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Ar Market Location Closed

::A Master’s Eye::.

We have no idea what has happened, but Imperial State of Ar has abruptly closed.  We were contacted earlier this week about rent, which had been messed up during a sim ownership change.  Today we were both kicked from the ownership group and our vendors returned without warning, nor a refund.  I just contacted the estate owner (not affiliated with the city owners at all), and the sim is going up for rent.  I cannot reach anyone associated with the city.

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Black Rose Designs.

SINFUL is a leather/latex strap dress
(nipple & vagina cover not included).
Included is a 4 button multicolor /texture hud.

Mesh sizes include:
Slink; Maitreya & 2 Standard Sizes.

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[PPD] Babe At Work – Blue

Uploads from Pink Pearl Designs.

Pink Pearl Designs posted a photo:

[PPD] Babe At Work - Blue

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[sYs] OTES bodysuit

Uploads from [sYs]-Design.

[sYs]-Design posted a photo:

[sYs] OTES bodysuit

▌▌Kinky Event ▌▌
Started on February 28th

This original creation comes for Standard body ,
Maitreya Lara ,
Belleza Venus,Isis ,Freya
SLINK original & Hourglass mesh bodies .

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Joops Decor – White Lace Curtain.

Uploads from .::Joops::..

.::Joops::. posted a photo:

Joops Decor - White Lace Curtain.…

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LURE v2 Lace Fitmesh Dress


NEW Release LURE v2 fitmesh short dress. Do you dare with it ?? A new version with see through lace available in Black, White, Silver, Ruby, Yellow and Mustard; Fitmesh in 5 standard sizes and for bodies Maitreya, Slink and Hourglass.



At very special price at GLITTER Fashion

Pose by Glitter Poses

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Cece Outfit at Uber SL

Uploads from AmberChaudry Corpur : Owner of [[ Masoom ]].

AmberChaudry Corpur : Owner of [[ Masoom ]] posted a photo:

Cece Outfit at Uber SL

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Minor Site Updates & Status

::A Master’s Eye::.

Due to some shifts in layout, we have moved the Contact Us link from the page links above off to the right side.  If you can’t get in world to send a message to Katanya Mistral, or you are here and suddenly have a question, please use that link to submit your comments and questions to us.  To be honest, with how infrequently we log in, that is probably the fastest way to get our attention.

Also on the right side bar, we noticed our Flickr widgets are no longer working.  Until we can find a suitable replacement, those have been replaced with links to the ::A Master’s Eye:: Flickr group, as well as the Gorean Fashion of Second Life Flickr group.

No other real news to report.  Both locations from the previous market trial (post below) were closed.  Real life is still not allowing us an opportunity to find time to create.  We apologize to our fans and customers for this huge break in releases, but it is beyond our control; real life has to come first.  Kat is still trying to poke at me with ideas, as she always does, so we’ll see what happens.

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Black Rose Designs.

comes with 2 multicolor /texture huds.

Mesh sizes include:
5 Classic Sizes; Slink Physique & Hourglass;
Maitreya; #TMP; Belleza Freya, Isis & Venus;
Tonic Fine & Curvy.

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[PPD] Babe At Work – Pink

Uploads from Pink Pearl Designs.

Pink Pearl Designs posted a photo:

[PPD] Babe At Work - Pink…

Original Fitted Mesh

Spring is coming – Time for renovations – get those odd jobs done around the house – or just look cute !!

Lots of inclusions –
Fitted Mesh String Crop Top
Fitted Mesh Trashed Shorts
Fitted Mesh Work Boots
Mesh Socks
Mesh Hard Hat – Resize
Mesh Tool Belt – Resize
Mesh Hammer for hand
Mesh Drill For hand

Sizes for:

Maitreya Lara
Belleza Freya-Isis-Venus
Slink Physique-Hourglass
Tonic Fine-Curvy

Demo Available

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