A few new .:KosmO:. exclusives for K.V. Christmas Event

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I haven’t been around for a while, and yet I come back and work myself out to death to bring up a few new items for the store and for some events!
The event currently up is called White Christmas, and it is organized by K.V. Dream Fashion Agency. The sim looks wonderfull with the iceskating and all Christmas decorations around. It might look weird compared to the last time you may have visited it, as the staff made a major restructuring of the buildings and arrangements for the shops. But you will surely figure out where the new exclusive items are located.
I am participating in all groups of vendors:
Shopping Way;
Haute Couture Shop;
Gacha Machines.

.:KosmO:. Ghost of the past Christmas
This is my exclusive entry for the Shopping Way. It is a set of a headpiece, dress and boots. The theme is white, that I matched with dark purple. This color I chose is the color of old passions and loves which are in the past with this Christmas, which we had and left us.
Melanchonic with no regrets and looking forward to what’s coming next.

.:KosmO:. The Ghost of Future Christmas
Here it comes a cheerfull version of the ghost of things that hasn’t happened yet, that we are looking forward to and we expect to happen in the near future. This outfit takes with it all wishes that hasn’t come true yet and will make sure thay will next year!
A bit of avant garde for this quality and high fashion line made of precious silk and gems.
The outfit includes the pants and the top.

.:KosmO:. Got snow on my feet!
For those who aren’t sure they want to dress up like ghosts but still need to wear something nice to get into the mood of the Christmas festivity, I made some high heels shoes which can (have to) be worn with Slink Mesh High Heels Feet.
It is the first time for me making some items that need some other from another creator! I am very excited to start making shoes for Slink Feet and am very thankful to all Slink staff that made this possible.
The shoes have a leather and gems texture, while the two rare are white leather only.
With and without plateaux, open or close toe, lateral cuts. I am sure you will enjoy this high quality shoes!

.:KosmO:. Christmas Festive dress 2014

News from .:KosmO:..

Again this year, I present a dress for Christmas Festivity. It is a dress that fits most kind of parties, from those more formal to those with a more casual touch, without failing at being glamour and stunning. Embroided paillettes on a shiny red fabric, a white laced waistband, one shouldered dress with a deep cleft revealing one leg.
Here, the best way to celebrate Christmas with friend, beloved or even enemies!

.:KosmO:. Christmas Festive dress 2014 – buy on MP

12 Days of Christmas!! Days 1-5

::Toxxic:: Pandora is having a 12 days of Christmas!
Group URL
Due to the release of several group gifts we have added a small group fee of only 50 lindens to join.  
Share with your friends as there is much more to come that we’re excited to share with you.  Happy Holidays!
Beaunciea Silvercloud & Ginny Nostram

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5