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Blowout Tuesday at Damselfly for Half Off!

News from Damselfly.

Welcome to Blowout Tuesday where we blowout the prices on two hairs, one for men and one for women, and trim their price by 50%. What a better day to get a new haircut but with a price cut. Blowout Tuesday today at Damselfly Hair!

Skin body & head appliers!

News from .:KosmO:..

I did my first experiments with skin appliers and brought to you one of the favourite skins I made back then: .:KosmO:. Lullaby skin!
Available appliers are OMEGA body and GENESIS LAB heads.
The Omega applier works for lots of compatible bodies, if not compatible, there is a relay system for popular bodies.

Get the DEMO for the body

We are at The Lexi Project, have you been yet?

The Lexi Project Fundraiser
July 26th – August 9th

There are currently 375 designers in this event!  We know you all love to shop!!  This is an amazing cause for an amazing young woman, Heather Crawford or Lexi Zelin in SL, with a lot yet to live for! She was recently diagnosed with 3rd stage Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. You can read her whole story on her GoFundMe page of the Blog set up.  There is something for everyone at the Lexi Project! It’s amazing seeing so many designers pull together like this!!  ♥♥