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Rotten Egg Hunt – Last Day!

Dark Passions – Koffin Nails.

Image by Clover Jinx – Nails Featured: Zombunny

Get hopping before it’s gone!
The great Rotten Egg Hunt is here and this is the very last day. Find eggs from approx 30 designers all over the sim.  Egg prices very between 1-5L. Don’t miss out on all the fun!

To The Rotten Egg Hunt Start Location

Here’s what you will find in Dark Passions 5L eggs:

Egg #1;

Egg #2;

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River spine tatttoo, Evil Bunny hunt gift!

Deluxe Body Factory by Lutricias Luxuries in Second Life.

Originally published on Deluxe Body Factory by Lutricias Luxuries in Second Life by Lutricia Roux.

Hunt gift, Mendhi spine and shoulder tattoo by Deluxe Body Factory in Second Life, Omega appliers

River tattoo is a Mendhi spine and shoulders tattoo, Omega appliers. Available as hunt gift for Evil Bunny 7 by Evil Bunny Productions.

Hunt hints, locations and more can be found on the organizers webpage, visit

Teleport directly to Deluxe Body Factory skins in Second Life:

Happy hunting!

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Rotten Egg Hunt

乙øмβıє ﻜuıÇıdє.

Rotten Egg Hunt
April 14-17th you will roam the Lanisha sim and look for rotten eggs. Tons of stores have come together to take part.
Each egg will be 1-5L

Landing 1:
Landing 2:
Landing 3:
Landing 4:

Stores involved so far –
Twinkle, [email protected], Zombie Suicide, The Little Bat, Vexzi, PKC, Dark Passions, Epic, Envious, Barely Legal, Chemical Princess, Soul:, Kjlm Kids apparel, NVEE, Nightmare Fashion, Kawaii Whore, Deadpool, Mello, AFI Designs, Delirum Style, Tanoshi, Suicidal Unborn, Pin-up Tattoo, Psychotic Neko, Sakide, Aftershock, Vinyl, Lil things, Escalated, Dirty Stories,  {Malum}

You do not want to miss this hunt.

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Second Life Easter hunt 2017

Uploads from perla326.

perla326 posted a photo:

Second Life Easter hunt 2017

Second Life Easter hunt 2017

FurtaCor & LA PERLA joined the shop .::Dear Prudence::. for the Second Life Easter hunt 2017.In the store, look for five Easter eggs, and in each of them you’ll find beautiful makeups to make you even more pretty.

This hunt takes place between the 11th and 16th of April!

Land::FurtaCor & LA PERLA :
Land.::Dear Prudence::. :

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New Easter Hunt Gift at Virtual Textures

Virtual Textures.

Virtual Textures is participating of the Barrel Easter Hunt 2017, a new events that starts April 10 and will end on April 30th. There are about 18 stops for this hunt and you will be looking for a small barrel with a funny face (like the one you see in the poster below). The cost for each hunt item is 1L. To help you find all the items, there is a hint giver at each stop.

Our gift is a super cute high quality set of spring and Easter white textures, a super versatile set that have many uses. Hope to see you at Virtual Textures searching for it.
Find this new hunt gift at Virtual Textures
I also invite you to visit each of the designers on this event, as they all prepare something very special for you. Have a fun time hunting!

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Easter Egg Hunt


Easter Hunt ad

I thought it was about time to do a store hunt again!Find the 35 EGGS, complete the text… be the first? YOU * WIN 1000K store credit on top of the eggs content!!!

YES the objects will be hard to find
YES it will be fun!
YES it will be worth it too!
YES there are FAKE items too

You can find 35 egg groups
They are spread out over the sim and they are mixed male /female items

The hunt is ONLY for group members so wear your tag!

– NO sharing location with other people! if you do you will be ejected from the group
– The hunt is for GROUP members ONLY….. but…. group will be FREE to join during the hunt!
– There is no support on the hunt and the items.. all is free and we are all busy so plz do NOT IM us to ask    where the items are, if we can resend, etc


Izara & the 7 Deadly s[K]ins crew
wishing you HAPPY EASTER!

* send a pic of your inventory of ALL the 35 eggs inside and the text in the right order on a NC to Izara to claim the 1000 gift card

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Ghee Strawberries & Cream Hunt Flickr Contest

G H E E.

Style an outfit using items from the Ghee Strawberries & Cream Hunt and take a photo anywhere at Ghee for a chance to win a 1,000L cash prize and your photo featured on the Ghee Blog!

Read more about the Strawberries & Cream Hunt here!

How to enter:

Style an outfit using only clothing and accessories you have found in the Ghee Strawberries & Cream Hunt, and take a photo anywhere in the Ghee Park.

If there is more than one model in the photo, all females must be wearing clothing from the hunt. Only the photographer can enter the contest.

Post your photo to the Ghee Flickr Group:

Photos must be named: “Ghee Strawberries & Cream Hunt Contest – YOUR NAME” (please use your SL user name so we can find you)

Please ensure your Flickr settings allow your photo to be added to a Flickr Gallery.

Make your photos high quality and high resolution. Post processing in photoshop or similar is allowed. We are looking for fabulous styling and good quality photos with great lighting and composition!

Photos must be a minimum size of 2048×2048 pixels. No maximum size.

Only one entry per person.

If you submit more than one entry, only your first entry will be judged.

Closing date for entries: 11:59pm SLT Sunday 30th April 2017.

The winner will be announced here on the Ghee Blog on Monday 1st May.

By submitting your photo to this contest you agree to Ghee using it for marketing and/or promotional purposes.

Good luck and have fun!

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the Evil Bunny Hunt 7 (EBH7) hopped in!

[House of Ruby].

[House of Ruby] participates in: the Evil Bunny Hunt 7 (EBH7). 
The hunt runs April 3rd-30th. 
Cost 1L.
Hunt Flickr Group:
Hunt Facebook:

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Evil Bunny Hunt 7 Gift From Virtual Textures

Virtual Textures.

The Evil Bunny Hunt is back, in their 7th edition! The hunt started on April 3rd and will last until April 30th. This is a very popular grid-wide treasure hunt in which some of the best designers offer you great gift with a good or evil theme.

Of course Virtual Textures is participating in this event with an exclusive textures sets of grungy evil bunny backgrounds. Our gift is kind of evil and cute at the same time (yes that’s possible!) with a spring and Easter theme . These are great to use on walls, as photography backgrounds and many other uses. Here is a preview:

Go now to find this gift at Virtual Textures’ main store

Don’t miss this opportunity and visit us to grab our gift and to visit all the great designers that also prepared something special for hunters. Wish you all a super fun time hunting!

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Yes, you can find a great gift at MIMI’S CHOICE in this amazing hunt !

So join the hunt and visit 150 stores and find the gifts !

What gift can you find at MIMI’S CHOICE?
This sexy but classy dress with pink flowers….
Made in 5 mesh sizes and Maitreya, Belleza, SLink .

exclusive for the WOMENSTUFF HUNT APRIL 2017 !

Skin: Onix JUMO skins
Sandals: Scalea 12 colors SIMILAR
Mimi’s Choice : Store Number: 130

Hint: Never wear a red shirt over a red Janice gown, says the Fashionista Sascha Frangilli !

Good luck with the hunt !

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