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New at The Designers Showcase


New at the Designer Showcase for February, Ghee’s Rosa Dress is a relaxed, long sleeved jersey dress, with an asymmetrical split high on the thigh, with a mini skirt underneath. In the softest jersey fabric, with a subtle rose print, this lovely dress comes in 10 new season colors for the Spring. In one size fitted mesh for classic avatars, plus fit mesh for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies.

Available exclusively from the Designer Showcase until 28th February. Here’s your ride!

Also at the Designer Showcase – Ghee’s new Pointy Thigh Boots.

These stylish thigh high boots are sure to be a wardrobe essential, with 16 color texture HUDs. 2 editions are available – Suede and Leather. For mesh bodies ONLY – fitted mesh for Lara, Isis, Freya, Venus, Physique and Hourglass.

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!BBN! Now at the FitMesh Designers Expose’

!BBN! Bravura Boite Noir.

A great Event visited by over 10,000 people a month! Popular indeed! !BBN! Bravura Boit Noir debute at the event is a must have for all the fellows out there. Exclusive to the event is the !BBN! Street Outfit. It includes Shirt, Pants, Shoes and Tote in 5 colours – Kahki, Navy, Grey, Pale Blue, Black.

Besides the complete outfit, each individual item is available on a separate vendor at a Special DISCOUNTED price at the Event! – Pack includes Mesh Models for Aesthetic, TMP, Slink, Adam and Standard Avatars.

Pick up your demo from the Vendors at the Event!
Also, we have put out a stylish and trendy shirt, as a gift to all the fellows who visit the FitMesh Designers Expose’ – It is suitable for most of the newer Mesh Male and Standard Avatars.
Kind wishes,
Marty Dalglish
!BBN! Bravura Boite Noir

Visit us In-World – Marketplace – Blog – FB – Flickr – Tumbler

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PRISM @ Fitmesh Designers Expose Jezzixa Cazalet for December

PRISM DESIGNS Fashions for SL.

New Release at the Fitmesh Designers Expose by Jezzixa Cazalet are the CEANNA Shimmer gowns!  Lots of sizes and will fit most.  Select from 6 striking prints with accent satin shawl.  So pretty.  Come try the free demo for fit and treat yourself!

Prism at the Fitmesh Designers Expose

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Designers Invitation to The Darkness Monthly Event

Uploads from *PosESioN* Pose Store Oficial.

*PosESioN* Pose Store Oficial posted a photo:

Designers Invitation to The Darkness Monthly Event

The new monthly event of 2017!!
This event is only by invitation or filling this application for designers:
The theme for this event is always the same for every months, "Dark Style".
It’s not necessary that your items are necessarily Gothic, they can be inspired by other styles (Glam Rock, Rocker, Punk, Emo, Boho, Urban, Street, Hipster, Classic, etc…) but always respecting the essence of Dark Style.

● The event starts on 5th of every month day and ends on the 1st of the following month.
● Set up: 1st – 4th of each month.
● 1st of each month we’ll return your items to your inventory.
● Your items must be new creations after the event you can sell them in your store.
● 20 prims available for each designer and 1000L rate for each month (you can use your own decoration)
● The payment can be made from day 15 to day 28 of each month in the rent box assigned for that.

Point of arrival at The Darkness Monthly Event:



You need the corresponding group to rez your vendors.

We have a Blog, Flickr Group and Facebook Page.




For more information contact Inworld to The Darkness Monthly Event Team:
Dahriel, Gretel Bulloch & Layka63

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Designers Selected for Winter’s Hollow

Winter’s Hollow.

The day is finally here for me to announce the designers selected for Winter’s Hollow this year.

First I want to say thank you to everyone who applied there was an amazing amount of talent that applied. Unfortunately when you have double the applicants than spaces some will get cut. If you were not selected I will hold your names for possible last minute openings.

Official Notified Store List as of 11/26/2016
* List created in order of the owners username A-Z in SL

Stargazer Creations
IT! (Indulge Temptation!)
Angelic Designs
Dark Passions
1313 Mockingbird Lane
The Little Bat
Suicidal Unborn
e l i a v a h ~
Beyond Majestic
[QE] Designs
Zombie Suicide
Endless Pain Tattoos
[ bubble ].{PSYCHO:Byts}.
Get Frocked
Vengeful Threads

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Winter’s Hollow Is Looking For Designers!

Winter’s Hollow.

After Trick or Treat Lane’s success, I asked the participating designers what types of events they would be interested in. It was no surprise that many wanted to keep it spooky but I had a huge demand to take on winter with a dark twist soooo…. Winters Hollow was born!

If you would like to keep this winter spooky then join us! The theme is dark winter with a dash of magical witchiness, Gothic, Victorian. Dark Gothmas is also acceptable.

Important Dates:
November 24 – Application deadline
December 1 – Payment deadline
December 7 – 13 – Set up
December 16, (Noon) Slt –  Winter’s Hollow Begins
January 3 (Noon) Slt – Winter’s Hollow Ends

Designer Applications are OPEN: Apply Here

Only 24 will be accepted!
If you apply after the deadline you will be added to the wait-list for spots.

