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Peace on Earth Hunt 9


It’s the season of goodwill, and Ghee is entering into the spirit by joining over 100 SL stores offering gifts as part of the Peace on Earth Hunt.

Come over to the Ghee Main Store and hunt for a delightful free prize: a beautiful, full-length gown in a soft, feminine pink! Perfect for any occasion where you want to look your best!

Share the fun of an SL tradition. The “PEACE ON EARTH” hunt is the longest running running grid wide hunt in SL.

See a complete list of the stores participating in this year’s Peace on Earth Hunt here.

TP direct to the Ghee Main Store where you will be given a hint to help you find your prize!

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MOoH! @ Peace On Earth hunt

MOoH! – Home.

The 9th POE hunt has started Dec 1 – 31. MOoH! Has a cute hoodie hidden for you in the store. 
Main landing point is HERE
Hint for MOoH!: The gift will be found by popular demand. Teleport

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Peace on Earth 9 Hunt is on!

[House of Ruby].

Peace on Earth 9 started today! It is one of the biggest hunts I know, 136 stores participating this year! So gather up some patience & friends and enjoy the fun of holidays hunting! šŸ™‚ All gifts are FREE!

Hunt starting point:

[House of Ruby] has 2 gifts, for ladies & unisex one too.

POE9 on web:

– https:[email protected]/

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Body Entree Faire & Hunt

Uploads from Raine [.Ecko.].

Raine [.Ecko.] posted a photo:

Body Entree Faire & Hunt

Welcome to Whistle Events. This is a monthly event that is opened for 20 days. The event will start on the 1st of the month and end on the 20th of the same month.

Every month will have a specific theme
ā–¶February Theme:
Body Entree
Meaning: Anything that involves the body such as skins, hairs, tattoos, cosmetics, poses, eyes, Nails, ect. Clothing will not be accepted for this event.

Every designer is on the same level. There will be no sponsors. We do require one exclusive discounted 30% from your usual price tag. This image must be send via notecard by timeline date.

Each event will host varies designers
Designer booth space is 15 Prims for $ 350L for the event.
*Extra Prims are 10L per prim


Event Timesheet: February 1st to February 20th.

November 29th : Applications Open

January 22nd: Applications close

January 25th: Exclusive Full perm product images sent via notecard

January 28th – 31st: Setup Will be open

January 25th: Blogger packages can be sent via group notices

February 1st: Whistles February Body Entree event will open at midnight

Bloggers who are interested please [email protected]/30627041405/in/datepo…

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Winter Cart Sale and Hunt!!!!

The Cookie Jar!.



Event runs November 28th – January 6th

Gridwide Hunt & Sim Cart Sale

Hunt Items are FREE (Tis the Season of Giving)

Click here for HUNT HINTS






Hunt Prize Preview

























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Peace On Earth Hunt 9 – Poster

Uploads from Snowpaws –.

Snowpaws – posted a photo:

Peace On Earth Hunt 9 - Poster

Coming soon! A lovely original mesh treat from Snowpaws!

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THLH Hunt Prize ~ [CIRCA] – “Cosmic Life” – Meditation Set

Uploads from Cherelle Capra – [CIRCA] Living.

Cherelle Capra – [CIRCA] Living posted a photo:

THLH Hunt Prize ~ [CIRCA] - "Cosmic Life" - Meditation Set

New hunt prize at CIRCA.

Hunt runs from Nov 15th – Dec 15th

L$ 1 for the prize

Find it here with hit at the main entrance of our store:

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Peace on Earth 8 – The Hunt of the Year!

!BBN! Bravura Boite Noir.

It is our way of saying thank you for all your support over the past year. Two garments in this hunt from B!Homme and B!Femme. They are co-ordinated to enable Mr. and Mrs. To sail through Christmas and the New Year looking fabulous.
“Reach for the Stars” and look for the two globes. One for Him and one for Her at the B!Homme New Release Boutique. December 1st, 2015 to January 9th, 2016.
Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and may 2016 bring to humanity, Peace on Earth.
Marty Dalglish and Cuyler DaRand
Christmas 2015

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Treasure Hunt Gifts at Virtual Textures

Virtual Textures.

Besides the super nice sale items we have for you this weekend at Virtual Textures, we also have some extra goodies for you this month. It’s the season of giving, so this November we have some nice high quality gifts hidden around the store as part as 4 different treasure hunt events. In a prior blog post The Jerky Turkey 6 hunt gift was covered, but I really didn’t have the time to talk much about the rest of the gifts.

Let’s start with the Antique Quest Hunt. This event ends on November 30 and you will be looking for a small treasure chest. The hunt hint is: I’m a collector of antiques and NEW items. Look below for a preview: 
Gift available until November 30th at Virtual Textures
We are also participating in the Dirty Little Secrets 7 Hunt, this event will end on November 25 so you really need to hurry and visit us to grab the gift now. You will be looking for a key. The hunt hint is:  Look at all the shiny metals! Here is a preview of the gift: 
Gift available until November 25th at Virtual Textures
Finally, we also have a nice gift for The Medieval Fantasy Hunt, and event that will end this November 30. The hunt object is a pentagram symbol with a bat, and the hunt hint is: Look for the old maps! This is a preview of the gift: 
Gift available until November 30th at Virtual Textures
So what are you waiting for? Visit us today to search for all the gifts we prepared for you, to shop from our hot weekend sales and to see the wide variety of textures resources we have to offer. Enjoy and have a super fun weekend!

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The Hunt has begun!

!BBN! Bravura Boite Noir.

The Final Menstuff hunt starts 1st November and !BBN! Have created an EXCLUSIVE for the Event! A sweater and corded Jeans! Ever so Smart!
The Hint – Under the Spotlight!
The SLURL – !BBN!Bravura Boite Noir

For all the hints and slurl’s visit the ‘stuff website

Happy hunting,
Marty Dalglish

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