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# 41 – IT! @ Color Me Project

News from IT! (Indulge Temptation!).

IT! @ Color Me Project is a red & green experience, hope you will like this round.
For those of you who want to know a bit about this bi-monthly event, the rounds (gathering exclusive and/or discounted products from over 20 different creators) start on 10th & 25th of each month with a different color theme, and last for 10 days, this round the theme is red & green. The discounts can go from 25% up to 75% off, just check the tags displayed.
My booth:

 Here’s what I prepared for it, all are 50% off:

Cruces Earrings 2 includes texture change HUD, 60L. 

Hathor Set 8 includes necklace, earrings, texture change HUD, 60L. 
Fruits of the Fall Crown, 50L. 
Spider Rain Necklace 4 includes texture change HUD, 60L. 
Lex Voluptati 5 bracelets include texture change HUD, 75L. 
Millionarie Pearl Necklace 1 includes texture change HUD with 8 options, 50L. 
Gitana Necklace 1 & 6 include 3 options each, 50L each. 

Luster Set 2 includes necklace, earrings, rings, bracelets, texture change HUD, 110L. 

!IT! - Cruces Earrings 2 Image

!IT! - Hathor Set 8 Image

!IT! - Fruits Of The Fall Crown Image

!IT! - Spider Rain Necklace 4 Image

!IT! - Lex Voluptati 5 Image

!IT! - Millionaire Pearls Necklace 1 Image

!IT! - Gitana Necklace 1 Image

!IT! - Gitana Necklace 6 Image

!IT! - Luster Set 2 Image

There’s always a gift, you just need to add CMP Group in order to get the group gift, joining is free.

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World Goth Fair 2015

News from ~SongBird~.

WGF has begun! and i worked my little goth hands off making new clothes for this year’s fair. here’s all you can find exclusively at my booth:

~SongBird~ Spider Web Body Suit

~SongBird~ Slacker Goth Shirts

~SongBird~ Eva Outfit

~SongBird~ Dolly Skirt : Jewel

~SongBird~ Dolly Skirt : Bubble

~SongBird~ Darla Sweater Jewel

~SongBird~ Darla Sweater : Bubble

~SongBird~ Darla Sweater : Bubble : Prints Addon

~SongBird~ Darla Sweater : Jewel : Prints Addon

phew! lots of stuff 😀

get to world goth fair via this handy dandy slurl:

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# 42 – IT! @ The Mad Circus Halloween & Gacha Fair

News from IT! (Indulge Temptation!).

I used to be a hunts addict, visiting location after location, trying to find as fast as possible prizes well hidden, quite a challenge considering how bad my computer was, but so much fun to do this. Some of those hunts were named “Evil Bunny”, and last year when IT! became a reality I joined myself a few, as a creator this time. All along I kept hearing how skillful Ms. Allie Munro is in organizing and managing events, and I could experience a bit of that in practice during her hunts, so as soon as I saw she’s going to start a fair I signed up (and brought a few friends with me – Kay & Tymp), and I’m glad I did it. Lady, whatever you’re organizing in the future please sign me up for it! 😀

In translation IT!’s first big fair, first round of gachas, and first encounter with the circus is TMC, described as “not your typical Halloween theme – the theme of the event is Halloween, dark, twisted, Alice in Wonderland, circus bizarre”, an amazing event (I just love its theme), with a great team behind it, who made everything run smoothly for both designers (72 of us) and visitors, a place you should visit if you haven’t already, if not for the multitude of gacha machines, the variety of designers, the surprising products (some of them exclusives) or the wonderful surroundings, at least for each gift you can grab from the stores, yes, they all have one!

The fair is divided in 2 sides, and covers a large area, so plenty of things to see, not to mention the circus stays in town just a few more days, so hurry up!

SLurl    Flickr    Info

I have quite a few images with my store there below, there are 9 of my gachas scattered all over the place too that won’t show up in here, but first IT!’s exclusive item:









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new stuff and goth fair stuff

News from ~SongBird~.

new release:

quinn shorts

~SongBird~ Quinn Shorts
6 colours to choose from, cute little denim shorts for the warm weather season. hud driven fatpack or purchase a single colour of your choice.

goth fair items in the main store:

everything from goth fair is now in the shop! if you missed out on the fair, come get them here!

also a big giant oops! it seems that even though i advertised the hell out of it, i did not have the slacker goth shirts set up at goth fair! this is a terrible error and i am so sad about it because these shirts were perfect for goth fair! if you were looking for them and couldn’t find them they are now at the main store!

