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“Black Widow” blog post featuring Lillith’s Den “And Along Comes A Spider- Theater Stage Set Up””

News from Runa, The Wild Elf » Lilith’s Den.

Lilith’s Den got blogged:

I was alright with the spiders when I entered the room, the lamps symbolizing them beautifully. But when I settled down to look at the Ouiji board on the trunk, I grew a bit apprehensive and had to hurry out of there.
This great room is a gift in the Along Came a Spider Hunt, which begins October 1st. In addition to the room,….
Lillith’s Den
And Along Comes A Spider-  Theater Stage Set Up
Along Cames A Spider Hunt Begins Oct 1

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Hi Again, Forgotten Blog…

News from Anachron .

Yep, me again. Finally remembering to post about some new things…

Firstly, it’s the last weekend of the Wash Cart Sale, for which I have made a bunch of Sarees, available til the 16th for the low low price of $ L10. Here’s a Link to the Wash in SL.

Anachon-Poster-Wall-LahengaSaree-Shaalmali Anachon-Poster-Wall-LahengaSaree-Palas Anachon-Poster-Wall-LahengaSaree-Mehendi Anachon-Poster-Wall-LahengaSaree-Karavira Anachon-Poster-Wall-LahengaSaree-Jambul Anachon-Poster-Wall-LahengaSaree-Chandana Anachon-Poster-Wall-LahengaSaree-Jacaranda Anachon-Poster-Wall-LahengaSaree-Asoka

Second, the Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair is on now, and I made a gacha version of #TheDress. No, I don’t really know why, other than that it made me giggle. Here’s how to get to The Luck Of The Irish Gacha Fair.


And finally, it’s time for A Tattered Page again, the theme this time is 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, which had folks really excited about getting all aquatic and steampunky. My offering is a slightly nautical rosary style pearl necklace. Here’s a SLURL to the Library, and my pics:

Anachon-Poster-Wall-ChapletOfPearls-White Anachon-Poster-Wall-ChapletOfPearls-Yellow Anachon-Poster-Wall-ChapletOfPearls-Pink Anachon-Poster-Wall-ChapletOfPearls-Green Anachon-Poster-Wall-ChapletOfPearls-Blue Anachon-Poster-Wall-ChapletOfPearls-Black

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Roots & Wings Clothing Blog Mentions

News from Roots & Wings Clothing.


Check out the Roots & Wings Clothing mentions lately:

New winter coats coming SOON!

Roots & Wings Clothing SLURL:

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New Blog!

News from irrie’s Dollhouse.

Well, i finally did it. I created a “real” blog for my shop in order to provide new releases & Dollhouse news in a timely and orderly fashion. i will be spending a lot of time over the next few weeks updating all of my social media, and embarking on a journey of new projects & ideas that i’ve had circulating my mind for probably years now. So stay tuned!

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