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On9 Grand Holiday Party Catalog 2016

On9 Second Life.

On9 Designers have gathered inspiration from your  favorite, glitzy, absolutely fabulous Holiday Party Events to bring you exclusives in Fashion, Accessories, Decor, and more! Be sure to wear your On9 Fan Group Tag and click on the Gold Stars for an exclusive Gift!

Teleport to On9 December Event

15397694_1192813477481996_1701955940_o alme-grand-party-silver-ad 15397647_1192813474148663_78548050_o _naminoke_orokitas-komochi-renge-white-ad 31089469390_c6ce56b99b_b 31441695386_1f63f359fd_o alme-grand-party-gold-ad 31475658255_d53dbf490d_b 31478948505_5da171de94_o alme-grand-party-black-ad 31154524040_92ccfd6a03_b 31332637202_e288316bbd_o alme-glam-winter-gold-ad 31041593620_c2bb2f8710_b _naminoke_orokitas_earring-gift-ad 30622956164_edbb2c2037_b 31423684136_c8143cfa27_b 30645245044_29c4efbaf5_b __-n-__-grand-holiday-gacha-key 31277504992_ecb1211e05_b 31423683366_d59d451c30_b 30708534793_23e6d60101_b 30724696013_abe5df44cd_b 31369631432_5893d68963_b 31460534115_5d0932d8b3_b 30679312783_eec81e487a_b quasi-the-tree-ad _naminoke_orokitas-komochi-renge-pink-ad erschaustris-collab 31473755595_ce8d8b11f6_b 30673736883_422e460809_b 31401376021_4053bc0d5e_b 30679589693_0c97d92c4f_b 31117303390_854391a353_b 31532871175_7eeb1bd3b2_b 30663496544_6f87a8ed2f_b 31161325170_4472b17f70_b wiccas-wardrobe-wish-dressteaser-1024-on9-dec2016 31473617686_8c5d4cbc62_b 31442723386_25118dcb60_b 31363229042_2d38ec5126_b 30690026704_087fb974a5_b ersch-reindeer-gacha-key 31376630812_955cd7e6d4_b 31082833520_7e53aa9fe5_b 15416085_1192813444148666_1585626061_n _naminoke_orokitas-komochi-renge-green-ad

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Winter Showcase is open!

MISS SL Organization.

The Winter Showcase, a charity event organized and coordinated by our partner, the Kultivate Magazine, benefiting the Team Diabetes in Second Life. The event takes place from 08th to 18th December and fills an entire sim,  showcasing the creations of over 40 designers and creators and the art work and installations of also over 40 artists, photographers and bloggers.  You are invited for shopping and events with live music, DJ´s, gifts and an hunt while the ten days that the Winter Showcase is open. The sim is winterly decorated for you, maybe take some snapshots while you´re shopping in support of the Team Diabetes in Second Life!

Featured Designers

Becksley Shoes
Black Rose Designs
Chic Buildings
Chop Zuey
EED Exquisite Eye Decorations
Emerald Couture
Feyline Fashions
Get Jiggy Inc.
Giulia Design
Ilyra Chardin IC From Within
Kitty’s Claws
Le Fashion Whore
Lilllou Merlin Design
Mahlberg Tailors
Mara’s Mysteries
Miss Darcy
Mousie’s Family Store
Park Place Casuals for women
Park Place Home
Pink Ice Boutique
Potomac Signature Homes
Romance Couture
Sonatta Morales
Sophisticate: Home Decor
Steelhead Outfitters
Stone’s Wroks
Sweet E’s Designs
Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions
The Gold Club
TRS Designs
Vengeful Threads
Whimsical Happenings
Wood Works

Featured Artists, Photographer and Blogger

Aradia Aridian
Artemisgreek Resident
Bamboo Barnes
Bryn Oh
Bryne Oh
BryneDarkly Cazalet
Catalina Staheli
Cica Ghost
Cubito Smit
Dakota Lavarock
Eleseren Brianna
Eucalyptus Carroll
Giselleseeker Resident
Hana Hoobinoo
Ilyra Chardin
Iskye Silverweb
Jamee Sandalwood
Johannes1977 Resident
Jolieelle Parfort
Kaijah Chrome
Kayly Lali
Kodymeyers Resident
Layachi Inchen
Lucia TopHat
Lulyboop Resident
Miele Tarantal
Miss Abstract Resident
Myra Wildmist
Pam Astonia
Paradox Messmer
Ramsa Luv
Rosy Highwater
Roxanne Fyanucci
Sabine Mortenworld
Sandi Benelli
Sheba Blitz
Silas Merlin
Slatan Dryke
Sparkie Cyberstar
Tisephone Resident
Tripleplay Nitely
Veruca Tammas
Virginia (understandingcomplexity)
Warm Clarity
Wintergeist Resident
Wrennoir Cerise

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Designer Showcase ▦ December Round ▦

Designer Showcase.

