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Happy 7th Anniversary 30L Saturday! Let’s celebrate with a great event and GIFTS!

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Happy 7th Anniversary… 30L Saturday!
We are happy to celebrate this date!
A big friend group that always make great events and of course the fabulous 30L Saturday List that all love!
And have a party event! 🙂
30L Sales, 50% Off, Gachas and GIFTs!
17th – 19th February 2017

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♥ Designer Showcase 6th Year Anniversary ♥

Designer Showcase.

Designer Showcase 6th Year Anniversary Celebration January 2017
Event runs from  January 5th to January 31st, 2017
Featuring exclusive fashion designs

Featured in Photo *Aisha Convair*
Photo by Leah McCullough
*Visit Event Location*



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Ava – 7th Anniversary Gown

Styles by Danielle.

Ava is created with lots of love for you. A hugging figure dress with golden straps and colorful ornaments will surely draw attention toward you.
And the best thing yet is that it is on special during the celebration week Nov 25-30. Only 190 L$ for group members, and on Sunday the group enrollment will be free.

There are two more color variations of this gown and they are 30% discounted for our members, as usually.


Beside five standard sizes, Ava has FitMesh models for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza and TMP.
DEMO is available.

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Danielle 7th Anniversary

Styles by Danielle.

Styles by Danielle 7th Anniversary
 (¸.•´.•´.¸.•¨¯`• November 25-30 •¨¯`•.¸.•´¸.•*¨)
 Fashion show – Sunday, November 27th, 11 AM SLT

Come and celebrate the 7th anniversary of Styles by Danielle, a fashion house by Dani Plassitz.
Danielle is bringing you timeless elegance in design since 2009. Our outfits are defined by combining grace and beauty to create the desired look, whilst providing the highest quality and excellent customer care.

From Nov. 25-30 we have prepared specials for you:
        >> Special offer – Anniversary gown
        >> Group Members Hunt Instore
        >> Nov. 27th, 11:00 am Anniversary fashion show by MGB / charity support and special gift for attendees – Danielle golden necklace.
        >> ATTENTION!! On Nov. 27th there will be FREE group enrollment! 

Details in our Programme:
We hope you can come and celebrate with us!

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Vengeful Threads @ Fallen Gods Anniversary Event

Vengeful Threads.

Say it with us…
Fallen Gods is celebrating another year in Second Life 
and Vengeful Threads is taking part!
Check out what we’ve got at the Market…
and the Sunrise of Creation hunt!

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V-Spot First Anniversary Event

V-Spot SL.

 V-Spot First Anniversary Event

You can grab V-Spot group copying this url on your local chat: secondlife:///app/group/62fd7254-d442-208e-8cf5-5c6fb1edff25/about

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New Exclusives @ Totally Top Self Anniversary!

Lovely Disarray.

Today is August 1st which marks the anniversary of Totally Top Self. For the occasion the event was given a royals theme. TTS is a bi-monthly event which brings you creations at a discounted price for the duration of the event. There’s great list of designers & even some gacha machines out for those who enjoy to try their luck.

For this event I created two new cosmetic sets; one is more feminine, while the other sex is unisex. You can actually mix & match the two sets with interesting results.

Gilded Eye Shadows

Show off your wealth with these glamorous eye shadows~
Although these are more for the ladies, these also look good on men who are daring & going for that avantgarde look.
■ Includes:
Six (6) Eye Shadows in System Layers (Tattoo)
System Layers Only!

Forgotten Nobility (Unisex)

Somber yet beautifully elegant. Although you may have been forgotten, that doesn’t mean you can’t look lovely~
This is a massive set which consists of; eye makeup, lip stain designs & Applier HUDs for Loud Mouth (Unisex) & SweetLips.
I placed this set out @ 20% off for the duration of the event.
■ Includes:
One (1) Unisex Loud Mouth Applier HUD, One (1) [PXL] SweetLips Applier HUD
One (1) Female Eyebrows Shaper (Modifiable), One (1) Female Eyebrows Shaper (Modifiable)
Five (5) Complete Layers (Tattoo System Layer)
Five (5) Separate Lip Layers (Tattoo System Layer)
Five (5) Separate Eye Makeup Layers (Tattoo System Layer)
Fifteen (15) Layers in total!

