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Welcome to DesigningSL! This feed specifically accepts for syndication the business blogs and some Flickr streams of Second Life creators, from fashion designers to furniture creators and every one in between. We are looking for vendor ads and advertisement of new releases and store-related information directly from the creator's blog. This is not for fashion styling unless it is clearly stated in the posts which company is releasing a new product.

If your blog has mixed posts, like fashion styling mixed with business new releases, please read about Multiple Feed Syndication on our network of feeds before continuing so that you can give us the proper url to syndicate for your blog.

Requirements for Syndication on DesigningSL:

►Blog or category/label on the blog must be for a Second Life business
►Posts that have vendor ads, new releases, sales announcements, & other store news
►Little to no real life photos (Youtube videos exempt)
A link back to DesigningSL ( prior to syndication
►Required placement of kiosk/group inviter at the mainstore applying and/or joining the DesigningSL group inworld to share news with members
►Flickr streams must be dedicated to business new releases without personal photos

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If your blog is a mixed blog, please provide the category or label in the url above for your business posts only as detailed on this page.

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Acceptable file types: gif,jpg,jpeg,png.
Maximum file size: 1mb.