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World Goth Fair 2015

News from ~SongBird~.

WGF has begun! and i worked my little goth hands off making new clothes for this year’s fair. here’s all you can find exclusively at my booth:

~SongBird~ Spider Web Body Suit

~SongBird~ Slacker Goth Shirts

~SongBird~ Eva Outfit

~SongBird~ Dolly Skirt : Jewel

~SongBird~ Dolly Skirt : Bubble

~SongBird~ Darla Sweater Jewel

~SongBird~ Darla Sweater : Bubble

~SongBird~ Darla Sweater : Bubble : Prints Addon

~SongBird~ Darla Sweater : Jewel : Prints Addon

phew! lots of stuff 😀

get to world goth fair via this handy dandy slurl:

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new stuff and goth fair stuff

News from ~SongBird~.

new release:

quinn shorts

~SongBird~ Quinn Shorts
6 colours to choose from, cute little denim shorts for the warm weather season. hud driven fatpack or purchase a single colour of your choice.

goth fair items in the main store:

everything from goth fair is now in the shop! if you missed out on the fair, come get them here!

also a big giant oops! it seems that even though i advertised the hell out of it, i did not have the slacker goth shirts set up at goth fair! this is a terrible error and i am so sad about it because these shirts were perfect for goth fair! if you were looking for them and couldn’t find them they are now at the main store!

~SongBird~ Slacker Goth Shirts
other announcements:

if you purchase anything new you might notice something called a “customer support hud”. instead of a bunch of notecards clogging up my folders i’ve decided to make a nice all in one hud to help you out with your purchase.

as you can see by the image the hud has buttons for your product info notecard, as well as the image if you need that for inventory sorting, the link to the main faq page as well as links to my store social media pages.

that’s all i’ve got for you now! thank you for shopping at ~SongBird~

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LMD Exclusive for Pastel Goth Fair

News from Leri Miles Designs | Leri Miles Designs.

Pastel Goth Fair
Available in 8 colors. Priced at just 99L for the duration of the event. (reg price: 275L)
Pastel Goth_Poster

LMD Ad Display Patty Dress Purple Pastel Goth Exc

LMD Ad Display Patty Dress Red

LMD Ad Display Patty Dress Pink

LMD Ad Display Patty Dress Green

LMD Ad Display Patty Dress Gold

LMD Ad Display Patty Dress BW

LMD Ad Display Patty Dress Aqua

LMD Ad Display Patty Dress Blue

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