Clutter Home and Garden


“Clutter is a little bit of everything, The focus has always been on beauty, simplicity, usability, and mixing old with new.  It’s never been about trying to fit in a niche, or corner a market or style.”   – Kat Alderson

Clutter Home and Garden, previously known as Third Life Interiors and Alderson & Charron, is owned by creator Kat Alderson.  She’s been making furniture, garden accessories, and prefabs since 2007.  With so much time under her belt, she’s turned Clutter into a wonderful shopping experience with a store that is literally like a walk through an enchanted forest.  The building itself seems to have grown up out of the ground merging seamlessly with lush surroundings


So what inspired Kat to begin creating in Second Life?  

My first day in SL I visited Galland Homes, owned and operated by Robert Galland.  I saw an amazing array of SL homes, and was immediately intrigued.  I could picture the furnishings that I would like to see in them, and spent hours teleporting around to see if I could find those furnishings.  I couldn’t.  I figured my best bet would be to make them myself!  I got started on that my second day in SL.


Does Kat’s first life affect the creations she brings to SL?

In first life, I make a living as a writer and a speaker.  My hobbies include building simple wooden furniture, restoring antiques, haunting living history museums, reading, writing, and hiking in the woods.  You’ll see a little of each of those things in my Second Life creations.


What’s coming up for Clutter Home and Garden?

Clutter’s Annual Spring Sale (50% off) will commence April 15th and run through April 30th.  After the sale, we’ll be re-releasing some older home and garden favorites with more efficient scripting, as well as a lot of new products geared toward nature lovers.

I’ll also be introducing a few new jewelry pieces under the Clutter label, and over the summer, and later in the summer, some mesh and full-perm items to help other builders in their paths to make SL a more beautiful place.