Zuri Jewelry starts September with a sparkle

September has arrived in a rush with lots of wonderful news to share from Zuri Jewelry. The photo contest stage of our Jewel of the Isle contest has now closed, a panel of judges is beginning the process of sorting through the entries and there will be an announcement shortly to list the finalists for the upcoming runway show. Meanwhile check out Zuri Rayna’s stunning creations at a range of special events plus some fantastic in-store sales and events.

Fair Play from 1st September

Nerea Tiara-Diamond-Black Sterling Nerea Tiara-Turquoise-Amethyst

Nerea Tiara- Sapphire-Diamond-Black Sterling 512 Nerea Tiara- Parrot Opal-Emerald-Gold

Nerea Tiara-Chocolate Dia-Ruby-Gold

SLurl to Fair Play : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hubunny/51/113/4082

Swank from  7th September

 Madeline Necklace Set-Steel Blue-Sapphire Quartz-GoldMadeline Bracelet-Steel Blue-Sapphire Quartz-Gold

Madeline Necklace & Earrings Set-Champagne-Gold Madeline Bracelet-Champagne-Gold

Madeline Necklace & Earrings Set- Turquoise-Gold Madeline Bracelet- Turquoise-Gold

Madeline Necklace & Earrings - Cherry Wine-Gold Madeline Bracelet- Cherry Wine-Gold

Madeline Necklace & Earrings-Cocoa-Parrot Opal-Gold Madeline Bracelet-Cocoa-Parrot Opal-Gold

New in the Mainstore

Just arrived fresh from the August round of Swank, Serenity Fall sets.

Serenity Fall Full Set-Dark Espresso Serenity Fall Full Set-Espresso

Serenity Fall Full Set-Cherry Wine-Onyx-Gold Serenity Fall Full Set-Mocha-Garnet-Onyx

Serenity Fall Full Set-Olive-Emerald-Opal Serenity Fall Full Set-Lime-Opal

Serenity Fall Full Set-Mocha-Mayan-Opal

Womenstuff Hunt

Womenstuff Hunt Item-Tiara of the Mist Fire Opal

Hint: Rubies are red Emeralds are green Find me, sweetheart And feel like a queen!

Womenstuff hunt page: http://womenstuff.stuff-sl.com/hunters/

 P.S Keep your eyes out for another hunt being held this month at Zuri Jewelry!

SLurl to Zuri Jewelry at Jewels Isle : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jewels%20Isle/196/193/25

Now onto the weekly specials:

Steals & Deals

Sari Collection Onyx Gold   Sari Tiara Cuppa_Antique Gold

           Sale Price: L$ 425                                                                    Sale Price: L$ 249
Regular Price: L$ 799                                                           Regular Price: L$ 499

Misty Sweet Elite Nose Piece V3

Sale Price: L$ 225
Regular Price: L$ 425

55L Thursday

Sweet Misty Nose Piece-Emerald-Light Gold Sweet Misty Nose Piece-Midnight Sappire-Blue

Zuri Rayna~ Sari Tikki~Onyx_GoldPIC

New weekly specials at Zuri Jewelry

Zuri Jewelry

It is amazing to think how close we are to the end of August already, that means we are almost at the end of the photo part of the Jewel of the Isle contest. If you haven’t entered you have until midnight on 31st August to get your photo/s into the Flickr group : https://www.flickr.com/groups/jewel_of_the_isle/   or on a notecard to Serenity Couerblanc or Laura ( auralblues).

Steals & Deals ( available 10pm SLT Wednesday)

Elvis Ring Replica- Ruby-Steel Globe Necklace Blue-Black Opal-Pewter

     Sale Price: L$ 199                                                          Sale Price: L$ 149

           Regular Price: L$ 399                                                  Regular Price: L$ 325

Butterfly Earrings Jade-Creme

    Sale Price: L$ 25

           Regular Price: L$ 225

55L Thursday

Diamonds & Pearls Earrings-Pink Ruby-Sterling Diamonds & Pearls Mocha-Gold Earrings

Diamonds & Pearls- Earrings-Aqua-Sterling

A new week of specials at Zuri Jewelry

Zuri Jewelry

Another week of August is over half way through so it is time to bring you the new weekly offers. I have also heard that Zuri has refreshed the Lucky Chairs with over 50 new prizes available in the 5 chairs, bring your friends and family and try your luck at Zuri Jewelry:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jewels%20Isle/196/193/25

55L Thursday

Grey Leather Bracelet-Green Boulder Opal From the Heart Ring-Blue Opal-Sterling

Steals & Deals

Sunshine Necklace & Earrings Set Blue Opal-Peridot   Sunshine Necklace & Earrings Set-Turquoise-Pink

Sale Price: L$ 199                                                  Sale Price: L$ 199

    Regular Price: L$ 399                                             Regular Price: L$ 399

New group gift at Zuri Jewelry and new offers around Jewels Isle

Zuri Jewelry

NEW Countdown offers

 Zuri Jewelry~Symphony Diamond Crystal Collection 50%

    Regular price: 625 L$ – Sale Price: 312 L$

Countdown Special 50%-Dazzling Diana's Elite  (Metal_Gemchange)

Regular price: 1050 L$ – Sale Price: 525 L$

NEW – Group gift

Zuri Rayna GIFT~Serenity Fall Earrings-Chocolate_Onyx

Ever An’ Angel

Summer’s Corner

What a lovely day as i get ready to plan my day with this cute corner outfit for fun shopping or lying around reading a book or going to see friends !!!

Put on a hat and enjoy your day!!!

Summer's Complete Corner August 2015

Summer’s complete corner – 200L includes:

Blossom blouse-Poppy
Ever An’ Angel – Blossom Heels – Poppy
mosaic visions slacks -coal
tone horizons-eyes &lips = Sicily

NEW – Group gift

Ever An' Angel Evening Stroll Gown - Aug 2015 GG

Kastle Rock/ Mirage

Current 60L Specials

DISPLAY-SteelMagnolias-Lights-Sky DISPLAY-Vixen-Wine

DISPLAY-Flutterby-BlueMulti DISPLAY-MarjaniTop-Orange


NEW- 55L Offer

Oceane - Liquid eyes Out of this World

Swank is Open, and Zuri Jewelry is there.

Continuing on from yesterdays post I have more examples of the specials at the August Swank event.

Remember all items from Zuri Jewelry are 300L or under and are COPY.

Serenity Fall-Opal-Emerald-Olive Necklace & EarringsSerenity Fall Ring-Opal-Emerald V2

Serenity Fall Espresso Necklace & Earrings Set Serenity Fall Ring- Espresso

Serenity Fall Opal-Mocha Pearl Serenity Ring-Fall Opal-Mayan

Serenity Fall Opal-Emerald Ring Serenity Fall Opal-Lime Necklace & Earrings Set

Ariel Necklace & Earrings-Cobalt-Diamond

Ariel Bracelet- Cobalt-Diamond Ariel Diadem-Cobalt-Diamond

And not to forget the lovely FREE gift :

Swank Gift- Ariel Bracelet

SLurl to Swank:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Manatoba/192/9/24

This round of Swank runs 7th- 31st August