Now that we have that out of the way……….Lets get on with the glitz just for the holidays!

When you come to pick up your glam clothes, make sure to check under the tree! We have gifts for you.  Right now, we have three for Men and three for Women, and will be adding more!

First just released today are the special holiday gowns!

And for that special gentleman…………….

[UN]Happy Holidays – Dec 13th – 31st

News from Unrepentant.

I’m dreaming of a blaaaack Christmas…
Let’s go and raise an elder God…

The town of Happy has always prided itself on its celebration of the holidays with style. But this year everything went wrong. It all started with the town’s Christmas tree and a freak lightning storm…

Each day at Unrepentant from the 13th until the 26th of December you can collect a new piece of the town of Happy and their worst Christmas ever entirely for free – then for five days until New Year’s Eve you’ll have a chance to get the ones you might have missed in a free random daily roll!

All pieces except the base for display are no copy, with a limit of one per avatar per day. Old pieces will be available at random once per day once all the parts have been released!

So come join us for the first annual [Un]Happy Holidays un-celebration from the 13th to the 31st of December only at Unrepentant!

Your ride to the [UN]Happy Holidays Event at our main store.