Hair Fair 2013 – Wigs for Kids

News from *TuttiFrutti*.

” It’s been hours of typing and erasing. So better keep it brief. I lost three of my family for cancer, my father four years ago, but still feels like yesterday. They all gone less than three months after diagnosed. I do know that is a hell of a fight for the survivors. And when it comes to children, people say that they are more resilient than adults but it hits me hard either way.
So every year I wait for Hair Fair for obvious reasons and for a chance to help Wigs for Kids by making and/or buying a bandana. ”   Bela Tolsen.


For Hair Fair 2013 – Bandana Day, Mel Vanbeeck created an amazing mesh bandana and Sasy Scarborough did a tutorial video showing how to texturize it!
So *TuttiFrutti* did it and decorated with a few flowers!
 *TuttiFrutti* Bali - Bandana Day - Hair Fair 2013

 And there are many more beautiful bandanas for you to choose!

W. Winx – Gingko Espresso Bandana [Hair Fair 2013]
– Hair Fair Bandana – [LeLutka]-ALINA scarf
– Womens Bandana 2013, Evion Ember
– . a i s l i n g . Bandana Day /Unicorn

Know more about Wigs for Kids and acess Hair Fair (July 13th – 28th) for more info and URLs.

::kDm:: New item & Sannomiya Halloween Festival 2013

News from :: kDm ::.

Hi!!!! I released new stuff!
[ New Item ]
::kDm:: AMI dress
DEMO color → yellow
fat pack /
green / hot pink / olive / orange /
orange-red / pink lace / pink / purple lace /
purple / red / red-white / sky
[ LB ]

::kDm:: AMI dress -LB pink-
7minutes(Group only) or 30L$
[ Group Gift ]
Thank you 200 members gift!

You can get 2weeks only ! Hurry up!
::kDm:: almeta poncho -sky GG-
I participated in Sannomiya Halloween Festival 2013.
Oct 25th – Oct 31st 2013
< Hunt Prize >

::kDm:: Pallone skirt -pumpkin-
< Exclusive item >
::kDm:: Pallone skirt
DEMO color → cobweb
1 set (3colors) 50L$
halloween / polka dot  /

< limited price item >

::kDm:: AMI dress -fat pack- 100L$
( regular price is 250L$ )
< LB >

::kDm:: Pallone skirt -wagara LB-
7min or 30L$
last call!!!
The Boho Culture Fair 2013 will end of  Oct. 31st!
Hurry up!!!

::kDm:: sara top
Rigged Mesh XXS – L
DEMO color → yellow
fat pack /

beige / black / blue / green / grey / pink

::kDm:: GN skirt
DEMO color → DEMO limited pattern
Rigged Mesh XXS – L
fat pack  /
A  / B / C  / D / E / F / G / H / I /  J
[ exclusive item ]
If end of event,This item will gone.
You will not able to buy this never.

::kDm:: almeta poncho
DEMO color → orange
Rigged Mesh XXS – L
fat pack 300L$
(bonus color yellow and grey included. total 7colors.)
1 color 100L$
blue / brown / orange /pink /purple /
[1L$ GIFT]

::kDm:: denim dress & denim ribbon boots

[ bazaar item ]  (left side out of the booth)

::kDm:: caramel top G1&G2 10L$

[Gacha item at Gacha Area]

::kDm:: long skirt Gacha
DEMO color → colorful arrow
Rigged Mesh XXS – L
1Play 20L$

Thank you XD