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Welcome to DesigningSL!

Please read this page in full before applying.

This feed accepts for syndication the business blogs and some Flickr streams of Second Life® content creators with automatic posting to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Bloglovin.

The HuntingSL feed has been merged onto DesigningSL such that events promoters and media organizations are now able to apply for syndication here as well.

The * DesigningSL * group inworld includes creators, promoters, bloggers and potential customers.


Requirements for Syndication on DesigningSL/HuntingSL:

►Blog or category/label on a mixed-use blog must be for a Second Life® business or event organization

►Vendor ads, new releases, sales announcements, store news, events, productions, magazine publications, live music, theater and dance performances (not an all-inclusive list of blogs that may be accepted here)

►Little to no real life photos (YouTube videos exempt)

A link back to DesigningSL ( prior to syndication

►Placement of a DesigningSL kiosk or group inviter at the store or event applying

►Flickr streams must be dedicated to business new releases or event advertising posters without personal photos

►If there is no store inworld or the event slurl is not yet publicly available to place a kiosk or group inviter; creator or promoter may still acquire syndication if a member of the * DesigningSL * group (having an alt or representative in the group works for this also)


* indicates required field

Please use your Legacy name, not display name.

Flickr streams must have vendor ads or event ads only in order to be considered for syndication here.

This field is only needed if you have a mixed-use blog that has fashion-styling or community posts on it in addition to new releases and/or events.

URL to where you have linked to DesigningSL on your site even if on the home page. Flickr streams exempt from this.

This will show up on the Syndicated list to make it easy for visitors to find you inworld.

Kiosks will make your location teleportable from the kiosk locations page but group inviter signs are not visibly linked to the site's locations page.