NoName Bloggers & Models

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NoName Bloggers & Models

We are looking for talented people to join our crazy team. Both bloggers and in-store models, male & females are welcome to apply.
For more info and applications use below links:

Blogger application:
Model application:

We love to hear from you <3

Zigana is looking for bloggers!

News from Zigana.


Hello everyone! I have decided to add a few bloggers to my little list, it is time!

Do you like Zigana, and think my items fit into your style?


If you want to apply, please send me a notecard inworld (blogger request – your name).

Include at least the following information;

– Blog site

– How long you have been blogging

– How often

– Other information you think i should know/ see!

Be unique! Be yourself!

♥ Nalena Fairey.