TTS Royals Theme

I hope you can come by this event & check out all of the offerings each designer has created.

Totally Top Shelf


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SCALA’s Graduation and 2nd Anniversary Show!

Kryptonia Paperdoll.

The two times Avi Choice Awards Winner – Favorite Fashion Modeling/Fashion Agency/Instruction Course – SCALA™ – presents their 2nd Anniversary and Graduation Show., sponsored by 19 Designers,… Read more “SCALA’s Graduation and 2nd Anniversary Show!”

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!!! Karla Boutique !!! – 3st Anniversary

Uploads from !!! Karla Boutique !!!.

!!! Karla Boutique !!! posted a photo:

!!! Karla Boutique !!! -  3st Anniversary

!!! Karla Boutique !!! – 3st Anniversary


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Cosmopolitan 4th Anniversary {Round 1/5} 29th Aug – 10th September

Cosmopolitan Events.


This round is available for only two weeks so make sure to pop over and explore what Cosmopolitan has to offer, before it is all gone for another exciting new round.

• Blog • Facebook Group • Facebook Page • Flickr
Or join the SUBSCRIBER (outside by the door) to stay informed! 
No group slot needed!


[Elegance] / 199L$

[Construct] / 339L$ (PG & Adult version Included, Texture Change HUD)

[E-Clipse] / 225L$ Dress / 275L$ Jacket

[Di’cor] / 399L$ PG / 599L$ Adult

[Deetalez] / 229L$

[Hive] / 375L$

[White Widow] / 300L$

[Asteria] / Bustier 199L$ / Skirt 199L$ / Necklace 120L$

[NX-Nardcotix] / 250L$
[BackBone] / 299L$

[Badwolf Poses] / 200L$

[Cynful] / 299L$

[Swallow] / 350L$ Promo price

[AZOURY] / 439L$
[NRage] / 100L$ / Fatpack 225L$

[Kunglers] / 210L$ / Fatpack 630L$

[MINIMAL] / 250L$

[Schultz Bros.] / 499L$

[RealEvil Industries] / 149L$ Each

[Spargel & Shine] / 1250L$

[Agapee] / 333L$ / Fatpack 999L$

[Legal Insanity] / 199L$ / 899L$ Fatpack

[BADE] / 250L$ / 1150L$ Fatpack

[ChicChica] / 211L$

[CCDesign] / 300L$

[Avi-Glam] / Male skin w Appliers 499L$ / 1499L$ Fatpack

[BREATHE] / 250L$ / 400L$ Mini Packs / 1500L$ Fatpack

[Labyrinth] / 800L$

[no_match]  / Unisex 150L$

[Goose] / 199L$

[Your Dreams] / 55L$ per Play

[Ricielli] / Top 165L$ / 600L$ Fatpack

[TLC] / 395L$ (Animals included)

[Meva] / 210L$

[Petroff] / Watch 350L$ / Bracelets 250L$ Aleksa Set 250L$

[Violetility] / 299L$
[EMO-tions] / 199L$

[PICHI] / 150L$

[Mesh India] / 50L$ per Play

[QPoses]  / 85L$ Promo Price!

[BF]  / 200L$

[Cae]  / Necklace 395L$ / Earrings 245L$ / Set 495L$

[Come Soon] / 89L$

[Kaithleen’s] / 199L$ / 599L$ Fatpack

[Ialiano]  / 190L$ / 990L$ Fatpack
[Sequel] / 99L$ / 295L$ Fatpack

[Insufferable Dastard] / 149L$

[Ex Machina]  / 680L$

[BAMSE] / 149L$ / 549L$ Fatpack

[amiable] / 125L$ / 625L$ Fatpack Ann Promo Price

[Hilly Haalan] / Anniversary Promo 99L$

[Move!] /  Romy Dances 250L$ / Fatpack 1999L$

[Myrrine] / 50L$ per Play

[ZOZ] / Polish 98L$
[Bee Design] / PG 59L$ / Adult 69L$ per Play

[M.Law] /  69L$ per Play

[G&D] / 210L$ / 895L$ Fatpack

[ChiMia] / 149L$ / 299L$ Fatpack
[LAKSHMI] / 300L$ Promo Price

[Compulsion] / 350L$

[A&D] / 199L$ / 1299L$ Fatpack
Thank you all for amazing 4 Years with us!

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