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# 72 – IT! @ Gacha Good Events – Out With The Old Event

News from IT! (Indulge Temptation!).

It’s becoming a custom for IT! to be a part of the monthly events organized by Gacha Good Events, and this January round is called Out With The Old and you still have a few days to play at those addictive gacha machines or take advantage of the 50% off goodies from the table.


 The event is open till 31st of January, and will be followed shortly by another one for February round called Breakfast At Tiffany’s.
I took some really bad pictures with the discounts table, I will add them below, as for the gachas you will easily recognize them by IT!’s logo, just hurry up while you can still grab them!



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New Events, New Creations….

News from VERO MODERO.

We join too many events this month, Here are the exclusive creations for these events.
[VM]  VERO MODERO Ela Dress London Lines 
 For London Docks
  [VM]  VERO MODERO Marine Triangle Set
For The24
  [VM]  VERO MODERO Ela Dress Rock 
 For Rock your Rack
For SOLARIS Fashion Week

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Exclusive Gown @ WeDO SL Events

News from .

Winter Fair at WeDO SL Event

TD Anna Winter Gown with Appliers Silver

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A Flurry of Festive Treats and Events

News from Khargo: Furniture and Design.

A flurry of new releases this weekend from Khargo.

My 60L Secret

Not 1 but 2 new items this week for My 60L Secret!

Christmas Nook


A festive furnishing item for a cozy Christmas.

This item is made with the best mesh, animations and textures SL has to offer and consists of 1 item which is:
1 christmas nook
– mesh
– 2 spots to sit ( single and couples)
– 56 single animations , 116 couple animations
– land impact 20
– copy, mod



Christmas Crashed Sledge

Have fun in the snow with our crashed sledge landscaping item!

This item is made with the best mesh and textures SL has to offer and consists of 1 item which is:
1 christmas crashed sledge
– land impact 6
– 3 single poses
– copy, mod


Christmas Cuteness

Christmas Little Snowman

The cutest little snowman you’ll find this Winter!

– land impact 5
 – copy, mod


Christmas Centerpiece


The perfect finishing touch for your festive table in traditional red and gold.  Candles turn on and off on touch.

 – land impact 8
 – copy, mod


Christmas Countdown Board 



There is just too many days till Christmas!  A cute decorative board to adorn your wall. 

– land impact 1
 – copy, mod


Christmas Reindeer Decoration

A beautiful Christmas display item – perfect for your holiday decor or gifting to friends.

– land impact 3
 – copy, mod




The Promenade Gacha

Coming soon…

Thames River Frost Fair

The Thames River froze over in 1814, during the “Little Ice Age”.  People took to the ice with tents, wagons, skates and sledges and held a huge fair… and so shall we!

There are over 125 barges, booths, shops and wagons where merchants are displaying their wares!  There will be an Advent Calendar, a MINI-HUNT, gachas, entertainment, food, drink, amusement rides, SHOPPING, rides, skating, Santa’s Workshop and much, much more!

WHEN:  28 November – 28 December 2014

Taxi >>>Thames River Frost Fair<<<

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Skins at Events Around the Grid!

News from 7deadlyskins.

For Jubblies

Estelle for Jubblies

For Cosmetic Fair

 Cosmetic Fair! theme is rainbow

 For Suicide Dollz


 For Swank

For November Swank Round

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November Events @ Avanti

News from Lipstick & Poison..

A new round of AnyBody has started, and I’ve released some new pretties!

TAXI to anyBody

AnyBody Nov 2015

I’m also participating in the current round of Suicide Dollz, and have released some new mesh phrase tanks:

Era Ad 2

TAXI to Suicide Dollz

Anybody ends on 11/30, but this round of Suicide Dollz ends on 11/20!

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*New* irrie’s Dollhouse @ Fall Events!

News from irrie’s Dollhouse.

October and Fall are my favorite time of the year! For this season, i made some special items with a lot of love! Check out these awesome events which will be perfect for the spooky and cozy mood of fall and Halloween!

MadPea Peatonville Asylum
October 9 – November 30th

Flawless Frightful & Delightful Cart Sale & Hunt
October 16th

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