Duchess and the Starfuker Eyes

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And all Vry Offcourse’s Starfuker Eyes, now updated with mesh contacts AND petite sized prim contacts! – 

Old Eyes & a New Name

It’s been a while, and I’ve been quietly working on things as I can. So! A couple pieces of news:

Devae. logoFirstly, I am rebranding my shop! The new name is Devae and you’ll start seeing it seep into product names and projects and such. I’m still me, still making the things I make, I just got tired of not being able to search my shop name (do you know how many websites, stores, and other things have the name “rue” in them? You know, because it’s a french word for street, and a plant, and the name of a character in Hunger Games … ). Plus, this new name has a more personal little flavor for me (it’s the name of a fictional race I created that tends to inspire my creations), so it’s fitting.

The actual parcel name won’t change for a while – the sim is scheduled for an overhaul and when it’s done, my shop will be in a slightly different place – same sim, just different coordinates. So I’m going to wait until then to change the parcel name. Either way, you can always find a link to wherever my stuff is in my profile :)

I expect I will only rebrand items that I will actually be updating, like with the newer options for my eyes (mesh, prim, and petite versions). Which is an excellent segue to …

Do you remember the Spectrum eyes?
Spectrum Eyes

They were originally released under my “House of Ruin” brand several years ago (wow time flies!). Funnily enough, I still get requests for them, so I finally got around to cleaning them up and getting them all updated and they are now on the Marketplace! They are sold individually (or there’s the fatpack, of course), and each have system (classic), mesh (yay!), prim (especially for my anthro friends <3), and petite (sized for the Yabusaka avatars) versions! They are modify and copy OK, so you can adjust them to your needs and size them to any avatar you desire. Pick up the free *wearable* (ie, basically a freebie! woot!) demo HERE, and find the collection HERE!

Here’s a handful of my personal favorites:

Devae. Eyes: Spectrum (velvet, dark)
Velvet, dark on MP
Devae. Eyes: Spectrum (sea, halo)
Sea, halo on MP
Devae. Eyes: Spectrum (moss, halo)
Moss, halo on MP
Devae. Eyes: Spectrum (daisy, pale)
Daisy, pale on MP
Devae. Eyes: Spectrum (dust)
Dust on MP
Devae. Eyes: Spectrum (flare, hollow)
Flare, hollow on MP

That’s it for now! Hopefully I’ll have something new to show you soon :)

<3 Ruina “Sunshine Tentacles” Kessel

Cassiopeia Eyes on the Marketplace

I’ve finally gotten the Cassiopeia eyes updated with petite sized eyes and I’ve put the free wearable rainbow colored demo and the fatpack up on the Marketplace! Because it would take me forever to list all 107 (!) colors, what I’m going to do instead is this: if there is a particular color you want without having to purchase the fatpack, just let me know and I’ll put it up for you! The demo contains contact sheets of all the colors so you can figure out what you’d like :)

Best ways to contact me:
– email: [email protected]
– IM me, Ruina Kessel, inworld