More Sn@tch to Love!

News from SN@TCH.

Here are purty pics of all the latest Sn@tch on the New Release Wall at the Main Store Now!
And the Special this week is this set of classic Sn@tch Stockings with an overhaul! 
 The Eclipse Stockings V.2 now come with Slink Physique and Omega Applier Huds!
I Need You is the Fishing Outfit for one more week, bring your 7Seas pole and fish for all the parts for FREE! 
And that’s it! All caught up again til next time I get a week behind lol Come see us soon at Sn@tch!

Everlasting Love of the Night

News from {MOEKO}.

Another wonderful Hidden Sanctuary Event is upon us.  These two designs will ONLY be available at this event and will never been sold afterwards, so get along and get your hot little mits on them!  Click on the event poster for your own personal taxi straight to the heart of the event.

HSe Everlasting love of the night_ A gothic wedding 9_12-9_19 MOEKO Vaitiare Gothic Wedding Gown - Black MOEKO Vaitiare Gothic Wedding Gown - Blood MOEKO Vaitiare Gothic Wedding Gown - Plum

MOEKO Caius Wedding Ensemble - Black MOEKO Caius Wedding Ensemble - Blood MOEKO Caius Wedding Ensemble - Plum

Fall in love every day more

Lovely tree for your garden become cozier. Sit on the hammock with your love and enjoy the breeze.


– You can change the texture of the pillows
– Change the color of the leaves of the trees by clicking on them

woodhammock_fine_tree_4 woodhammock_big_tree_3

♥ Specifications:
– Total: 30 Prims / 31 LI
– Tree: 5 Prims /13 LI
– Hammock: 24 Prims /17 LI

Check this lovely tree at our INWORLD STORE or in CHEZ MOI MARKETPLACE.

Just the smell of the summer can make me fall in love

For a super special and hot moment together, how about a romantic luau?


The table surrounded by colorful cushions in vibrant colors, has 10 choices of dishes, controlled by menu:
♥ Place Setting: 19 LI | 34 Prims
♥ Rare Beef: 19 LI | 34 Prims
♥ Sushi: 23 LI | 42 Prims
♥ Rack Ribs: 21 LI | 34 Prims
♥ Breakfast: 19 LI | 34 Prims
♥ Tuna Steak: 19 LI | 34 Prims
♥ Heart Steak: 21 LI | 36 Prims
♥ Grilled Chicken: 21 LI | 36 Prims
♥ Brownie: 19 LI | 34 Prims
♥ Cheesecake: 19 LI | 34 Prims
♥ Empty Table: 17 LI | 30 Prims

DUO OF US 2a How to use - Menu Scenes

The couple will enjoy and feel excited with 110 poses made by the best animators SL:
♥ 22 individual poses

♥ 22 poses for couples in love (22 x 2)

♥ 22 spicy sex poses (22 x 2)
♥ Props: fork, guitar, champagne, shrimp, wine, sushi and grapes.


Sold: PG or Adult Version.

For a closer look, visit our in-world store or get more information on Marketplace.