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Check Out this Item on Marketplace!

News from 7deadlyskins.

FREE as hunt item for my group
FREE JOIN TILL march 15 2016!!

on MP as promo sales price ONLY for today!!!


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Check Out This Marketplace Item!

News from 7deadlyskins.

Box with skin and appliers, HQ very beautiful, try the demo!

For The Makeover Room round Jan. 2016

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StoraxTree SL Marketplace News

News from ◦⊱❋≈❋ StoraxTree ❋≈❋⊰◦.

New Naptime Kitties are now being added to marketplace for purchase.  Happy New Year and Peace to all!! Namaste, Kate

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Marketplace UPDATED!

News from .::Bitch Tail::..

As always please remember to select “adult” for your search
because “bitch” is a naughty word.
Happy shopping < 3

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Dress Elaine finally on Marketplace and inworld

News from Jennis Meshandise.

It took me a long time to finish this dress because real life got me so I had to pause my Second Life activity. But hey I’m back with time in my pocket =)  
Oh and I know its winter but not everywhere in this world so my dress called Elaine is finally on Marketplace and in my inworld store to get. 
12 different styles are to get. Each for only 74 L$ . 
And here are 6 of it as impression for you: 

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