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Stacey, her name is Stacey ….. and this is her look

News from Luziefee.


pics were taken here:

Don´t forget the weekend sales!
 Black dresses this time – a lot of…
and Juliette in dark red! So classy :)

“Applier-Week” @ Luziefee

News from Luziefee.

I always have a little problem with all the appliers provided in SL. I like Slink feet and hands, I have them. too. But I need sometimes 30 minutes to match them, so that I say “that´s ok for me”. 
I do not like meshbreasts or meshbutts, fat or phat, Lolas or Lulus. I simply don´t like them and I will not sell appliers for them, sorry. I don´t judge anybody who wears them! But now I tried the Wowmeh mesh avatar and was surprised how well and simple that works. I still wish, it would be possible to make an applier for the alpha, too, because, sometimes you cannot match the alpha sliders in the hud according to your dress or I didn´t yet figured out, how to match it, lol. Tell me, if there is a solution :)

So, this week I have sandals for Slink mid feet and a cute summer layer outfit with Wowmeh appliers and I´m working on a skin for which i also want to provide appliers. But as I´m not used make skins like all the great skin designer, it will take a little time :)


sandals for Slink mid feet ( not wearable with the normal SL Avatar feet!)


a layer outfit with Wowmeh-appliers, but also wearable for the normal Second Life Avatar.

Minette comes as fatpack in 5 hues of a color!

Sun, Beach and Sea

Beach and Sand

Sun and Fun HUNT !!!

Yay, a new hunt @ Luziefee :)

Find a smiling sun. And where do look at, if we want to see the sun? Yes, up up up, lol (That was a hint!)

Taxi to Luziefee

G L A D I A T O R S | F W 1 4

News from B L O K C.

Very busy this Fall with so much going on and it’s already almost holiday season. I am working on making more items, but I thought I would release a sneak peak of our new shoe collection at BLOKC.

Here are the amazing BLOKC Gladiators with a chunky wooden heel. They must be worn with Slink High Feet, super sexy on. I love the shape of the heel and I worked very hard on the textures.

Hope you love them as much as I do, and they go with almost everything so it will hopefully be one of those go to items in your closet.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Oh, and I forgot to say that they are only 150L what!!!
Come on over besties to BLOKC 

New Nicole Skins by Modish!

Nicole skin is the latest creation from Modish and it comes in 11 skin tones From Ivory to Deep Bronze look. Each skin pack contains basic 9 tattoo enhancement tattoos for achieving a more personalized look, as well each skin pack includes following appliers: 

Slink Hands&Feet
Lolas tango (Mirage/Delique)
Phat/Cute Azz
Ghetto Ass
Additionally available to purchase  Makeups and Appliers for TheMeshProject(Universal Head)

Visit mainstore to check the demos !