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Wearable Fall Faerie Throne

News from Vitabela.

Wearable Fall Faerie Throne

Your legs hurt?
No place to sit?
Wear your own furniture!
Wearable Fall Faerie Throne should be worn as an attachment,wearing and touching it automatically starts an fabulous sit animation so you can relax after long day!

Wearable Fall Faerie Throne are not meant to be rezzed it is wearable item only!
Animation won’t work if you rezz it and it has lots of prims so wear it and enjoy!

Wearable Fall Faerie Throne contains 8 different M/F siting animations inside,wear throne and touch it to change poses!
To adjust throne to your shape,click on it and resize menu will pop up in your upper right corner of screen,resize as much you need and put throne in right position!
Available from now on in Boudoir and Marketplace!

NEW BAX Regency Boots Metallic & Mesh Body Update

News from Bax Coen Designs.

BAX Regency Metallic Gold

Get your BAX Regency Boots updated for Maitreya Lara, Belleza Venus, Isis and Freya, Slink Physique and Eve Slim and Pulpy.
Visit the Main-Store and use the redelivery terminal to receive your free updates.

BAX Regency Metallic silver MP vendor web Logos

To top it off  three brand new metallic colored models of the BAX Regency Boots are available now with Main Color Variations (12 Colors in total).  Using advanced material technique we achieved a glamorous sparkling Look, that will Make Your Legs Famous once again.

BAX Regency Metallic candy vendor web logos

All 3D Designs, Textures and Scripts are 100 % Original creations exclusively made by and for Bax Coen Designs.

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Bax Coen Team