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Alone in the Universe Cart Sale & Hunt

Lilith’s Den – Runa, The Wild Elf.

Alone in the Universe Cart Sale & Hunt

Blast off to BuenaVista from March 1st to 31 for the Alone in the Universe cart sale and hunt event. Browse 36 carts brimming with intergalactic goodies, plus a unique theme and L$ 10 item on every cart. Float amongst the stars as you search for moon rocks that contain L$ 2 hunt gifts, one from each participating merchant.

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1-31 march

 50% off Introduction Price:
Pretty Sphere to rezz and sit or attach and be afk or use as meditative vehicle
Included: decorative small version , solid and rotating.

Lilith's Den Cerianthid Alien Sphere

2L Hunt Gift:
Playable drum! 1 Land Impact only

Hunt Gift - Lilith's Den Xanthogrammica Space Drum

Gacha !
Each box comes with 1 Attach Set and 2 Rezzables!

Lilith's Den Alien Antenna Eye Gacha

10Lper color. each with  color changing eyes Typer






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Candy Cane Hunt 8

Dark Passions – Koffin Nails.

Image by: Venom Zanzibar

Get twisted this December with the Candy Cane Hunt 8!

Grab these cute candy cane striped tip nails for only 2L for the Fatpack!. Well worth the hunt.
This hunt has several paths for ladies, men and unisex so if you are looking for these you will find them on the “Sugarplum Path.”

Event: Candy Cane Hunt 8
Dates: December 1-25, 2016
Price: 2L during the hunt

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Hunt & Sale! Sim wide!

More Than Ever.

Just outside our doors at the  Guest List with many more sim wide 60% until Feb 19th Then come inside and find the hidden snowflake: and the rest of the hunt prizes across the sim!

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The Best Of SL is delighted to bring you its first of the year hunt, The Kiss Of The Valentine. Let’s celebrate the Best Of SL during the season of Love. This hunt is located on their own sim. A lot of hearts expanded on the park priced 1L$ .

GLITTER has created a system template dress called CUPID in layers for classic avatars in red for this occasion, Appliers hud for Maitreya, Belleza, Omega, eBody and Slink, included a mesh panel skirt.

Apply advanced light model to see the materials effect.glitter-cupid-red


GLITTER at BOSL sim – The kiss of Valentine Hunt

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Kultivate Spring 17 Fashion Event Rose Hunt Hints!

windlight featured – KULTIVATE MAGAZINE.

Scattered throughout the Kultivate 2017 Spring Fashion event are roses that contain hunt prizes! Can you find them all? All items are 1 linden! STARTING LOCATION: Participating Merchants & Hints: **We also have 25 roses scattered throughout that contain prizes, see if you can find those as you look for the roses in our merchant’s … Continue reading Kultivate Spring 17 Fashion Event Rose Hunt Hints!

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.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Gamer’s Heart set XOXO Hunt

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Store.

Hello Gamers!
Now is the day that begins the XOXO Hunt.
(Feb 11th – Feb 25th, 2017)
.{PSYCHO:Byts}. participates with this set, includes Headset, 
Lollipop & Necklace, and it’s unisex!
Play & Love!
How it works?
Between Feb 11th – Feb 25th, 2017, TP to any of the participating creators’ store and find the golden heart.
1º Once you spot it, say ‘xoxo’ in local chat, without the quotation marks.
If your romance luck is strong, the golden heart will give you the item for free!
2º If you’re unlucky, you really have to practice your romance better.
Unfortunately, you have to wait for another 24 hours before you can try again.
3º But if you are impatient and you NEED THE THING NOW, you can buy the item from  the vendor for only 50L, woohoo!
Good Look!

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The best of you Hunt

Uploads from kalliopi.ziplon.

kalliopi.ziplon posted a photo:

The best of you Hunt

The best of you Hunt = TBOYH , my gifts

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The Moolto “Love is in the Air” runs from February 1st till March 1st. Glitter gifts you this beautiful short dress PEGGY, knitted, half sleeves in an elegant beige color. Available in 5 standard sizes and with alpha layer for classic avatars.
Hint: A couple…One brown…and One black…
Apply advance light model to see materials effect.

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Femboy Hunt 9 Registration begins!

Femboy Hunt.

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Femboy Hunt 9 Theme Announced!

Femboy Hunt.

▨ ▨ Femboy Hunt 9 ▨ ▨

 Sponsored by NOP~ Events
 DATES: March 1st to March 31st
 THEME: Purity
 RATINGS: G to adult
 NOP~ Events HQ:

The 9th Femboy Hunt will be March of 2017! This is a hunt is primarily for femboys, traps and all alternate gender avatars of SL! (Including a-sexual, unisex, sissies, femboys, t-girls, futa, Kathoey, androgynous, transgender… the list goes on! If you need visual aids, check out this handy guide!)

Your mission, Creators, should you choose to accept it, is to create something cute, sexy, fluffy, scary, or whatever else you want based on a Purity theme! Items can be anything from furniture, to hair, to clothes. All items and ratings are accepted with the exception of children’s items, but above all we ask that they be unique and representative of the quality of the items in your store.

Public registration is open from February 1st to February 26th.

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