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New: Monique Lingerie Set (in different designs)

News from News | Chopard Couture.

A sexy lingerie, wonderful in its simplicity.

Highest quality at a reasonable price by Chopard Couture.


This set includes:

  • Monique Bra (different designs)
  • Monique Panties

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Showtime Lingerie by Sweet Thing.Fitted mesh for mesh bodies…

News from Sweet Thing..

Showtime Lingerie by Sweet Thing.

Fitted mesh for mesh bodies only. Full outfit fits Maitreya only. Top fits Maitreya and TMP, bottoms fit Maitreya and Belleza Isis. DEMO first! Sizes are experimental!

Full outfit for TMP and Belleza Isis will be sent to all purchasers as an update once I receive the dev kits. Thank you for understanding.

Shown with Maitreya Lara mesh panties (included with the body, not with this product)

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Seraph Lingerie by Sweet Thing. @ Kustom9Fitted mesh lingerie…

News from Sweet Thing..

Seraph Lingerie by Sweet Thing. @ Kustom9

Fitted mesh lingerie for Slink Physique and Maitreya (experimental fit), available now at Kustom9!

ON SALE for the duration of the event, including the fatpack! Price will increase once it’s over!

>> Please demo first, particularly for experimental fits! They are not perfect and I’m no longer dedicating as much time to perfecting them (waiting for dev kits– free updates WILL be available if/when I get the Maitreya and Belleza kits). That’s why these have more detail, the extra time was moved over to the texturing process!

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Note: I’m working on an Hourglass size, but my current Hourglass size WIP just isn’t up to par yet; the underwire of the bra is giving me trouble with the awesome curves of that body. I haven’t given up yet, just not comfortable with the current upload’s quality. I am working on it though, I love Slink Hourglass and it’s the body I wear the most at the moment. When it is available, it will be a FREE update. <3

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