~SongBird~ Slacker Goth Shirts
other announcements:

if you purchase anything new you might notice something called a “customer support hud”. instead of a bunch of notecards clogging up my folders i’ve decided to make a nice all in one hud to help you out with your purchase.

as you can see by the image the hud has buttons for your product info notecard, as well as the image if you need that for inventory sorting, the link to the main faq page as well as links to my store social media pages.

that’s all i’ve got for you now! thank you for shopping at ~SongBird~

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# 43 IT! @ The Boho Culture Fair 2015

News from IT! (Indulge Temptation!).

Another great event I’m honored to be part of, in a way it’s like half the circle is complete (colorful, bizarre and boho checked, classy, sexy and kawaii remaining). So many things are tying me down to boho culture, yet in Second Life I feel like I wasn’t quite prepared to explore it properly this time. That is how beginnings are: fun, surprising, catching us half ready to jump into the new adventure. :)

There’s plenty of things worth seeing, trying, buying and catching in pictures, around 100 designers lined up for this edition, including a great friend of mine, you can fully exploit your gacha addiction, get amazing offers from the piles of boxes scattered all over the place, enjoy exclusive items and gifts from the stores, or even group gifts at the landing point, you have time till 2nd of November, not too many days left, so make sure you won’t miss it!

I got a few images with my exclusive, and the store in here, but you can look up for my boxes (50% off) and 9 gachas too all around the sim.

SLurl    Flickr    Info

!IT! - Ix Chel Set Image

IT! @ Boho Fair 1

IT! @ Boho Fair 2

IT! @ Boho Fair 3

IT! @ Boho Fair 4

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so much going on!

News from ~SongBird~.

~SongBird~ Dotty Dress

new release in the main store!
i made a very cute dress featuring polkadots on the top and a solid lower half. very cute. mesh in standard sizes, with a colour hud for the fatpack.

~SongBird~ Barred Lips and Eye makeup for Slink Visage

body art hunt!
there’s an item hidden in my store somewhere and when you find it you get a great pack of dark shiny lipstick and my first ever facial piercing! i’m hoping to make more in the future now that i know how to make the parts. this gift is free and will be in the shop from now until the 31st of this month, and then it will be converted into a regular release. so if you want it free, now is the time to get it!

~SongBird~ Laquer Lips

my slink obsession july!
mso is back and i’m in this round! if you have a slink visage head you won’t want to miss what i’ve made for you! a full set of eyes and makeup for only 75L for the duration of my slink obsession! this round starts on july 5th

other announcements:

i changed the shop build! the store is now inside a big spooky house 😀 i figured it was time for a change and i wanted to suit the sim a bit better. everything should be in place, but if you find something floating around please let me know!

the blogger application has had a little makeover and i have a new blogger manager! congrats to my lovely blogger synful ghost who offered to help me take care of this stuff! if you would like to blog for ~SongBird~ please check out the application!

coming probably later this week, i will be changing the way things are priced in the store, i will be doing away with single items, and instead will be going to a fatpack based system at a lower price point.

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Alessandra Outfit – 50L$

News from Aly’s Shop.

Alessandra Outfit

Alessandra Outfit
HUD 6 Textures
Sexy Mesh Dress – FitMesh, Classic, Maitreya, Belleza, Slink
Slink High Shoes
+Resize version for Shoes for other mesh feets.

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# 44 IT! @ Scare Fest Gacha

News from IT! (Indulge Temptation!).

I’ve been so busy and sick lately I barely had the time to make new products and set everything up for the various events IT! is participating to, so I didn’t come up with any news on this blog, therefore I’ll try to catch up a bit.

One of the most interesting events this fall IT! was into is Scare Fest Gacha from 30th of October till 25th of November, here’s my exclusive for this Halloween and horror themed event, soon available upstairs in the store:

!IT! - Lilith Necklaces Gacha Image

Later I decided to pair it up with earrings (non-gacha), so you can have a set:

!IT! - Lilith Earrings Image

For my dearest group members these are a group gift:

!IT! - Lilith Earrings Group Gift Image

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# 45 Bitter Sweet Hunt

News from IT! (Indulge Temptation!).

Started on 25th of October till 25th of November, Bitter Sweet is a 2L hunt

Starting point      Info     Hints
My prizes
!IT! - Bittersweet hunt prizes Image

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Twisted Hunt Fall 2015

News from ~SongBird~.

twisted time has come once again! get ready to pull your hair out trying to find all the amazing prizes on this hunt. this time around, ~SongBird~ is right at the start! number 24 on the list. this is what i have for you:

~SongBird~ Twisted Ouroboros

this is an animated back accessory which spins and spirals behind you.

~SongBird~ Monochroma Eyes Twisted Gacha

the gacha this time around is a set of eyes that suit the twisted hunt colour theme. great for mix and match.

twisted hunt runs from september 19th to october 19th. more information can be found on the official website:

and here is a list of all participating stores:

please make sure to pick up my gift before the end of the hunt, as it will no longer exist after the hunt!

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