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There exists a space of shadow and light, the almost imperceptible zone where fashion and fantasy merge. We are .PENUMBRA. We are FASHION!

GLITTER has introduced as exclusives for this amazing event FLUFFLY mesh outfit with fur poncho and pencil elegant dress.


In 4 autumnal tones smelling nature, wood and forest.




LURE is another exclusive fitmesh dress for Maitreya, Slink, Hourglass and standard sizes. Patterned in leather and opaque colored lace in 5 lovely tones.



Also a reviewed version of Eternal mesh gown patterned with fishscale on the dress, which enhance with lights and shadows the total black looking and black lace for the skirt making of it a very feminine and versatil gown.


You can find all these beauties at the Penumbra Retail shops till November, 6 aprox.

GLITTER at Penumbra AW16FW

After that they will be placed in mainstore in our lovely Plaza

GLITTER Mainstore


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B Barbie Style Has 6 New Exclusives in the PENUMBRA Autumn/Winter 2016 Fashion Week




Penumbra AW16 FW Teaser #3 - Astralia.pngPENUMBRA. Autumn/Winter 2016 Fashion Week, Starts
October 22, 2016 – October 30, 2016

Check out all of B Barbie Style 6 new Exclusives. That will be showcased in Show 2
Show: Saturday October 22, 2016 @ 2PM
Brands: B Barbie Style, POSH PIXELS & Prism & Show 18: FINALE – Sizzling Holiday Wear
Show: Sunday October 30, 2016 @ 11AM

model-_owl-braveheart-_-outfit-_-allesandro model-_paige-darkfury-power-_-outfit-_-alessandra1 model_-resmay-bloodstorm-coba-_-outfit-_-cara model-_-naomi-coeur-_-outfit-_-benedetta model_rienna-rieko-_-outfit-_domina outfit-_-arthur-magnusz-_-outfit-_-beneditto

Owl is wearing, Alesandro is a handsome and fashionable outfit, fit for any afternoon date or just daily studliness!
Check out the wrapped sweater, with a pocketed short leafed shirt! Also included in this amazing outfit, is a pair of rugged looking jeans, Belted, and paying special attention to the detail in the pockets!  Barbie has truly outdone herself this time!  Any man will either catch his lady’s attention or have no problem finding one in this!

Paige is wearing Alessandra,This outfit is both Sassy and tons of fun with it’s pointed poofy upper sleeves and the long fitted sleeves  The front sports an attached tie, buttons and pockets look with the fall palette..  Moving down, we have the corset affect in the back and buckles in the front!  These pants are no less sassy with their fitted shape, pockets in the back and oh my word, look at the straps and buckles in the thigh area! All the way down to the fitted ankle, this outfit is perfect for day to night fun!!

Naomi is wearing the  Beautiful Benedetta fall fashion is included is an almost knee length coat, a vest, and a cute turtleneck dress as well!! in wonderful shades of beige, brown and almost a mauve, this makes a stunning professional outfit!  Special attention to detail has been paid to this outfits, from the wide lapels,right down to the 4 belted sleeves, on this sharp tailored coat! You’re sure to be a force to be reckoned with in any board room with this amazing ensemble!

Resmay is wearing the beautiful Cara a thigh length coat with fur trim and curve hugging body, is amazingly warm yet stylish. The model is wearing Cara in gray Leopard print with a beautiful hood.  It is pleated from the breast to the waist to make sure and show off anyone’s beautiful figure and leave no doubt you are woman, so hear you ROAR! Cara is fierce with style, not to forget it’s mini cape like shoulders and hood, which makes it a must have for this fall and winter!

Rienna is wearing Domina, This Sapphire blue strapless gown will make anyone drool as you come into the room, with it’s black lace detail and it’s jeweling up and down your curves!  The form fitting waist will warm up the coolest fall night!  it also comes with this amazing black wrap designed to show you off, but keep the chilly fall air off of your shoulders.

Arthur is wearing Beneditto, This handsome Turtleneck sweater is part of an outfit that is sure to keep you or your sweetie warm on those fall days with good looks to die for!  With special attention paid to detail, this sweater is an amazing addition to anyones wardrobe.  The Jeans are of rugged construction and fit comfortably but are definitely highly fashionable.  Wonderful for a fall walk with that someone you love!


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Widow Maker Exclusive @ Penumbra A/W 2016 Fashion Week

Vengeful Threads.

Vengeful Threads is hitting Penumbra’s Autumn Winter Fashion Week 2016
with an exclusive release of
Widow Maker
Event Opens Saturday October 22

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Fashion Advisory # 57 Give Your Soul To Me


Originally posted on The Fashion Advisory:
I wait for night fall to claim your soul.  BODY – BELLEZA FREYA @MAIN STORE HEAD – CATWA HEAD kori @MAIN STORE OUTFIT – {POSH PIXELS} Deathly Hallows v2 (Hair Included) @SWANK FOOTWEAR – REIGN.- PLATFORM HEELS- CUSTOMIZATION PACK @MAIN STORE JEWELRY – MINIMAL – Stirling set Gold (wearing…

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Retro Rewind / A Fashion Flashback

Depraved Nation.

