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.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Snow Queen Eyes – Wayward Winter

News from My .{PSYCHO:Byts}..

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. participates in the Wayward Winter event.
(The event will be open from day 18th to 31ts)
For this event I have created 10 eyes of an Snow Queen. They all come in two versions (with pupil and pupil-free).
Are also equipped with Material Enabled, to give more shine and realism to the eyes.
They are not rigged mesh, copy and editable.
Each eye costs 20L$
Fatpack 180L$

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Lavian&Co-Behind Blue Eyes

News from Uploads from lavian_resident.

lavian_resident posted a photo:

Lavian&Co-Behind Blue Eyes

SS LaVian&CO

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True End Eyes

News from ~SongBird~.

~SongBird~ True End Eyes

~SongBird~ True End Utilizator Eye Applier

these eyes are inspired by sans from undertale. got bored and decided to make a set for myself and figured why not make them for everyone! the mesh eyes are mod so you can adjust the amount of glow but frankly they look best with glow as i have it set. if you have the utilizator eyes you can turn glow on and off on the hud that comes with your head. i have included an optional blacked out eye in case you want to make it look like only one eye is floating around in your head (cause i saw a lot of pics like that when looking up references for this) the utilizator version has a black applier as well.

both eye sets are available in the main store right now!

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Dark Fae Eyes at Horror Haute April

News from ~SongBird~.

~Songbird~ Dark Fae Eyes

the current round of horror haute is dark fairy/dark elf so i decided to make some awesome fantasy eyes that work for both! a 4 pack of ultra vivid slit pupil eyes scripted with a hud for easy change.

these are available right now at the horror haute event location! until the end of april.

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Idyllic eyes @ Zanzo

News from Zanzo – The Blog!.

It’s been a while, but we’ve released some cute new eyes at Zanzo.

This is a bright and glossy range called “Idyllic”.

Available in 12 different colors at 90L each with a 50% off fatpack if you like ’em all.

–> Teleport to Idyllic eyes @ Zanzo

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Flare eyes @ Zanzo

News from Zanzo – The Blog!.

New @ Zanzo – Flare eyes

We released these eyes for the 2015 Skin Fair, but they are now available in the main store!

They are available in 12 cute tones with a discounted fatpack also available!

–> Teleport to Flare eyes @ Zanzo!

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