Stay tuned bloggers! Your applications will be opening soon

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FitMesh Designers Expose Tori’s-Stylez

Uploads from Myles & Gem Miklos-Harvy.

Myles & Gem Miklos-Harvy posted a photo:

FitMesh Designers Expose Tori's-Stylez

Exclusive for November FitMesh Designers Expose
Fatpac 50% off
Slink ♥ Hourglass-Physique
Belleza ♥ Freya-Isis

Also available in
Plain collection 12 Satin Colours
Lace collection 12 Lace Colours
12 Single pacs,each with Satin & Lace Versions

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Great Stores / Designers of Secondlife

Style and Addict by Evenementia.

Who does not want to look spectacular clothing, such as shoes, clothes and accessories for this reazon and today I will talk more of the best and most important designer brands.

TIFFANY DESIGNS: This is the franchise LucyHope The famous designer, Lucy has always been known for its unique and futuristic style has led her to be done this.

BLUE (Est. CA 2007) is one of the oldest established fashion houses Japanese luxury thrive in Second Life. BLUE is elegant, great detail, fashion and creative design. The distribution of clothing and fashion accessories. Collection of fashion forward specializing in Vintage Mesh offer flexible retro Prims, BLUE also stands out for its beautiful fabrics and avant-garde trends that mark differences, exponential this line models are spectacular, professional and very beautiful.
JUST DESIGN: This emporium Accessories, Clothing, Shoes and some body parts, as well hair, ah been for many years one of the best, as always create excellent designs, enriched by real aspects characterize these designs, all of which are of very high quality throughout the dimension of the word.

Erienn Bowenford

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Whistle Monthly Event – Looking for designers

Uploads from Raine Drop.

Raine Drop posted a photo:

Whistle Monthly Event - Looking for designers

Welcome to Whistle Events. This is a monthly event that is opened for 25 days. The event will start on the 1st of the month and end on the 25th of the same month.

Every month will have a specific theme
▶November Theme:
November Blues (All about November, changing of leaves color, incoming cold weather, cold rain, drooming weather)

Every designer is on the same level. There will be no sponsors nore advertising more than the other. We do require one exclusive discounted 30% from your usual price would be greatly appreciated.

Each event will host 24 designers
Designer booth space is 15 Prims for $ 350L for the event

Designer Application


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Edition Exclusive – Fashion Event – Applications Designers and Bloggers

Style and Addict by Evenementia.

After Summer Time Fair, Saint Tropez Market …
L’ExoDe, fashion complex, offers a new major event 
The place to be for fashionistas will be “EDITION EXCLUSIVE”


This event is from October 10th to october 24th.


Everything related to your style ( clothes, accessories, hat, shape, skin….) and furniture too but your item must be sold ONLY for this event !! Not be sold after on your shop or marketplace.
You should create 1 exclusive item like a limited edition and you have to propose 1 gift too.


– Group : You will need a group to access the land, we will send this as late as we can for your convenience.
The group will be send only to two avatars (two per brand).
After payment, we will send the group. If you do not receive the group at 48 hours, please contact us.

– Exclusive items : Each designer will have to make 1 exclusive release for this event.
You need to have an open space to receive the group event.
You can do more than one exclusive item (don’t forget this item will be sold only on this event).

GIFT : you should put 1 gift (free) on your space too.

– Scripts :
Scripts not allowed: Group inviter, scripts to send message, floating text and group gift
You can using other script without abusing it to not cause too much lag.

– Decorations :
Decorations should be in your style. All stores are no modify. You can change the inside, using your prim.
You can also decorate your space respecting your neighbor.

– Payment
Once accepted the application, you will receive a notecard confirmation and payment must be made to exodeland (resident) IMMEDIATLY..
We reserve the right to refuse brand.
Upon payment, you will receive group.


L$ 1800 (with 40 prims) : sponsor – Only 10 slots
You will be placed near the landing point and you’ll be quoting our advertising media.
L$ 1000 (with 25 prims) : medium shop – Only 20 slots


All the advertisement and events are organized on the place by L’ExoDe and Evenementia group.
Event will be advertised by websites and blogs, and also on international advertising groups.
In addition, 30 bloggers will be active for this relay event.


September 12th

September 25th
Closing Applications and All stores fees must be paid.

October 4
Setup will begin
The land will open for designers.

October 6
Bloggers preview begins.
Designers may send their items to the event group

October 8
End of setup
All designers should be with their spaces ready to go.                  
October 10  – 1PM SLT

October 24  – 3PM SLT


Deadline: September 25
Please complete the form here
Designers Applications

Once accepted the application, you will receive a notecard confirmation and payment must be made IMMEDIATLY.
Upon payment, you will receive group.


Deadline: september 25          
You are bloggers and want to cover the event, fill out this form here :
Bloggers Applications

Once accepted the application, you will receive a notecard confirmation and you will receive group.


Tiphaine Auer
Elhan Resident

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