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# 128 – 60L Weekends Discounts

IT! (Indulge Temptation!).

Plenty of time till Friday midnight for you darlings to get for 60L each the following three necklaces from the same Boon Necklace collection, former exclusives for Designer Circle.
60L Weekends – starting each Saturday up to Sunday midnight, hit the inworld subscriber for the full list of participating creators and offered products, there’s a special list with full permission items as well, there’s always something for each of us, and to such low price!

!IT! -  Boon Necklace 1 Image
!IT! -  Boon Necklace 2 Image
!IT! -  Boon Necklace 3 Image

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# 125 – Fifty5 Thursdays Discounts

IT! (Indulge Temptation!).

Hey lovelies, I’m starting this month later than ever due to real life great events plus, what do you know, on the 1st of May it was finally Easter here (yup, we orthodox people are always late :D), needless to say it implied tons of cooking, calling family and friends, and visiting many of them, and as much as I enjoyed all that please let’s not do it again till the winter season.:)

Late is my new computer too, so we will all have to bear, and be stuck with what I can do so far with my old piece of junk, which won’t be little considering the amount of events for this month, for these 2 next weeks even.

Well, loads of time was already wasted, I’ll get straight to the point now: the weekly discounts almost reaching deadline, you have time till tomorrow to grab this round of Fifty5 Thursdays, if you didn’t already, each of the three for 60L as usual, from the same Shania collection, former Designer Circle exclusives.

Fifty5 Thursdays – this weekly sale starts at 7AM every Thursdays, through Sunday, some designers (like me) keep it going the whole week, during which in every location listed you will find one or more items for sale between 55L and 100L, just look for the Fifty5 Thursday subscriber, or footsteps on the floors to find them. Join Fashion Alert / Fifty5 Thursday group to get the list every week, or subscribe on subscribers from any location, or even check on the site for products and SLurls. This time till 4th of May midnight, all three for 60L each:

!IT! - Shania Necklace 7 Image

!IT! - Shania Necklace 8 Image

!IT! - Shania Necklace 9 Image

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# 126 – 60L Discounts

IT! (Indulge Temptation!).

For this week you can find discounted for 60L each of the following three Boon Necklace packages, former Designer Circle exclusives, now available for the My 60L secret Sales discounts, till 5th of May midnight, so you have plenty of time to get them.
My 60L secret Sales – starting each Friday up to next Monday midnight, hit the inworld subscriber for the full list of participating creators and offered products, you have just a few days, so better be quick to grab those goodies! This time till 5th of May midnight:

!IT! -  Boon Necklace 4 Image

!IT! -  Boon Necklace 5 Image

!IT! -  Boon Necklace 6 Image

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L&B Boyfriend Jeans and Leather Jacket


L&B Boyfriend Jeans and Leather Jacket
These are some of my favs , The jeans and jacket are sold separately and Both have texture Change huds , Jacket has a cool tank top , It all so has texture change and jacket can be worn with out the tank , Demos are available to try , hair is by Mina Hair – Elin , you can check it out at the Link below
L&BBoyfriendJeans&ClassicLeatherjacket,[email protected]`SCHOICE

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# 127 – IT! @ Color Me Project – Colors Of Aurora round

IT! (Indulge Temptation!).

I bet this will sound very familiar to you: last chance to experience the beauty of all those serene colors of aurora draping over this round of Color Me Project, today is the last day you can benefit of many gorgeous discounted goodies from about 20 designers, mines like usual are 50% off, not to mention there’s always a gift waiting for you right on the info board, time to run and  get them!!!

I’ll add below the image of the 3 vendors I have there, of course vendors are loaded with discounted items, from 50 to 125 lindens, so enjoy scrolling them, make your picks and shopping!!!!

Website   SLurl   Seraphim  
For the gift you just need to add CMP Group to get it, joining is free.

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[email protected]’S CHOICE

INDYRA: Aziza Orchid

I love this outfit. It raps around every little carve I have. MMMM makes me feel so sexy. I want to keep singing the song  “I’m to sexy for my shirt”

It come with a bra if you want to wear it. 🙂
Has two collors: one with beads and one without
Highwaist pants: can be worn alone

Appliers: Belleza, Maitreya, Omega, Slink, Tmp
5 different colors. Mellon, blue, orchard, brown and black.

This one you’ve got to see. Come and try the demo. Your going to love it too.


outfit: INDYRA
Jewelry Chop Zuey; Hurrem Sultan
Mimi’s Choice Model: Piea

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L&B Classic Leather Jacket and Zipp Women’s Pants – BW Set
I love leather and This Jacket and Zipp pants set is one of my favs , The Jacket and the Pants both come with Texture change huds , If you don’ have this , come try the demos , you`ll love them , Styles with Sensuelle Lingerie – Gloria (Lingerie comes with Multiple appliers and if you have Other lingerie sets by this Designer he`ll send you the appliers you need for your mesh body , Hair is by Mina hair – Kaya and heels are by Saki – Jaqueline and the Lovely skin is by JUMO designs – Desiree
you can check it out at the Links below

 L&B S’Wear “Zipp” Women’s Pants – BW Set
L&B Swear Mesh “Classic” (W) Leather Jacket Black Multi &HUD 2
Mina Hair – Kaya

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May 2016 Limited ::

The Official Carrie’s Lingerie Blog.

Limited May Abigail INFO

LTD Main

Ltd abigail promo b1

Ltd abigail promo f11

Ltd abigail promo f10

Ltd abigail promo f9

Ltd abigail promo F8

Ltd abigail promo F7

Ltd abigail promo f6

Ltd abigail promo f5

Ltd abigail promo f4

Ltd abigail promo f3

Ltd abigail promo f2

Ltd abigail promo f1

Ltd abigail promo b4

Ltd abigail promo b3

Ltd abigail promo b2



Limited Abigail Jewlery Set Ad

Limited Abigail Slink Ad

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**AlaFolie – LOUISON **
Check out this Lovely Gown , It`s Classy and Elegant with a touch of Vintage , It has a texture change hud so you can mix and Match the Ruffle around the bodice , the top and the skirt , Hair is By Vanity hair – Moonriver , you can check it out at the Links below
[email protected]`SCHOICE

[email protected]`SCHOICE

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Aristocratic in “B E A U C H A M P ” !!


I feel so classy and chic in  

BEAUCHAMP by Indyra !
A vintage aristocratic inspired looks with an ultra femme, edge. 
This modern, equestrian-inspired riding set has enough antique flair & on trend style to be one of your most favorite outfits ! 

1 color = 195 L only ! 
Fatpack = 495 L , it’s a bargain !  

 outfit : Beauchamp red {Indyra}
hair: Partyjuice LOQ’ue
skin: Onix caramel , Jumo skins


 outfit: Beauchamp Cigar {Indyra}
sweater: highneck black sweater Gabriel  (gift at Mimi’s Choice)
hair: Frozen, Vanity hair 
skin: Onix caramel , Jumo skins

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