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It's coming....Menswear Fashion Week 2015!

Blowout Tuesday at Damselfly–Half Off!

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Welcome to Blowout Tuesday where we blowout the prices on two hairs, one for men and one for women, and trim their price by 50%. What a better day to get a new haircut but with a price cut. Blowout Tuesday today at Damselfly Hair.

New Amora On TEOM Magazine Cover

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We've added Amora in black and red, that was a custom color for the winner of MMI Lady Falina Katze, for her cover photo for TEOM magazine..

Updates Merchants Sascha’s Designs & Jumo Fashion on Jewels Isle

Sascha’s Designs


SAS - Athens Red

SAS - Atlanta Fuchsia

SAS - Chantal Black

New Releases

SAS - Alaria No. 1 Vendor

SAS - Firenze No. 2 Dress

If you purchase the outfit below called Pleasure Midnight, send Sascha frangilli  the transaction history and they can send to a friend or themselves, the Pleasure Midnight tuxedo. It comes in a male and female version.

SAS - Pleasure Midnight

Jumo Fashion

Jumo has released hair! And in all colors of the rainbow and beyond. Below I’m showing you 2 of them. All other colors can be found in her store on Jewels Isle.

Lolita Hair Browns

Lolita Hair Color Ombres

20L Sales Week of March 30th

Previously posted @ Ley-Ly Fantasies.

20Lsales 3-30

Ley-Ly’s $ 20L Sales for the week of March 30th include three  lovely gowns all prior releases updated with appliers now including TheMeshProject for Goddess Isis and Rivka only- all $ 20L through Wednesday – PLEASE NOTE – THERE IS A SEPARATE VENDOR FOR $ 20L SALES!

Kasha does not include TMP Installer.


Ley-Ly’s Main Store

Ley-Ly’s @ Vision Art Galllery


Previously posted @ ~SongBird~ .

i was supposed to be in Zombiefest but due to a lack of communication and planning and the complete disappearance of the people putting on the event, i have decided to drop out. that means these goodies are available in my shop!

~SongBird~ Patient Zero

patient zero is an all over body overlay that tints your skin and gives you a gross rotting look. body appliers for slink and omega as well as nail huds for slink and maitreya nails.

~SongBird~ Cracked Lips

~SongBird~ Cracked Lips For Mesh Mouths

cracked lips come in two versions, tattoo layer for regular faces, and an applier hud for mesh mouths and the slink visage head.

~SongBird~ Eye Infection

eye infection is a gross mesh eye in 4 tones suitable to pair with the patient zero overlays. this set is hud driven and you can pick which tone you want on the right and left eyes independently.

while you’re at the store don’t forget to check out the twisted hunt prize hidden somewhere in the store!

want more disease related stuff? check out my item at horror haute right now!

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A Walk on the Beach in Bali

Previously posted @ BRAVURA! Homme.

BRAVURA Homme @ the Menswear FashionWeek 2015 – LOD 2  -Bali BREECHES and DOUBLE ZIPPED Tee Shirt. Once again using the exotic “Shantung” teamed with typical Bali cotton prints. Sold individually, however designed to be used in tandem as an outfit.. Available in 6 colours..
We cordially invite you to the BRAVURA! Homme Fashion Show on Thursday 2nd April at 12pm to 1pm [SL time]
NEW! Bali Hat Sandstone (Available in 7 colours): BRAVURA! Homme Exclusive @ MWFW 2015
NEW! Bali Bali Breeches Raven (Available in 6 colours): BRAVURA! Homme Exclusive @ MWFW 2015
NEW! Bali Double Zipped Tee (Available in 6 Colours): BRAVURA! Homme Exclusive @ MWFW 2015
NEW! Bravura Bracelet Gold (Available in 2 colours): BRAVURA! Homme Exclusive @ MWFW 2015
NEW! Bravura Chain Necklace (Available in 3 colours): BRAVURA! Homme Exclusive @ MWFW 2015
Mesh Avatar: TMP [The Mesh Project) Beta Deluxe Body – Beta Classic Head -The Shops! 
NEW! TMP Applier: Exclusive by Ooh-La-Licious Exclusive @ MWFW 2015
NEW! Skin for Standard Avatar: GIOVANNI Exclusive Ooh-La-Licious Exclusive @ MWFW 2015

Available at The Menswear Fashion Week 2015 27th March to 4tyh April.
Best wishes,
Marty Dalglish –  Blog – FB – Flickr – Marketplace – BRAVURA! Homme Main Shop


Previously posted @ LAKSHMI -mode-.

[LAKSHMI]Noemi-Dress(Glitter-Satin)Fitted Mesh
Demo in MP
Demo in MP
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