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!NFINITY Halloween Webby Eyes

Uploads from infinity.owner.

infinity.owner posted a photo:

!NFINITY Halloween Webby Eyes

New release!
!NFINITY Halloween Webby Eyes

Catwa Applier HUD
Omega Applier HUD
System eyes
Mesh eyes w. HUD (resizer scripted)

Available in the Saturday Sale october 22nd for only 75L$ !! (mainstore only)

After this date it will be back up for regular price


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Violetility Samhain Siren Eyes

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Violetility Samhain Siren Eyes

Mesh eyes + CATWA eye appliers out now at Suicide Dollz!


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Catwa Mesh Eyes Appliers


Out now in the Mainstore!


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Violetility – Never Never Eyes for Catwa Eyes

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Violetility posted a photo:

Violetility - Never Never Eyes for Catwa Eyes

There’s a new group gift at the mainstore now that the Catwa Eyes have released! These appliers offer six different colors for the new Catwa Eyes.


Find out more about the eyes here and in other Catwa Flickr posts: [email protected]/29659216340

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Crazed Usagi Eyes @ The Kawaii Project!

Lovely Disarray.

This months round at KP is Designers Choice, a fitting theme for me to return from my hiatus with something new~

Display your crazed bunny side with these unique original eyes. You’re free to mix & match colors & go crazy.
You can make yourself look rather demented by editing your eye opening slightly larger than your usual shape. Another option is keeping your eye opening as is or making it smaller for a more neutral look with these eyes. Whichever you prefer, it’s up to you!

Each set comes complete with system & mesh eyes in two cool colors to mix & match.
Also included are optional add-on glow enhancers which give off a soft luminescent glow.


Each Set Includes:
Two (2) System Eyes.
Four (4) Mesh Eye Balls.
Two (2) Optional Add-On Glow Enhancers.

Mesh Eyes : Copy/Mod/No Trans.
System Eyes : Copy/No Trans.

Also while at Kawaii Project don’t forget to check out the Quirky booth for the
Bitch, Call me Cotton Tail
set that goes along with my eyes~!

The Kawaii Project : Round 19!

July 15th – August 10th


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Allie Eyes

Uploads from Raine Drop.

Raine Drop posted a photo:

Allie Eyes

Halloween Hunt Exclusive!
Hunt is $ 1L !
Starts oct. 1st – Nov 2nd

Inworld @

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-Labyrinth- LPL Sale – Radiance Eyes



Low [email protected]
[1st Weekend of the Month Sale]

For this weekend’s [email protected] we have Radiance eyes with over 50% knock off the price.
Teleport to <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>LABYRINTH</a>

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The Distance´s in The Eyes


Slightly Fashionable

Byrne Donna II

Ten thousand miles away, she turned around and found him there.

When her phone buzzed just a second later she knew they had both experienced the same.


Gwen Stefani – Send me a Picture

Style Info

Pic 1

One-shoulder Grecian style triangular mini tunic that ties around the upper waist and bosom. Available in several intense colors [email protected]Marvelous Event Monthly. For classic avatars in standard sizes, fitted mesh, Slink,Maitreya and Belleza. There is a 25% discount for the event that started on August 1st.

Byrne – Donna Dress in Aqua/Cobalt. Cae – Headband. Jewelry by LUXE. Hair by Lelutka.

Pic 2

Clockwise from Left.

#1) High waisted skirt. It ties around with a big fabric draped ribbon on the back and ends in an asymmetrical ruffle.  The top is off the shoulders, cropped and it criss-crosses across the chest where  it ties and ends right under the bosom.  

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Lady mesh eyes set & Passion eyelashes set for Catwa available @BUY NOW

Uploads from Deesses Boutique.

Deesses Boutique posted a photo:

Lady mesh eyes set & Passion eyelashes set for Catwa available @BUY NOW

· Lady mesh eyes set have included 5 different models. The eyes are adjustable and they work with both standard & mesh heads.

· Passion eyelashes set have included 5 different models and they work ONLY with Catwa mesh heads.

They are available only on Buy Now event!


"BUY NOW it’s a unique ONLINE shopping experience that is built around a popular tool, the Linden Lab Marketplace. While keeping the basic “buy & sell” routine in mind. Shop from the comfort of your own home, on the dance floor, at work, not even signed inworld … Buy Now offers a wide selection of virtual products from men and women’s fashion, decor, furniture, landscaping, poses, beauty, skins, hair, tattoos … we are limitless!"

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Babysteps – Faerie Eyes

Uploads from Aryiana Novelli//Babysteps//Snoggs\.

Aryiana Novelli//Babysteps//Snoggs\ posted a photo:

Babysteps - Faerie Eyes

Coming to Hello Beautiful May 5th

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