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New Portland Bird Tables – Second Life SL – StoraxTree

◦⊱❀◦ StoraxTree ◦❀⊰◦.

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Bird by KiX

KiX – Virtual Worlds and Beyond.

After a runaway success or flyaway success at the FREAKSHOW Carnivale,  Bird is now available to purchase on the MARKET PLACE

This version of Bird from KiX is an avatar attachment.. That means you can use it on sims where you don’t have permission to rez items.  Exploring is so much more fun when using Bird to soar above the world below.
Come and admire this fantastic creation in the MAIN STORE today

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@ SWANK ~ [CIRCA] – “NOCTURNE” – Bird Cage Stand – Violet & Pewter

Uploads from Cherelle Capra – [CIRCA] Living.

Cherelle Capra – [CIRCA] Living posted a photo:

@ SWANK ~ [CIRCA] - "NOCTURNE" - Bird Cage Stand - Violet & Pewter

This item is part of our NEW gothic room collection that we’ve been working on for the last coupls of weeks. It’s one of the most extensive sets we have released to date. It’s made for the Gothic round of "SWANK" event for this month.

Each item is full of details and luxurious texturing.

Find individual packs at L$ 300 or less.
Sets available at 50% Off.

Find this new collection here:

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“Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.”

News from Samurai HQ SKIN (Second Life).

= Scorpions – Wind Of Change =

Hope to see you on board the wind of change. May darkness fades from your life. Don’t ever give up, promise?

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