Going to the Marketplace

Themis and I have decided that having a shop in world is just not working for us and our first lives ™, so we will be moving exclusively to the Marketplace. We are *not* closing. This blog, the website, and all our various places we announce our work will be maintained. It’s just that you’ll have to shop on the MP for our things, instead of in world.

That said, it *will* take us time to get all our current stuff up on the MP, let alone the new things we make, so if you *don’t* want to to wait for when something currently in shop shows up on the marketplace, I suggest you hurry and purchase it before August 7th, because that’s when I’ll be picking up all in world shops.

Thanks for all your support, and apologies for any inconvenience!

<3 Ruina
.{Rue}. Team

Cassiopeia Eyes on the Marketplace

I’ve finally gotten the Cassiopeia eyes updated with petite sized eyes and I’ve put the free wearable rainbow colored demo and the fatpack up on the Marketplace! Because it would take me forever to list all 107 (!) colors, what I’m going to do instead is this: if there is a particular color you want without having to purchase the fatpack, just let me know and I’ll put it up for you! The demo contains contact sheets of all the colors so you can figure out what you’d like :)

Best ways to contact me:
– email: [email protected]
– IM me, Ruina Kessel, inworld