{ViSion} -S&F * Pastel Goth Fair* October 16 2015

News from ViSion – S&F.


Hey Ladies ♥

{ViSion} -S&F have new Release Exclusive for Pastel Goth Fair – Oct. 16 / Open 1PM SLT

The dresses are in 3 colors, every pack come with clear and print design!

4 Fitmesh sizes
2 Maitreya Test Sizes
1 Belleza Venus Size
1 Slink Physique Size

Landmark Pastel Goth: Click Here Oct. 16th 1PM SLT

Emo Physique Goodness & Men’s Kristoff Goth Suit

News from {MOEKO}.

Oh there is so much to be excited about this week.  Not only is there an outfit for both the ladies and men, there is also a pair of Slink shoes for both genders too!

The ladies outfit is Barbed, an outfit consisting of a mesh skirt and legwarmers and a system blouse with an applier HUD for Slink Physique.  The skirt and legwarmers will work with your Slink Physique mesh body OR with your default avatar body (an alpha layer is provided for this).  In addition to this we have the really beautiful Carlotta Gothic Rose heels for Slink High feet.

The men’s outfit is Kristof, a luxurious gothic suit. You have the option of wearing the cravat as the same colour as the jacket, or a black cravat.  The jacket/shirt/cravat is complimented by a pair of matching black trousers.  To top it all off we have the new Barbed Winklepickers for Slink men’s feet.  These are stylish and a lot of fun.  Have a look at all the releases below and the links are provided for the different departments:


{MOEKO} Barbed Goth Outfit - Absynthe {MOEKO} Barbed Goth Outfit - Chartreuse {MOEKO} Barbed Goth Outfit - Cobalt {MOEKO} Barbed Goth Outfit - Fushcia {MOEKO} Barbed Goth Outfit - Grey {MOEKO} Barbed Goth Outfit - Purple {MOEKO} Barbed Goth Outfit - Raspberry {MOEKO} Barbed Goth Outfit - Scarlet {MOEKO} Barbed Goth Outfit - Turquoise

{MOEKO} Carlotta Gothic Rose - Absynthe {MOEKO} Carlotta Gothic Rose - Black {MOEKO} Carlotta Gothic Rose - Chartreuse {MOEKO} Carlotta Gothic Rose - Cobalt {MOEKO} Carlotta Gothic Rose - Fushcia {MOEKO} Carlotta Gothic Rose - Grey {MOEKO} Carlotta Gothic Rose - Purple {MOEKO} Carlotta Gothic Rose - Raspberry {MOEKO} Carlotta Gothic Rose - Red {MOEKO} Carlotta Gothic Rose - Turquoise {MOEKO} Carlotta Gothic Rose - White

{MOEKO} Barbed Winklepickers - Absynthe {MOEKO} Barbed Winklepickers - Black {MOEKO} Barbed Winklepickers - Chartreuse {MOEKO} Barbed Winklepickers - Cobalt {MOEKO} Barbed Winklepickers - Fushcia {MOEKO} Barbed Winklepickers - Purple {MOEKO} Barbed Winklepickers - Red {MOEKO} Barbed Winklepickers - Turquoise

{MOEKO} Kristof Goth Suit - Scarlet {MOEKO} Kristof Goth Suit - Absynthe {MOEKO} Kristof Goth Suit - Black {MOEKO} Kristof Goth Suit - Chartreuse {MOEKO} Kristof Goth Suit - Cobalt {MOEKO} Kristof Goth Suit - Fushcia {MOEKO} Kristof Goth Suit - Purple {MOEKO} Kristof Goth Suit -Turquoise

Cyber Succulence & Sexy Goth!

News from {MOEKO}.

This week we have things for the male and female avatar as well as a special exclusive for this month at the Shadow Realm Mall {MOEKO} satellite store.

If you love all things cyber and have a penchant for sci-fi, you’re going to love this week’s offering.  Infinity is a cyberpunk/goth outfit for both the male and female avatar that is amazing!  There is fabulous detail with flowing fluids over and around the clothing.  These pictures don’t do it justice, so get your butts down to the store and tryout the demos!

{MOEKO} Ladieswear
{MOEKO} Menswear

The Marcella Dress is exclusively available at the Shadow Realm Mall at the {MOEKO} satellite store located there.  It will be there at the reduced price of L$ 129 from now until approximately 10th July.  After that it will be available in the mainstore at the full price of L$ 199.

{MOEKO} Satellite Store – Shadow Realm Mall

{MOEKO} Infinity Cyber Outift - Bile {MOEKO} Infinity Cyber Outift - Blood {MOEKO} Infinity Cyber Outift - Dark Matter {MOEKO} Infinity Cyber Outift - Lava {MOEKO} Infinity Cyber Outift - Plasma

{MOEKO} Infinity Men's Cyber Outift - Bile {MOEKO} Infinity Men's Cyber Outift - Blood {MOEKO} Infinity Men's Cyber Outift - Dark Matter {MOEKO} Infinity Men's Cyber Outift - Lava {MOEKO} Infinity Men's Cyber Outift - Plasma

{MOEKO} Marcella Dress Blood {MOEKO} Marcella Dress Monochrome {MOEKO} Marcella Dress Purple

World Goth Fair!

Ahoy lovelies! With great pleasure the .{Rue}. team would like to announce that we are A: in the world goth fair though some of you know due to group gift! and B : WGF is now officially opened!

To start off this lovely and amazing event we have some brand spankin new releases that are up only at the World Goth Fair! To make matters even more exciting, the lovely, and slightly mad, Ruina Kessel has made a set of eyes that are 50% off for the duration of this event. Another piece of news is the other half of team .{Rue}. has made a set of jeans for men!

Now on to the threads of this event! Themis Enzo has produced two pairs of jeans, one for the ladies (Eclipse) and one for the gents (Careless)!


                                                               100% donation item

                                                                100% donation item

Now Ruina has put out 2 packs of eyes for which the proceeds go to the Sohpie Lancaster Foundation. This is an amazing cause and if you’d like to find out more we highly encourage you to check it out. http://sophielancasterfoundation.com/ and for more information please check out http://worldgothfair.wordpress.com/ for the latest information and updates about the event!

Eyes are 50% off while at the fair
100% donation items:

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cursed/175/60/1002 to TP directly to the .{Rue}. booth, however we strongly encourage that you go to the main TP of the Fair and wander around and explore the sim.  The Lovely Hosts of this years event have done such a wonderful job in setting the sim up and we want to support their hard work and amazing set up!
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cursed/73/127/1004 Is the adult sim where .{Rue}. is located.
Our Mainstore: SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tribalia/20/159/2

Lastly! .{Rue}. is participating in the TSG hunt ‘Lust’ so if you want your goodies, then you must join the group to get the prize! secondlife:///app/group/84c4fa82-b54a-19e9-61d2-992cceb28f84/about . The hunt runs from May 1-31.

The prize is located at the SLURL for our mainstore! Have fun and enjoy!!

Have a great day everyone, kiss kiss <3

.{Rue}. Team
Ruina Kessel ‘Sunshine Tentacles’ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/26518
Themis Enzo ‘Feather of Ma’at’  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/32930

If you have any questions, concerns or anything else in between, please don’t hesitate to contact us :). Methods to get a hold of us are listed in our picks.