Retro Rewind September 24 – October 15, 2016 Sponsored by: Razor ///, AlterEgo, EMPIRE, CandyDoll., The Forge, Empyrean Forge, Abrasive, Anachron and SAKIDE Retro Rewind is a Flashback Fashion Fair displaying trends from popular era’s of the past! Three Decades of popular fashion trends will be represented at this fair – designers will have their […]

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ONE-Creations / ONE Fashion Design


Main Store : ONE Fashion Design

Marketplace : SL Marketplace


DQ...Tube_Satin_Dress_(_PURPLE__) DQ...Tube Satin Dress ( RED ) DQ...Tube Satin Dress ( PURPLE ) DQ...Tube Satin Dress ( GOLD ) DQ...Tube Satin Dress ( BLUE ) DQ...Tube Satin Dress ( FATPACK )

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Second Life Fashion in the real world

Style and Addict by Evenementia.

It’s time to shop say when we want something cute or fills us in full, so it ‘s time to say that the virtual fashion Second Life is taking catwalks of the world because some designers are taking the ideas in this virtual world and they are becoming a reality and how not . If great actresses, singers and artists from around the world are sharing these designs exposing to the world these virtual wonders SL builds charming designs. Now is normal to see a Jennifer Lopez with a design SL, recently discovered Beyonce with one of the designs of a designer SL famous by the way, is beside the point to say who he is, what is important is that fashion SL is crossing borders  becoming the increasingly popular world “Second Life”.
Erienn Bowenford

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Opale hair . Sia @ Cosmetic Fair (Tokyo Fashion)

Uploads from montony & Opale.

montony & Opale posted a photo:

Opale hair . Sia @ Cosmetic Fair (Tokyo Fashion)

8 Colors pack:
Light Blond color pack
Dark Blond color pack
Light Brown color pack
Dark Brown color pack
Red color pack
Black color pack
Pastels color pack
and have dark roots

!New Duo-Mix pack!

Lets go and try DEMO before purchase:

Cosmetic Fair

Open September 15

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.{PSYCHO:Byts}.Cosmetic Fair – Tokyo Fashion

My .{PSYCHO:Byts}..

Hi there!
Ready for Tokyo Fashion make-up?
Cosmetic Fair (15th – 30th September 2016) starts today.

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. has created for this event some cosmetics:
-Mitsuko & Yumiko-Glitter Eyebrows Packs:
Each pack contains 20 Eyebrows (10 Normal & 10 Glitter versions)
Includes Appliers for mesh heads: Catwa, LeLutka, Genesis Lab, Slink Visage, Omega, MAYREAL and Altamuna. Also Second Life tattoo layer.
180L$ per pack.
– Momotaro & Sadayakko Lipsticks Packs:
Each pack contains 6 Lipsticks with appliers for:
Catwa, LeLutka, Genesis Lab, Omega, Slink Visage, MAYREAL and EVE-olution. Also Second Life tattoo layer.
160L$ per pack.
-Harajuku facial stickers (Mesh!):
Facial stickers come with a HUD to change 8 different textures everywhere.
And… You can get these realistic asian eyes free with the Cosmetic Fair Group.

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Edition Exclusive – Fashion Event – Applications Designers and Bloggers

Style and Addict by Evenementia.

After Summer Time Fair, Saint Tropez Market …
L’ExoDe, fashion complex, offers a new major event 
The place to be for fashionistas will be “EDITION EXCLUSIVE”


This event is from October 10th to october 24th.


Everything related to your style ( clothes, accessories, hat, shape, skin….) and furniture too but your item must be sold ONLY for this event !! Not be sold after on your shop or marketplace.
You should create 1 exclusive item like a limited edition and you have to propose 1 gift too.


– Group : You will need a group to access the land, we will send this as late as we can for your convenience.
The group will be send only to two avatars (two per brand).
After payment, we will send the group. If you do not receive the group at 48 hours, please contact us.

– Exclusive items : Each designer will have to make 1 exclusive release for this event.
You need to have an open space to receive the group event.
You can do more than one exclusive item (don’t forget this item will be sold only on this event).

GIFT : you should put 1 gift (free) on your space too.

– Scripts :
Scripts not allowed: Group inviter, scripts to send message, floating text and group gift
You can using other script without abusing it to not cause too much lag.

– Decorations :
Decorations should be in your style. All stores are no modify. You can change the inside, using your prim.
You can also decorate your space respecting your neighbor.

– Payment
Once accepted the application, you will receive a notecard confirmation and payment must be made to exodeland (resident) IMMEDIATLY..
We reserve the right to refuse brand.
Upon payment, you will receive group.


L$ 1800 (with 40 prims) : sponsor – Only 10 slots
You will be placed near the landing point and you’ll be quoting our advertising media.
L$ 1000 (with 25 prims) : medium shop – Only 20 slots


All the advertisement and events are organized on the place by L’ExoDe and Evenementia group.
Event will be advertised by websites and blogs, and also on international advertising groups.
In addition, 30 bloggers will be active for this relay event.


September 12th

September 25th
Closing Applications and All stores fees must be paid.

October 4
Setup will begin
The land will open for designers.

October 6
Bloggers preview begins.
Designers may send their items to the event group

October 8
End of setup
All designers should be with their spaces ready to go.                  
October 10  – 1PM SLT

October 24  – 3PM SLT


Deadline: September 25
Please complete the form here
Designers Applications

Once accepted the application, you will receive a notecard confirmation and payment must be made IMMEDIATLY.
Upon payment, you will receive group.


Deadline: september 25          
You are bloggers and want to cover the event, fill out this form here :
Bloggers Applications

Once accepted the application, you will receive a notecard confirmation and you will receive group.


Tiphaine Auer
Elhan Resident

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