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# 175 – 60L Discounts & Important News

IT! (Indulge Temptation!).

Hi beauties, if you missed last week’s news, even if still under construction, therefore not officially opened yet, IT! has two more locations, both on the naughty side, cause IT! grew fast in the last past year, and it was about time to take a step to maturity and offer you all those little guilty pleasures from the adult side: IT! Gets Naughty and IT! Got Naughty.

Please keep in mind I won’t be able to show you here the mature/adult products, but I will add links to flickr instead, so scroll down to them.

For this round of My 60L secret Sales, till 28th of July midnight, discounted at only 60L each, you have 6 pieces in the main store, and 3 pieces in each location as follows: the 4 pieces in the No Disco King collection, former InspirationSL David Bowie round exclusive, Ahoy Necklace 1, and Just Cross Me Necklace 2,  are your regular discounts in the main store, the next 3 pieces of Nuria collection are located at IT! Gets Naughty, and the other 3 from the same collection are to be found at IT! Got Naughty, with the exception that all 6 will still remain 60 L for one more week afterwards, as an exception for being started, until you get more used to the new places.

My 60L secret Sales – starting each Friday up to next Monday midnight, hit the inworld subscriber for the full list of participating creators and offered products, you have just a few days, so better be quick to grab those goodies! This time till 21st of July midnight:

!IT! - No Disco King Earrings Image

!IT! - No Disco King Necklace Image

!IT! - No Disco King Rings Image

!IT! - No Disco King Bracelets & Armlets Image

!IT! - Ahoy Necklace 1 Image

!IT! - Just Cross Me Necklace 2 Image

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E. Vary Tisha Skin 8 Tones / Fat Pack V2.1

Uploads from E. Vary.

E. Vary posted a photo:

E. Vary Tisha Skin 8 Tones / Fat Pack V2.1

Catwa Mesh Head Aisha

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PRIMMERSIVE kits – Environments Tropical Surfaces kETS008

Primmersive Designworks New Texture Releases.

  Media Name:   PRIMMERSIVE kits – Environments Tropical Surfaces kETS008
  Description:   A 1024px aqua, gray, red, and blue high-resolution coral and coral reef seamless texture material kit, designed for virtual world simulators and video games set on tropical coastlines and in underwater oceanic environments. This material map kit contains ambient occlusion, reflective occlusion, bump, diffuse, specular, metallic, and DirectX and OpenGL normal maps.
  Designer/Studio:   Primmersive Designworks –
  Copyright:   Copyright 2016 Primmersive Designworks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  Added Date:   07/28/2016
  License Type:   Royalty Free

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Evelyn – NEW Catwa Applier


get Evelyn @ Uber

Evelyn Vendor


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New product lineup


New product lineup
We are participating in [The Seasons Story]



anmation 6shingle animation

Please touch a shower. 
Water flows from a shower.


Female 21animation
Male 21animation


 Please touch the grill.

 Beer has been sent to your inventory.

 You do animation to drink beer happily when you put it on.

  Please touch the table.

  You can take out beer and can put it away.



Couple 10animation
Female 10animation
Male 10animation

Please touch the lever of Jacuzzi. 
A menu is given.

*Hot water goes up

*Hot water goes down

This Summer event Open is SLT July 10 12:00 am.

Have Fun •.¸¸

Yours sincerely,
Thank you so much.

dazai Voom
littleLinDa Littlebird

Our script created by LIZAIL . 

 is a first-rate scripture!

Thank You,TOMOZO!

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Come to [WellMade]!

Uploads from wellmadestore.

wellmadestore posted a photo:

Come to [WellMade]!

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CDC Mens style mp 2_002

Uploads from CDC Creations.

CDC Creations posted a photo:

CDC Mens style mp 2_002

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New! Avril Cotton Collection 

TRS Designs .

New! Avril Dress CottonAvailable in 9 colours

Check it out!


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DD The Fox Patch Vendor

Uploads from venoramagic.

venoramagic posted a photo:

DD The Fox Patch Vendor

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# 174 – Fifty5 Thursdays Discounts

IT! (Indulge Temptation!).

Hi lovelies, as usual you have till 27th of July midnight for this new round of discounts to get if you didn’t already, the last 3 sets from a very posh collection, former Designer Circle exclusive, called “Seshat”, a very interesting story behind the name for those interested, and each of these first 3 versions are priced at 60L, so hurry up to get and them before the offer expires.

Fifty5 Thursdays – this weekly sale starts at 7AM every Thursdays, through Sunday, some designers (like me) keep it going the whole week, during which in every location listed you will find one or more items for sale between 55L and 100L, just look for the Fifty5 Thursday subscriber, or footsteps on the floors to find them. Join Fashion Alert / Fifty5 Thursday group to get the list every week, or subscribe on subscribers from any location, or even check on the site for products and SLurls. This time till 27th of July midnight, all three for 60L each:

!IT! - Seshat Set 4 Image

!IT! - Seshat Set 5 Image

!IT! - Seshat Set 6 Image

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