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N-Uno looking for Bloggers 14.01-19.01

N-Uno Design.

N-Uno looking for Bloggers 14.01-19.01

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!NFINITY is looking for dedicated bloggers

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!NFINITY is looking for dedicated bloggers

If you’re looking to blog for my store, please take a look at the requirements first before you apply.

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.Ecko. Is looking for bloggers

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.Ecko. Is looking for bloggers

.Ecko. is expanding rather well so im opening up the applications againf or the new year 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon ♥
Applications end Jan 24th

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Upps! feeds bloggers!: Join us


Upps! feeds bloggers!: Join us

Hi! I’d love to join your feed!

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Bloggers Invitation to The Darkness Monthly Event

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Bloggers Invitation to The Darkness Monthly Event

The Darkness Monthly Event is looking for talents!
The bloggers application will be closed in 2-3 weeks
If you are interested, please follow the link below. It is mandatory to read the rules before applying:–9DUmwLRF0IIs6gJJgFmHGUaCU…

For more information contact Inworld to The Darkness Monthly Event Team:
Gretel Bulloch


[email protected]/members/


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E. Vary Looking for Bloggers

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E. Vary Looking for Bloggers

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We are looking for Bloggers!

!BBN! Bravura Boite Noir.

If you are an experienced male fashion blogger, and are interested, please send your CV to Marty Dalglish, inworld! (Secondlife).

Take care,
Marty Dalglish
BRAVURA Boite Noir
Visit us In-World – Marketplace – Blog – FB – Flickr – Tumbler

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.Ecko. Is Looking for Bloggers

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.Ecko. Is Looking for Bloggers

If you are interested please return this within a notecard to fallenraindrop resident
I hope to hear from you soon♥
Applications accepted only 11.15.16 – 11.19.16
Only 5 Bloggers will be chosen
Display Name:
Avatars "Born" date:
Blog Link:
Language of Blog:
How long have you had this blog:
Feeds you are syndicated in:
What are some things that you are not willing to blog [R-rated items, bikinis, ect]?
Flickr (Required):
How many followers does your blog currently have? (Not required):
If you post on Facebook, Flickr, twitter or slx connect- what are you site addresses?
AGREE to Rules? YES or NO
Any other information do you wish to share?
Please Read and agree to the following RULES:

* You must be able to friend me. There will be no group. I will personally send out a notecard of all items available and you can tell me what you would like to receive [or] I will give out store credit to bloggers to purchase what you want to blog.


*Timeline for items taken is two weeks. That’s 14 days to blog what you take!

*You need to be ok for me to use your photos for advertising purposes. Meaning I might use your photos for decoration Ads in the store or for events. I will personally let you know if I choose your photo.

* I don’t expect you to blog every single item of .Ecko. Only ask for what you want.

* When you have blogged you must send me a IM preferably notecard to inform me.

* You must also add the photos + Blog link to .Ecko. Flickr pool.

*Serious Requirement: If you do not include all credit details to your blogs do not apply! Meaning I want to see the full detail list of all you used and had around you. It’s only fair to the designers and possibly sim creators you taking the photo at.

* When you leave second life for a long period (holiday, etcetera), please inform me so i know you wont blog for awhile. And please inform me when you return- i understand emergencies happen and real life comes first.

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KiB Designs – Looking for Bloggers !!!

KiB Designs.

KiB Designs is searching for new bloggers now. 
We seek female bloggers, who work in high quality, good taste and meet all requirements
Bloggers App Here :
CEO – Owner: Kira Balestra
Blogger Manager: Kamila Stoanes
Thanks you !
KiB Designs Staff

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Official Bloggers LA PERLA

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Official Bloggers LA PERLA

:cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:Hello bloggers.
We had many applications, so it was very difficult to choose among so many good bloggers, already I want to thank all who participated,
Thank you!

For the selected I want to congratulate because now part of LA PERLA Bloggers Team.

In the future we will open new applications.

Thank you!


:cherry_blossom:Nicol Kling –
:cherry_blossom:Terri23- [email protected]/
:cherry_blossom:Emmavega – [email protected]/
:cherry_blossom:Camillars- [email protected]/
:cherry_blossom:Crystalm00n Resident –
:cherry_blossom:Lolita Paragorn –
:cherry_blossom:Cakil Sahara-
:cherry_blossom:Nyenna Enyo-
:cherry_blossom:Juwel Innovia- [email protected]/

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