Designer Showcase – Monthly Fashion Event
Exclusive  designs by 39 designers

Featured in Photo – Blogger of the Month – Hannah Naimarc
Outfit by Sira Savira –  1 Hundred.- Warmth Outfit

*Visit Event Location*


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TRENDZ Round 4 is open!!!

Trendz – The monthly Fashion Event.

Trendz has opened a new round with the participation of the next designers!

Emerald Couture

Lushish Catz
Pink Ice Boutique
Laysta’s Nest

Hardcore -clothing-

*{LD}* Designs
Visit the event, where you will find high quality clothes and accessories at affordable prices!

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Marvelous Dahling!

Marvelous Monthly.

Originally posted on furelle:
New @ Marvelous Monthly *PC* My leather briefcase – Marvelous Monthly (BYRNE) Brida Outfit – 2 colors mesh – for slink, maitreya, standard, belleza EXCLUSIVE- Marvelous Monthly Essenz – Granada (White) Shoes (Maitreya) TRUTH hair for VIP members  – December 2016 #EMPIRE – Arcade Dec ’16 – Big Glasses – *black* Pose…

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On9 Grand Holiday Party Event! Dec. 9th @ 12pmSLT

On9 Second Life.



You are cordially invited to our Grand Holiday Party Event! Save the date and grab the info after the jump!

On9 Designers have gathered inspiration from your most favorite, glitzy, absolutely fabulous Holiday Party Events to bring you exclusives in Fashion, Accessories, Decor, and more! Gifts are abundant this round and remember to wear your On9 Fan Club tag for those discounted items!

Here’s our December Participants! See you at 12pmSLT on December 9th at 12pmSLT!

#adored • AGATA mode • alaskametro<3 • alme. • Amitie Poses• AnaMarkova Designs • Aphrodite Shop • ArisAris/B&W • AvaWay • Baubles! by Phe • Bee Designs • Candy Nail • ChiC buildings • Decor Junction • EMO-tions • Entice • ERSCH • Garbaggio • Gizza • HAYSURIZA • KUNGLERS • La Gazza Ladra • LAKSHMI • Letituier • Little Branch • Mad’ [La Boucherie] • Me Sew Sexy • Modern Couture • Nailed It • NAMINOKE • Nanika • NEWCHURCH • no.match_ • NYU • PetroFF • Pose It • PurpleMoon Creations • Quasi • Ricielli
Shutter Field • SlackGirl• Suki • Wicca’s Wardrobe • Yokai (Le Coq D’or) • Zibska

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NEW Collection in Perfect TEN!

The Cookie Jar!.


This truly is “the place to be” for all furniture, landscaping, full-perms creators.

With nearly half a sim set out in a lovely forest setting it is beautiful just to come and walk round.

If you venture a little further you will find PERFECT TEN is located directly within the hustle and bustle of

The Cookie Jar Home & Garden Sim. click to teleport – > PERFECT TEN SHOPPING EVENT

If you wish to participate in the event please TP to the sim and pick up an application form >>> Application Form 


Event runs 1st – 15th December

We are taking a break in January so our Designers can enjoy the holidays with their families!

We will be back in February🙂



Michigans Shack




HJM Designs



Dreamland Designs








Simply Shelby




Kayas Ray of Sunshine




Tylar’s Treasures


Lunar Seasonal Designs






Closer To The Heart Creations

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.:: Designer Circle ::. 144 Round – is running!

PiNK CHERRY|Designer Circle.

Dear Fashion Friends,

A new round in the .:: Designer Circle ::. is running!
It is already pre-Christmas and our designers have decorated their spots for Christmas! The 144th round is available from 4. December  – 17 December 2016. We offer in our sale room Fashion, Accessories & decorative items etc. to discounted Prices between 50 and 200 L.

