::Modish:: Leah skins plus Lelutka and TMP appliers

12 skintones
►System skins
►TheMeshProject installers
►Lelutka Appliers
Available to purchase separately
Lelutka Appliers have 3 face options: Clean, Moles, Freckles with Moles
System skins have the moles and freckles as tattoo layers included in skin packs

Appliers & Fitteds available @.:KosmO:.

News from .:KosmO:..

Until now I just posted the items I created and explained what appliers were available in the pack.
I thought it can be more handy if I make a list of the brands I cover with appliers and what kind of items I offer for each brand, so that each costumer can check if what they are looking for can be found on .:KosmO:. ´s catalogue.
Please keep in mind that some items might not be available for sale yet, as I may have received the developer´s kit but didn´t have time to release the items yet. Be patient pleace and keep supporting me and my brand! <3

(brands are in alphabetical order)

– clothes applier

– clothes applier

Genesis Lab.
– heads skin applier
– make up applier

– body skin applier
– clothes applier
– nails

– clothes applier
– body skin applier
– head skin applier
– make up applier

– clothes applier
– nails
– mesh shoes

#The Mesh Project
– clothes applier
– facial hair applier (eyebrows, beard, hairbase)
– make up
– mesh shoes
– mesh clothes

As time passes, I will be probably accepted for more features. Please stay tuned and feel free to send suggestions and requests!

Omega appliers, EVE’olution, Visage!

Originally published on Lutricias Luxuries in Second Life by Lutricia Roux.


LOGO mesh head Alex used with Faith Omega appliers


Faith skin head appliers, shown on EVE’olution head


Faith SLINK Visage appliers, shown on Emma mesh head

Omega appliers for compatible mesh heads, SLINK Visage and EVE’olution mesh head appliers! Available for Faith skin line (shop online)! Faith skin line has recently been updated to include Omega appliers for body, SLINK Physique, hands and feet plus EVEmesh body, hands and feet appliers.

Now you can also get the addon – Faith mesh head applier! Shop online (EVE’olution, Omega, SLINK Visage)

Each addon includes appliers in 4 skin tones with 5 brow options to choose from. Please try the free demos to see if the Omega appliers works for your choice of mesh head.

Deluxe Body Factory VIP’s have 20% discount on the entire Faith skin line when shopping inworld Second Life (join group here: secondlife:///app/group/5d1f3417-9261-0a26-8ece-6b2e4b73c4ef/about).

Have fun!

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Skin body & head appliers!

News from .:KosmO:..

I did my first experiments with skin appliers and brought to you one of the favourite skins I made back then: .:KosmO:. Lullaby skin!
Available appliers are OMEGA body and GENESIS LAB heads.
The Omega applier works for lots of compatible bodies, if not compatible, there is a relay system for popular bodies.

Get the DEMO for the body


Welcome again to my blog. <3

And today, I have a new release for you. The Maitreya Mesh Body Applier!

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