Multi Feed Syndication

Each of our four themed feeds are seeking to syndicate certain types of posts.  It is possible to syndicate one blog on all of our feeds if you are willing to categorize or label your posts in a way that allows us to syndicate the content where it best fits.  If you are not willing to categorize or label your posts properly, we respectfully ask that you only submit blogs that fit the theme of our feeds.  We will decline to syndicate blogs that have content that do not fit the feed applied for.  We also reserve the right to remove syndication to any blog that ceases to submit content that fits the theme of our feed, without notice.  Below is a description of the types of posts we desire to syndicate for each feed, followed by the proper way to submit urls for categories and labels.

Descriptions of the Feeds:

DesigningSLCreator-owned blogs posting new releases in vendor ad format, hunt and event information via use of posters/flyers/texture ads, or other store-related information that is clearly labeled as originating from the creator or authorized representative of a Second Life business.  We are not interested in fashion styling that does not clearly label which company is making a new item available for purchase or holding an event.  An exception to the fashion styling rule is if the company clearly labels itself in the title of the post along with the name of the new release.

HuntingSLHunts, events, and media announcements are desired for this feed.  Fashion bloggers are welcome if they are submitting posts relating directly to items found on hunts or describing events occurring within Second Life.  We are not interested in fashion styling that is not tied to a hunt or event.  Magazines, fashion agencies, and other companies or organizations that frequently have announcements (including legitimate employment announcements) are welcome on this feed. Charity blogs qualify as events are desired for syndication to help keep visitors informed.

BloggingSLFashion styling with the least amount of vendor ads possible.  We are seeking fashion bloggers for this feed who post their looks of the day and fashion reviews with styling credits and slurl links to the items worn in the pictures posted.  We are not interested in syndicating company blogs on this feed.  An exception to this rule is if the company posts new releases in fashion styling format with normal pictures that are not vendor ads and have included fashion styling credits to other creators.

LivingSLSeeking Second Life-related blogs that tend not to fit the normal fashion styling/new release/hunt or event format.  This feed encompasses the other blogs written by Second Life residents that are informational, philosophical, funny, about SL explorations, and may even mix in real life.  This blog is more selective and not meant to be a large feed.

How to submit a mixed blog that fits more than one of our feeds:

If you are on WordPress, you would need to set up new CATEGORIES that are titled easily enough for you to remember which one to place your posts into.  For example, if you have posts with vendor ads that you know you want to appear on DesigningSL only, you could label them with a new “DesigningSL” category.  In this way we would only syndicate posts you place in the “DesigningSL” category on DesigningSL and we would not pull your posts that don’t appear in this category.  If you are on Blogspot, you would do the same thing only it is called LABELS and you need to have Site Feeds enabled in your settings.  Once you have the new categories or labels set up then you would need to make sure to assign your posts to the appropriate labels and categories every time you make a post on your blog.  You would not place a BloggingSL post in your DesigningSL category or label because this would make for the post appearing on DesigningSL instead of BloggingSL, and could result in your blog being removed from syndication.  These labels or categories would not affect your syndications on other feeds, just ours, unless you give the same urls to other feed owners.

Once set up, it would be very easy to keep up and would keep your blog nice and organized as well!

Example url’s that we would syndicate with these labels and categories would be:





Once you have set up your new categories or labels, you will need to assign them to actual posts in order for us to attempt to syndicate the url.  But after that’s done, whenever you post and select the right identifiers, your posts will appear on the feeds as automatic syndications within 2 hours after you’ve posted.

If you have questions about either of these options, please feel free to contact Alianna Logan for the fastest response.

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