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Thank you for visiting DesigningSL!

At this time, the feed is in the process of re-syndication and blogs that were previously syndicated are being added one by one back onto the feed if requirements for syndication are currently met. It’s a tedious process so we cannot take new requests until all previous blogs have been added back in. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Requirements for being syndicated on DesigningSL are:

► Blog must be for a Second Life business featuring vendor ads and store news.
► If the blog is mixed with fashion styling more appropriate for BloggingSL, then a category or label specifically for new release vendor ads will need to be supplied.
► A link to DesigningSL must be present on the blogroll or a DesigningSL logo prior to syndication.
► A kiosk or group inviter must be on display at the mainstore inworld.
► Joining the * DesigningSL * group inworld is optional but helps to increase exposure to your news significantly!

Please try back soon. The feed will be opening to new requests as soon as possible.

~Alianna Logan

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