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Happy holidays / Bonnes vacances

Style and Addict by Evenementia.

(en) We are on holiday until August 25 !
Reprise posts late August.
Happy Holidays to all !
(fr) Nous sommes en vacances jusqu’au 25 août !
Reprise des articles fin août.
Bonnes vacances à tous !

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Happy Holidays!

News from ~*Souzou Eien*~.

Despite the popular rumor that may or may not have been started by elves that briefly kidnapped me and forced me to work in Santa’s workshop for a few weeks; I am NOT DEAD!

The holidays tend to be a ridiculous time for me for a variety of reasons. It’s fairly normal for production to grind to a crawl, or even an outright stop. So please don’t make any assumptions. The shop is still very much open and you will begin to see some new releases coming out again in January.

Until then, NouveauXmas 2015 is open and ~*Souzou Eien*~ is delighted to be participating!

This event is fairly unique in that the items available are all gift boxes or gift cards that have been reduced in price.

This event runs from December 20th – January 3rd, so drop by and pick up some fancy gift boxes and awesome gift cards to supplement your holiday shopping. Or just for the heck of it, trust me, I’m not one to judge.

All Gift boxes are Mod/Trans Only

100% Original Mesh

Materials Enabled.

All Gift Cards are 50% off (At the event location)

Heirloom Gift Box Vend N Coffin Gift Box Vend N Filigree Gift Boxes Vend N


Drop by NouveauXmas 2015 today, because these gift boxes will NOT be available in the store or on marketplace afterwards.

Seriously, they’re pulled out once a year for this holiday and then stored away again. So get them before they disappear!

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Happy holidays!

News from MOoH! – Home.

I am offering a beautiful holiday dress as an extra group gift in the main store,
It will only be there for 2 weeks Dec 24 – Jan 7! Wear your tag! Teleport

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Happy Holidays 2015

News from News | Chopard Couture.

XMas 2015 Chopard-AF

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Happy Holidays from Bitch Tail!

News from .::Bitch Tail::..

Happy Holidays from Bitch Tail…
Please enjoy 60% off the entire store through 12/20/15
*credit may be used but will not be earned during the sale*
Click on your limo and be sure to snag a new landmark when you land!

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[Park Place] Mason Jar Snowglobe Home For The Holidays

News from Uploads from DeAnn Dufaux.

DeAnn Dufaux posted a photo:

[Park Place] Mason Jar Snowglobe Home For The Holidays

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mangomoon at Gothic Holidays

News from apoloniaanatine.

Gothic Holidays starts on the 5th December to the 19th.  First of my offerings is Barb Queen Skulls Headdresses.  Six colours to choose from or a fat pack with colour change HUD (6 for the price of 5 discount)                 Then we have the Skull Bones Wings with re-sizers to fit most AV’s         Then last but not least we have the cute Deer Head Bands Gacha..50L a play to get 8 commons, 4 uncommons and 2 rares    

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Have to Just LOVE the Holidays!!

News from Designing SL Sweet E’s .

Snowing ANIMATION effect!! 

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Seren – Holidays 2015 Gown – Group Gift

News from Styles by Danielle.

A new gown Seren is made to make you shine and be that special star for coming Holidays.
It is a fitmesh dress with a sheer shawl. The dress is suitable for Standard SL avatar and those wearing mesh body (Maitreya, Belleza and Slink).

Seren is available in six colors. The blue version is a special GIFT to our members!

DANIELLE Group Gift December 2015


DANIELLE Seren RedDANIELLE Seren BlackDANIELLE Seren CopperDANIELLE Seren PurpleDANIELLE Seren Green

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Happy Holidays

News from Bax Coen Designs.

Leisure Park at Boots

Health, Happiness and Famous Legs to you and yours from Bax Coen, Gacha Bazaar, collectors Gacha & JHC located at Boots sim! View through Leisure Park during the most wonderful time of the year ;)

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