KMADD Moda New Releases: Footwear for Winter & Spring

KMADD Moda ~ Fine Leather Boots

KMADD Moda ~ Leather Sneakers (winter)

KMADD Moda ~ Canvas Sneakers (winter)

KMADD Moda ~ Denim Sneakers (winter)

KMADD Moda ~ Leather Sneakers (spring)

KMADD Moda ~ Canvas Sneakers (spring)

KMADD Moda ~ Denim Sneakers (spring)

About this week’s releases:

This week, we are releasing 4 shoes styles in 7 color collections. Classic items that are a must have in everyone’s wardrobe.


KMADD Moda ~ Fine Leather Boots come in 14 colors for you to choose from. This is winter boot that works well paired with either jeans or pants and will add sophistication and style to your outfit. Clean, high detailed and in range of trendy winter colors accessible via easy to use Texture HUD.

KMADD Moda ~ Leather Sneakers are lace up style sneakers made of shinny leather and can be dressed up or dressed down depending on occasion. There are 2 color collections: winter and spring with 12 colors in each – awesome value and even more awesome colors that will work with all KMADD clothing.

KMADD Moda ~ Denim Sneakers are high tops casual sneaker with laces that do not quite finish all the way to the top. They come also in 2 color packs for winter and spring accessible via easy to use Texture HUD and with a resize script same as all our footwear. Just click to enlarge.

KMADD Moda ~ Canvas Sneakers could be my favorite. Same as leather sneakers but this time made of worn off canvas which is so fine and has great character and realism. Simplicity at its best and again you can pair it with jeans or pant, dress it up or down, very versatile and classic pair of shoes.

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Check perms for each product carefully and try demo before you buy. Understanding perms is understanding our Returns Policy.

We use Standard Sizing: XS, S, M, L, XL

Items that are not rigged are provided with a re-size script.

MODIFY | COPY | NO TRANSFER Includes all products:

  • Shapes
  • Hair
  • Hair base
  • Eyes

All new hair contains hair re-size script. Some old models may not contain re-size script but they are modify. If you require low lag, easy to use, re-size script visit our main store.

All gacha items are TRANSFER, other permissions vary depending on the item.


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