Participating Designer Stores:

The .:: Designer Circle ::. is divided into 3 areas:

Designers Area A:

Graffitwear – .::PINK CHERRY::. – BASTA! – WoW Skins – Storm Crow Designs – GeMyles Couture – 1 Hundred – Ashmoot – smesh – PRETTY THINGS – *TentatioN* – MOoH! – Eyelure – 7 Deadly s{K}ins – PINUP Store – Supernatural – Coco Sands Shapes / Hot Coco Clothing – WellMade – ICEWERK – Apple Heart Inc. – Frozen – Mesange

Designers Area B:

Perch – Tiffany Designs – Slackgirl – *CNZ* – POSH PIXELS – MISSNOISE – Cremosa Fashion – Queen oF Ink – Awear – alme

Designers Area C:

Soley inc. – PELLE – Chic Princess -SHEA DESIGNS – :Joplino – {U.R.} Fashion Designs – Santino Design – DOPE DESIGNS – DE.Boutique – IAF – PB Designs – Prism Designs – [email protected] – LX Essentials – StoraxTree – ..:: P.S Store ::.. – IT! (Indulge Temptation!

designer-circle-144-1 designer-circle-144-4 designer-circle-144-3 designer-circle-144-2

Look at the pictures of our bloggers in our:

facebook group:

facebook page:



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Cosmopolitan {Round 8/5} 5th – 17th December

Cosmopolitan Events.


This round is available for only two weeks so make sure to pop over and explore what Cosmopolitan has to offer, before it is all gone for another exciting new round.

• Blog • Facebook Group • Facebook Page • Flickr
Or join the SUBSCRIBER (Inside by the door) to stay informed! 
No group slot needed!


[Asteria] / Top 199L$ / Mini Dress 150L$

[Compulsion] / 450L$

[E-Clipse] / 175L$

[Vison] / 199-249L$

[GUTCHI] / 325L$

[NRage] / 100L$ / 225L$ Fatpack

[LAGOM] / 50L$ per Play

[Elegance] / 199L$

[AvaWay] / 50L$ per Play

[Mimikri] / Promo 150L$ Each

[MEISU] / 150L$

[Cae] / Earrings 245L$ / Necklace 395L$ / 495L$ Fatpack

[Fabia] / 200L$

[JF Design] / Top 199L$ / Pants 150L$

[EC.CLOTH] / 150L$ / 500L$ Fatpack with Bonus COlor

[TLC] / Snow Tigers 195L$ / Penguins 125L$
[Mulloy] / 250L$

[Myrrine] / 50L$ per Play

[Di’s Opera] / 50L$ / 200L$ Fatpack

[Ricielli] / 289L$

[TUKINOWAGUMA] / 250L$ / 400L$ / 750L$ Fatpack
[Aurica Store] / 200L$
[Belle Poses] / 140-160L$

[GATO] / 120L$

[BlackJack] / 50L$ per Play

[Kaithleen’s] / 149L$

[CCDesign] / 250L$

[RAPTURE] / Skirt 229L$ / Jacket 319L$

[BIGBULLY] / 50L$ Each

[Frozen] / 150L$ Each Set
[Ninety] / 75L$

[nakaedo] / 250L$ Each

[ChicChica] / 206L$

[Your Dreams] / 100L$

[Fonde] / 200L$

[remy&rowe] / 900L$

[ChiMia] / 199L$

[A&D] / 199L$ / 1299L$ Fatpack

[irrie’s Dollhouse] / 50L$ per Play

[Entice] / 199L$

[Supernatural] / 170L$

[Six O’Clock] / 319L$

[Chic Buildings] / Love Blocks Prop 300L$ / XOXO Prop 300L$ / Fatpack 500L$
[Meva] / Wooden Christmas Trees 100-150L$

[G&D] / Fatpack (18 Colors) 180L$
[Birth] / 250L$

[Hilly Haalan] / 145L$ Promo

[Modish] / 800L$

[ZOZ] / Polish 98L$
[LAKSHMI] / 380L$

[Persefona] / 90L$ / Fatpack 405L$
[Bee Design] / 220L$

Enjoy Your Shopping!

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Hello Tuesday -140- Store List for 6th December

Cosmopolitan Events.

Time for new Round of Hello Tuesday  50L$ & 50% Off Sale Deals!

Enjoy Your shopping and be fast this is ONE DAY Event ONLY !

• Blog • Facebook Group • Facebook Page • Flickr
 Or join the SUBSCRIBER (inside by the door) to stay informed! 
No group slot needed!

[ Store List & Direct SLurls ]
[Swallow] / 50% OFF

[A&D] / 50% OFF
[G&D] / 50L$

[QPoses] / 50% OFF
[BlackJack] / 50% OFF

[Tabou] / 50L$
[E U P H O R I C] / 50% OFF
[GOOSE] / 50% OFF
[Fe Style] / 50% OFF
[Meva] / 50% OFF
[BAMSE] / 50% OFF
[no.match] / Blondes 50% OFF
[Elegance] / 50L$
[The Little Branch] / 50% OFF
[ZOZ] / 50% OFF
[Bee Designs] / 50% OFF
[RealEvil Industries] / 50% OFF
[E-Clipse] / 50% OFF

[Verocity] / 50% OFF
[hh] Hilly Haalan Fashions] / 50L$
Enjoy Your Shopping!

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