red {MOEKO} Barbed Winklepickers - Turquoise

{MOEKO} Kristof Goth Suit - Scarlet {MOEKO} Kristof Goth Suit - Absynthe {MOEKO} Kristof Goth Suit - Black {MOEKO} Kristof Goth Suit - Chartreuse {MOEKO} Kristof Goth Suit - Cobalt {MOEKO} Kristof Goth Suit - Fushcia {MOEKO} Kristof Goth Suit - Purple {MOEKO} Kristof Goth Suit -Turquoise

NEW – Men’s Esquire Suit

News from IMaGE Factory .

This classic piece has so many options that you will never need any other suit.  Wear the shirt buttoned with a tie or unbuttoned for that casual look.  Change colors on the blazer, lapel, shirt, cuffs, pants and there are a variety of tie colors to choose from.  Many choices, one suit!

Buttoned with tie