New Horns, and “We Love Role-Play”

My dear monsters, I bring to you delicious new horns for your perusal! Five new styles, simple yet elegant, available in just about every color under the sun. Feast your eyes! You will find these lovely accourtrements at our new mainshop on Tribalia.

In addition! .{Rue}. is participating in the new monthly shopping event especially for roleplayers called “We <3 Role-Play”. I have placed the Faun pack of 3 of the above styles (Atheling, Hetaera, & Warden) at the event (and ONLY at the event while it’s going on) for 50% off!
Also, a reminder – if you’d like a chance at getting blogger copies of our items, please follow the instructions on our new blogger policy.
Enjoy, my pretties!
.{Rue}. Team
Ruina ‘Sunshine Tentacles’ Kessel 
Themis ‘Feather of Ma’at’ Enzo  

We Love Roleplay: July!

.{Rue}. is once again in the monthly shopping event “We Love Roleplay” (staring a day later this month, on the 5th of July) and this month we are offering 3 packs of the Grimalkin eyes for a 50% off discount!

You’ll find us in the building to the left after you go through the entrance archway. So mark your calendars and get ready to find some great deals on some cool role-play stuff!


<3 / .{Rue}. Team